Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

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Bosch Built In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Espresso One Touch Preparation CTL636ES1

  • AED 10831

Bosch Built In Automatic Coffee Machine One Touch Function Senso Flow System CTL636EB1

  • AED 10831

Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG656BS1M

  • AED 7147

Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG633BS1M

  • AED 6354

Bosch Free Standing Automatic Dish Washer 3D Air Flow Zeolith Drying SMS88TI30M

  • AED 5706

Bosch Built In Dish Washer 5 Cleaning Hygiene Plus Dishwasher Integrated Stainless Steel SMI68MS10M

  • AED 5313

Bosch Induction Hob Built In Perfect Fry Touch Control PXX675DV1E

  • AED 5182

Bosch Built-in Microwave and Oven Automatic Programming Perfect Grilling Results illuminated Rotary Ring BEL634GS1M

  • AED 4526

Bosch Built-in Hob 30 cm PRB3A6D70M

  • AED 2823

Panasonic Microwave Oven 42 Liter 1 Touch Sensor NN-CD997S

  • AED 2823

Midea Hob Automatic Safety Switch Off Residual Heat Indicator 9-Stage Power Setting Dual Ring MCHV848

  • AED 2430

Midea Cooker Gas Oven Grill And Rotisserie Cast Iron Pan Support Button For Heat Adjustment VS96048D

  • AED 2392
Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven NNCD997SK

  • AED 2309

Gorenje Bulit in Hob One-Hand Ignition Device For Hob Stainless Steel Durabel GW951-UX

  • AED 2199

Bosch Built-in Hob Touch Control PKF375CA1M

  • AED 2037

Bosch Built-in Gas Hob PCP6A5B90M

  • AED 1971

Bosch Built-in Microwave and Oven Side Opening Door With Viewing Window Easy Installation HMT75M654M

  • AED 1959

Hostess Food Warmer Trolley Two Heated Inner Shelves Removable Dish Holder 410 Watts HL6232DB

  • AED 1900
Baumatic Built In Dishwasher

Baumatic Built In Dishwasher BMEDW12I

  • AED 1899
Baumatic 5 Burner Gas Hob

Baumatic 5 Burner Gas Hob BMEH9GBLSS

  • AED 1799
Baumatic Best Quality Dishwasher

Baumatic Best Quality Dishwasher BMEDW15FSS

  • AED 1799

Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 100 Gallons 5 Taps Safety Locks Out Control NW-10008

  • AED 1775

Midea Built-in Gas Hob 5 Burner Knob Control 90G50ME005SFT

  • AED 1722

Gorenje Hob Gas Heater Hob Wok Triple Burner High Efficiency Burners Auto Ignition GW961-UX

  • AED 1701

Gorenje Hob ECT6SY2B

  • AED 1579
Gorenje Electric Hob

Gorenje Electric Hob ECT641BSC

  • AED 1575
Ariston Digital Dishwasher

Ariston Digital Dishwasher LFC2B19XUK

  • AED 1575

MIdea Cooker 50 Liter 2 Layer Enamel Door Mechanical Timer Oven Lamp 4 Ceramic Heating Zones 8600 Watts VS56C10S

  • AED 1567

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 85 Gallons 4 Taps NW-850007

  • AED 1550

Gorenje Oven BM5350X

  • AED 1499
Elekta Vitro Ceramic Free Standing Oven With Lamp

Elekta Vitro Ceramic Free Standing Oven With Lamp EEO-664VC

  • AED 1475

Gorenje 4 Gas Built In Hob One-Hand Ignition Device For Hob Support Cast Iron Grid GW6N41IXUK

  • AED 1383

Midea Dishwasher 6 Place Setting 7 Wash Option WQP63602F

  • AED 1368

Media 25 Liter Built In Microwaves Oven With 5 Microwave Power Level AG925BVK

  • AED 1368

Midea Microwaves Oven 36 Liter 10 Cooking Menu Enamel Coating TC936T5Y

  • AED 1368

Bosch Hob Steel Pan Supports Full Flame Safety Knob Control One-Hand Ignition Via Control Knob POP6C6B80M

  • AED 1316
Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Machine

Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Machine OKKA-WHITE

  • AED 1199
Arzum okka Turkish Coffee Machine

Arzum okka Turkish Coffee Machine OKKA-001

  • AED 1199
Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 65 Gallons 3 Taps

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 65 Gallons 3 Taps NW65000

  • AED 1190

Midea Gas Cooker LME62028FFD

  • AED 1154

Midea Built-in Gas Hob Electronic Ignition 60G40ME005SFT

  • AED 1132

Bosch Built-in Gas Hob PBP6C5B60M

  • AED 1119
Baumatic 6 Wash Programs Dishwasher

Baumatic 6 Wash Programs Dishwasher BMEDW12FW

  • AED 1099

Midea 60 x 60 Gas Cooker Auto Ignition Cast Iron Pan Support LME62027FFD

  • AED 1095

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 35 Gallons 2 Taps NW-35004

  • AED 1050

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 45 Gallons 3 Taps NW-45005

  • AED 1050

Westpoint Cooker Mechanical Timer Wired Rack Auto Ignition Glass Top Lid Enameled Pan WCLM6640G6IG

  • AED 1031

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 25 Gallons 2 Taps NW-25002

  • AED 975
Vestel Best Quality Dishwasher

Vestel Best Quality Dishwasher D141X

  • AED 949

Midea Microwave Oven 42 Liters With Convection Grill AC042AHL

  • AED 897

LG Microwave and Oven Digital Display Touch Control MC2846SL

  • AED 839

Midea Gas Cooker BME55007FFD

  • AED 800

Rinnai Gas Stove RI-4RSP

  • AED 799

Media 28 Liter Microwave Oven 6 Auto Menu 315 mm Glass Turntable AC925NN1

  • AED 779

Bosch Food Processor MUM46A1GB

  • AED 754
Kenwood Food Processor

Kenwood Food Processor FDP65.880SI

  • AED 749

Panasonic Microwave Oven Convection 27 Liter NNCD671M

  • AED 744
Midea Convection Microwave Oven

Midea Convection Microwave Oven ECO42A5L

  • AED 699
Panasonic 31 Liters Grill Microwave Oven, Plugnpoint

Panasonic 31 Liters Grill Microwave Oven NNGT67J

  • AED 681

Midea Microwave Oven 30 Liters With Convection Grill AC930AHH

  • AED 661

Midea Microwave Oven 10 Auto Menus Multi Cooking Stage EM262AWY

  • AED 657

Beko Ceramic Cooking Hob Front Knob Control Inox Steel 2 Ceramic Hobs Best in Performance HDCC32200X

  • AED 649
Rinnai Best Quality Double Burner Gas Stove

Rinnai Best Quality Double Burner Gas Stove RI-2RSP

  • AED 649

Panasonic Microwave And Oven 27 Liters Turntable Diameter Free Standing 1400 Watts NNCT651M

  • AED 639

Panasonic 1-5 Liters Juicer Plastic Material Knob Control 800 Watts MJ DJ31

  • AED 629
Panasonic Food Processor

Panasonic Food Processor MK-F500WTZ

  • AED 629
Nutribullet Blender+Combo 9Pcs

Nutribullet Blender+Combo 9Pcs NBC-0910

  • AED 625

Midea Food Processor 15 Minutes Timer Function Pulse Function Variable Speed 1000 Watts BM2096

  • AED 623
Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Solo Microwave Oven NNST65JB

  • AED 608

Midea Microwave And Oven 42 Liter Two in One Function Microwave Oven Plus Grill 1100 Watts EG142A5L

  • AED 600

Sharp Microwave And Oven 62 Liter Mirror Front Glass Digital Touch Display 1200 Watts R-562CT

  • AED 600
Nutricook Air Fryer

Nutricook Air Fryer NC-AF012

  • AED 599

Whirlpool Microwave And Oven Combination Cooking Child Lock Function Quick Defrost MWO6381IX

  • AED 559

Bosch Food Processors MCM3501MGB

  • AED 558

Nikai Microwave Oven Digital Control Cooking End Signal 1100 Watts NMO300MDG

  • AED 551

Kenwood Microwave and Oven Digital Control MWL311

  • AED 550

Bosch Juice Extractor MES3500GB

  • AED 532
Panasonic Grill Microwave Oven, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Grill Microwave Oven NNGD37H

  • AED 524

Samsung Microwave And Oven Control Method Touch Control Heat Source Durable 1000 Watts ME6194ST

  • AED 520

Midea Microwave And Oven 25 Liter Knob Control Free Standing Child Safety Lock 900 Watts AG925EBLB

  • AED 519

Nikai 25 Liter Microwave And Oven Defrost Setting Push Button Door With Grill 1000 Watts NMO250MDG

  • AED 519

Kenwood Juice Extractor 1.3 Liter Pulp Container 150 Watts JMP601WH

  • AED 515

Kenwood Food Processors FPM270

  • AED 507

Panasonic 25 Liter Solo Cooking Power Microwave And Oven Enjoy Meals,Quick And Easy 800 Watts NNST34HM

  • AED 505
Easycook Hard Fighter Hi-power Blender

Easycook Hard Fighter Hi-power Blender MH-15

  • AED 499

Samsung Microwave Oven 32 Liters 10 Power Greasy Substances Stainless Steel ME9114GST1

  • AED 499
Samsung Microwave Oven

Samsung Microwave Oven MS32J5133AG

  • AED 499

Sharp Microwave And Oven 5 Power Levels 8 Auto Cooking Menu’s Child Lock 1100 Watts R-78BT-ST

  • AED 494

Bosch Juicer Extractor MES25A0GB

  • AED 492

Bosch Hand Blender MSM67190GB

  • AED 492

Bosch Contact Grill Three Positions Non Stick Plates TFB4402GB

  • AED 492

Nikai Microwaves and Oven 2700W 120 Ltr NT1201RCAX

  • AED 489

Samsung Microwave & Oven ME6124ST

  • AED 487

Midea Microwaves Oven 30 Liter Digital Control With Grill Stainless Steel Material 900 Watts EG930AHM

  • AED 487
Double Ring Burner Gas Stove

Double Ring Burner Gas Stove RT-711SS

  • AED 480

LG Microwave and Oven With Touch Control MS2336GIB

  • AED 472
Panasonic 2 Speed Stainless Steel Body Juicer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic 2 Speed Stainless Steel Body Juicer MJDJ01S

  • AED 471

Sharp Microwave And Oven Child Lock 5 Power Level Easy Clean Cavity Durable 1100 Watts R-45BT

  • AED 461

Whirlpool Microwave & Oven MWO611SL

  • AED 450

Nikai Food Processor NFP555LDN2

  • AED 449

Aftron Microwave Oven 34 Liter Grill and Convection 1000 Watts AFMW340F

  • AED 448

Midea Microwaves And Oven 8 Auto Menus Digital Operations Child Safety Lock Durable 900 Watts AG930AHY

  • AED 428
Samsung Best Quality Microwave Oven

Samsung Best Quality Microwave Oven MS23K3513AW

  • AED 425
Nutricook Smart Pot Prime Pressure Cooker

Nutricook Smart Pot Prime Pressure Cooker NC-SPPR6

  • AED 425

Nikai Microwave and Oven Rotisserie Inside Light 2000 Watts NT6500SRC

  • AED 419
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine MINI ME

  • AED 399

Midea Microwaves Oven 28 Liter With Grill Digital Control Defrost Function Child Safety Lock 900 Watts EG928EYI

  • AED 399

Kenwood 1-5 Liter Food Processor Stainless Steel Blade FP730

  • AED 397

Panasonic Mixer Grinder MX-AC400

  • AED 390

Media Microwaves Oven With Digital Touch Control 10 Power Level 800 Watts EM823ARR

  • AED 390

Bosch 3-in-1 Contact Grill Big Barbecue Surface TFB3302GB

  • AED 387

Media Cooker 1-8 Liter Stainless Steel LCD Display Fast Heating Continue Heat Preservation 770 Watts MBFS5017S

  • AED 387
Geepas Best Quality Blender

Geepas Best Quality Blender GSB44053

  • AED 375
Saachi Multi Capsule Coffee Machine

Saachi Multi Capsule Coffee Machine NL-COF-7058C-RD/B

  • AED 375

Black And Decker 30 Liters Microwave And Oven Auto Menu Functions Efficient Cooking MZ3000PG-B5

  • AED 375
Elekta 30 Litres Digital Microwave Oven

Elekta 30 Litres Digital Microwave Oven EMO-306SSMK

  • AED 375
Black & Decker Grill Microwave Oven

Black & Decker Grill Microwave Oven MZ2800PG-B5

  • AED 375

Nikai Microwave Oven 23 Liter Digital Control NMO2310DSG

  • AED 371
Panasonic 1 Speed Juicer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic 1 Speed Juicer MJSJ01W

  • AED 366
Elekta Table Top 4 Burner Hot Plate

Elekta Table Top 4 Burner Hot Plate EGC-B506SS

  • AED 365

Bosch Blender Crushed Ice And Puree of Vegetables And Fruit Knob Control MMB33G5BGB

  • AED 361

Kenwood Juicer Extractor Centrifugal 1.5 Liter XL 700 Watts JE680

  • AED 353

Rinnai Gas Stove RTL-35K

  • AED 350

Nikai Microwaves and Oven 65 Ltr 2200W NT6500SRC1

  • AED 350

Panasonic Juicer 3 in 1 Cleaning Brush Blender Safety Lock Cutting Edge Components 230 Watts MJM176P

  • AED 349
Panasonic Ice Crush Blender

Panasonic Best Quality Ice Crush Blender MXKM5070

  • AED 349

Nikai Food Processor NFP444A

  • AED 349
Panasonic Microwave Oven, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Microwave Oven NNST34H

  • AED 349
Elekta Microwave Oven 30L

Elekta Microwave Oven 30L EMO306SSMK

  • AED 349
Nutricook Pressure Cooker

Nutricook Pressure Cooker NC-SPEK6

  • AED 349

Bosch Comfort Line Kettle Cordless Stainless Steel Black TWK6A833GB

  • AED 335

Black and Decker Food Processor Juice Container Number of Speeds 2 Food Processor JBGM600-B5

  • AED 329

Black And Decker Blenders PB120-B5

  • AED 325

Super General Microwave And Oven Grill Microwave Oven Touch Control Cooking Time 1000 Watts SGMM9262G

  • AED 325

Samsung Microwave And Oven Basic Microwave Oven Ceramic Enamel Various Cooking Mode 800 Watts ME732K

  • AED 315

Midea Microwaves And Oven 28 Liter With Grill 5 Power Level Defrost Function 900 Watts MM928EHR

  • AED 314

Panasonic Mixer Grinder White MXAC300

  • AED 310

Midea Microwave Oven 20 Liters White With Defrost Function MM720CGEW

  • AED 307

Panasonic Juicer Safety-Switch-Lock Clamps Plastic Juicer 600 Watts MJH100W

  • AED 296

Aftron 25 Liter Microwave 900 Watts White AFMW250MN

  • AED 290

Nikai Microwave And Oven 5 Level 8 Auto Menu Defrost Setting Digital Control 800 Watts NMO2310DSGN1

  • AED 284

Bosch Hand Blender MSM6700GB

  • AED 283
Black & Decker Contact Grill CG2000-B5

Black & Decker Contact Grill CG2000-B5

  • AED 275

Sharp Microwave And Oven Child Lock Digital Display Clock Function Corded 800 Watts R20MT(S)

  • AED 271

Midea Food Processor 2-0 Liter SS Blade MJFP60D1

  • AED 270

Bosch 1-7 Liter Electric Kettle Limescale Filter in Spout TWK7804GB

  • AED 270
Nutribullet Smoothie Maker Set

Nutribullet Smoothie Maker 8pcs Set NBR-0812M

  • AED 259

Bosch Compact Toaster 2 Slice With Frozen Bread Setting TAT6A913GB

  • AED 256

Kenwood Microwave Oven 20 Liters Defrost Child Lock 800 Watts MWM100

  • AED 250
Kenwood Juice Extractor

Kenwood Juice Extractor JEM02.A0BK

  • AED 249

Kenwood Blender High Performance Motor Delightful Design Fantastic Capabilities 800 Watts HDP406WH

  • AED 249

Nikai Blender NB5900G

  • AED 249
Panasonic Ice Crusher Blender

Panasonic Ice Crusher Blender MXKM3070

  • AED 249
Kenwood Glass Blender

Kenwood Glass Blender BLM45.720SS

  • AED 249

Black And Decker Food Processor FX650-B5

  • AED 249

Nikai Food Processor NFP1703N

  • AED 249
Moulinex Food Processor

Moulinex Food Processor FP247127

  • AED 249

Nikai Microwaves and Oven 45 Ltr 1800W NT655N1

  • AED 249
Geepas 4 In 1 Blender And Juice Extractor

Geepas 4 In 1 Blender And Juice Extractor GSB44016

  • AED 245

Kenwood Juice Extractor 2 Speed Stainless Steel 700 Watts JEM500SS

  • AED 240

Philips Blender 1-5 Liter Glass Jar 120 ML Chopper Multiple Speed Lock Indicator 400 Watts HR2106

  • AED 238

Bosch Hand Blender MSM6300GB

  • AED 230
Kenwood Blender BLP406

Kenwood Blender BLP406

  • AED 230

Bosch Coffee Machine Heating Full Aroma For 10 Cups TKA3A034GB

  • AED 230

Bosch Compact Two Slice Toaster Integrated Warming Rack TAT6A114GB

  • AED 230

Bosch 1-7 Liter Kettle 2600 W Over Heat Protection TWK6A031GB

  • AED 230

Sencor Electric Kettles SWK1571BL

  • AED 227

Nikai Blenders 1.5 Liters 18000 RPM Turbo Motor 750 Watts NB894

  • AED 225
Nutribullet Smoothie Maker

Nutribullet Smoothie Maker NBR-0512

  • AED 225

Nikai Food Processor NFP881G

  • AED 225
Kenwood Contact Grill

Kenwood Contact Grill HGM50

  • AED 225

LG Microwaves And Oven 20 Liter Safety Lock Defrost Auto Cooking Push Button 700 Watts MS2042DB

  • AED 222

Media Electric Kettle 360 Degree Cordless Concealed Heating Elements 2200 Watts MKH317E2C

  • AED 222

Midea Kettle 1-7 Liters Double Wall Cool Touch SSMKH317E2B

  • AED 222
Nikai Gas Stove, Plugnpoint

Nikai Gas Stove NG9093GSF

  • AED 219

Nikai Microwave and Oven 20 Liter 5 Power Levels 700 Watts NMO515N9

  • AED 218

Media Cooker 2-8 Liter 5 Layers 3D Heating Rice Cooker Removable Cover Corded 1000 Watts MRGM28SA

  • AED 211

Media Microwave Oven Multi Cooking Stage 700 Watts MM720CJ9

  • AED 209
Toshiba Best Quality Microwave Oven

Toshiba Best Quality Microwave Oven MW-MM20P(WH)

  • AED 209
Midea 20 Liters Solo Microwave

Midea 20 Liters Solo Microwave MM720CTB

  • AED 209
Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor

Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor FDP301WH

  • AED 205

Nikai Stove NG9092GSF

  • AED 199
Kenwood Toaster

Kenwood Toaster TTM480

  • AED 199

Aftron Microwave Oven 20 Liter Stainless Steel 700 Watts AFMW205MNB

  • AED 199

Nikai Microwave Oven 23 Liter Defrost 6 Level 700 Watts NMO2309MW

  • AED 199
Elekta 20 Liters Microwave Oven

Elekta 20 Liters Microwave Oven EMO-221

  • AED 199
Aftron Electric Microwave Oven

Aftron Electric Microwave Oven AFMW205MNW

  • AED 199

Media Electric Kettle Concealed Heating Elements LED Indicator MKM317C2A

  • AED 199
Kenwood Traditional Kettle

Kenwood Traditional Kettle SKM100

  • AED 199

Kenwood Food Processor 1-4 Liter Stainless Steel Knife Blade FP190

  • AED 198
Hitachi 3 Burners Gas Stove

Hitachi 3 Burners Gas Stove MPH310RI

  • AED 195

Black and Decker Grill Waffle Maker Easy Clean Non-Stick GM1750

  • AED 195

Bosch Compact Toaster 2 Slice With Thermostat Timer Defrost And Crisp Function TAT6101GB

  • AED 191

Media Cooker 1-4 Liter Mechanical Control Mode High-Quality Plastic Chassis Heating Method 770 Watts MGTH457A

  • AED 187

Frigidaire Juicer 550 ml Cup 1.5 Liter Pulp Container 400 Watts FD5181

  • AED 179

Mr Plus Hand Blender 500 ml Multi Speed Setting 500 Watts HB0503

  • AED 179
Aardee Juice Extractor

Aardee Juice Extractor ARAJ800

  • AED 175
Kendwood Hand Mixer And Blender

Kendwood Hand Mixer And Blender HDP109WG

  • AED 175
Sencor Electric Kettles

Sencor Electric Kettles SWK1791WH

  • AED 174

Nikai Juicer NJ9600

  • AED 169

Kenwood Electric Kettle 1.7 Liters Stainless Steel Blades SJM280

  • AED 169

Panasonic Kettle Stainless Steel Removeable Lime Scale Filter Water Level Indicator 2200 Watts NCSK1B

  • AED 167

Bosch Hand Press MCP3000GB

  • AED 165

Bosch Hand Blender Slim Line,Elegant Design Transparent Calibrated Mixing Beaker MSM6B150GB

  • AED 165

Bosch Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder Safety Switch Grinds With Lid Attached MKM6003NGB

  • AED 165

Media Electric Kettle Removable Limescale Filter 1850 Watts MK17S18M

  • AED 163
Hitachi Gas Burner

Hitachi Gas Burner MPH210RI

  • AED 160
Aftron 2 Burner Gas Stove

Aftron 2 Burner Gas Stove AFGT2040FSDN

  • AED 159

Philips Jug Blender HR2114

  • AED 159
Saachi Heavy Duty Combo Blender & Chopper

Saachi Heavy Duty Combo Blender & Chopper NL-BL-4395C

  • AED 159

Kenwood Sandwich Maker Interlock Handle Non Slip Feet 700 Watts SM650

  • AED 153

Midea Blender 1-5 Liter Ice Crushing Removable Bowl Dishwasher-Proof Parts Grinder Cup 350 Watts MJBL40G1

  • AED 152

Media Cooker 1-8 Liter Non-Stick Coating With Delay Start Option Simple And Light Indicator 50 Watts MBYJ50EH

  • AED 152

Midea Cooker 1-8 Liter Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Thermostat Pot Thickness Easy To Clean 770 Watts MRGM18SA

  • AED 152

Geepas Kettle 1-7 Liter Double Wall Kettle Blue Illumination Inside ON/OFF Switch 2200 Watts GK6141

  • AED 150

Kenwood Juicer Stainless Steel Brushed JE297

  • AED 149

Nikai Juicer NJ3900T

  • AED 149
Geepas 4-In-1 Super Juicer And Blender GSB2031

Geepas 4-In-1 Super Juicer And Blender GSB2031

  • AED 149
Nikai Grill Plate

Nikai Grill Plate NG543N1

  • AED 149
Kenwood Electric Glass Kettl

Kenwood Electric Glass Kettle ZJG08.000CL

  • AED 149
Kenwood Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle

Kenwood Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle SJM480

  • AED 149

Kenwood Sandwich Maker 4 Sandwiches at 1 Time 1300 Watts SM740

  • AED 149
Kenwood Sandwich Maker SMM02.000SI

Kenwood Sandwich Maker SMM02.000SI

  • AED 149

Philips Kettle Black Cord Winder Flat Heating Element Multi Safety System Durable HD9300

  • AED 146

Hitachi Kettle 1-7 Liters External Water Level Indicator Stainless Steel Material Tap Control Durable HEKE60

  • AED 146
Aardee 3 Burner Gas

Aardee 3 Burner Gas ARGS3T

  • AED 145

Panasonic Blender 1000 ML Superior Build Easy To Use And Handle Stainless Steel Blade MXGX1021

  • AED 145
Sharp 4 Slice Toaster

Sharp 4 Slice Toaster KZ-T42-S

  • AED 145
Nikai Portable Non-Stick Grill

Nikai Portable Non-Stick Grill NGT928A

  • AED 145
Philips Best Quality Kettle

Philips Best Quality Kettle HD9350

  • AED 145
Super General 2 Burner Gas Stove

Super General 2 Burner Gas Stove SGB02SS

  • AED 139
Kenwood Blender With 1 Mill

Kenwood Blender With 1 Mill BLP10.E0WH

  • AED 139
Nikai Electric Kettle

Nikai Electric Kettle NKT1730S1

  • AED 139

Black And Decker Blender Crushes Ice Cubes For Smoothies With Chopper And Grinder 300 Watts BX275

  • AED 138
Panasonic Blender With 2 Dry Mill

Panasonic Blender With 2 Dry Mill MX-EX1021WTZ

  • AED 135
Geepas 4 in 1 Food Processor

Geepas 4 in 1 Food Processor GSB9890

  • AED 135

Panasonic Electric Kettle Scale Filter Water Gauge Button Control Easy Spout Filling NCGK1W

  • AED 135
Kenwood 1.7 Liters Electric kettle SJM250

Kenwood 1.7 Liters Electric kettle SJM250

  • AED 135
Saachi 2 Speed Control Blender

Saachi 2 Speed Control Blender NL-BL-4396S

  • AED 129

Black And Decker Toasters MBF70-B5

  • AED 129

Geepas Kettle 1-2 Liter Multi Functional Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Big Mouth Design 600 Watts GK5462

  • AED 129
Geepas Electric Kettle

Geepas Electric Kettle GK38025

  • AED 129

Geepas Blender 1-6 Liters Copper Core Durable Motor Superior Performance 400 Watts GSB1514

  • AED 128
Geepas Tempered Glass Double Burner

Geepas Tempered Glass Double Burner GK5602

  • AED 125
Sharp Citrus Juicer

Sharp Citrus Juicer EJ-J11-W3

  • AED 125
Geepas Best Quality 3 In1 Blender 1.5 Litres

Geepas Best Quality 3 In1 Blender 1.5 Litres GSB44017

  • AED 125
Kenwood Metalic Kettel

Kenwood Metalic Kettel ZJM10.000SS

  • AED 125
Aardee Gas Stove Burner

Aardee Gas Stove Burner ARGS2T

  • AED 120
Moulinex Stainless Steel Kettle

Moulinex Stainless Steel Kettle BY550D27

  • AED 120

Chappati Maker GCM5429

  • AED 119
Aftron Table Gas Stove 2 Burners

Aftron Table Gas Stove 2 Burners AFGT2141FSDN

  • AED 119
Kenwood Best Quality Blender

Kenwood Best Quality Blender BLP15.360WH

  • AED 119
Kenwood 2 Slice Toaster Metal

Kenwood 2 Slice Toaster Metal TCM01.A0BK

  • AED 119
Nikai Stainless Steel Kettle

Nikai Stainless Steel Kettle Nk817

  • AED 119

Black And Decker Sandwich Maker Cool Exterior Touch Indicator Thermostat Control 750 Watts TS2090-B5

  • AED 119

Nikai Blender 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel Unbreakable Jar 350 Watts NB1700T3

  • AED 116

Nikai Kettle 1-8 Liter Cordless Auto Shut Off Indicator Light Electric Energy Used 1800 Watts NK820T

  • AED 116

Media Electric Kettles Convenient Power Button Neon Power Indicator 2250 Watts MK17S18D

  • AED 116
Saachi Citrus Juicer

Saachi Citrus Juicer NL-CJ-4072

  • AED 115
Sharp Blender With Travel Bottle

Sharp Blender With Travel Bottle EM-PT21-T3

  • AED 115
Sharp Best Quality Stainless Steel Kettle

Sharp Best Quality Stainless Steel Kettle EK-JX43-S3

  • AED 115
Kenwood Sandwich Maker with Grill

Kenwood Sandwich Maker with Grill SMP01.AOWH

  • AED 115

Geepas Sandwich Maker Non-Stick Coating Material Plastic Thermostat Control GS672

  • AED 114

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel On/Off Switch Detachable Filter Light Indicator Durable Cordless 2200 Watts AFEK1770N

  • AED 110

Crownline Kettle 1-8 Liters Automatic Cut Out Plastic Handle Anti Slip Feet Design 1500 Watts KT179

  • AED 107

Nikai Hobs Twin Hot Plate 2500 Watts NKTOE5N2

  • AED 105
Nobel 3 Burner Gas Stove with Auto Ignition

Nobel 3 Burner Gas Stove with Auto Ignition NGT3003

  • AED 105

Nikai Food Processors 4 in 1 NFP1724N

  • AED 105

Aftron 4 in 1 Hand Blender Plastic Body With Chrome Buttons Stainless Steel Blade 600 Watts AFHB9305N

  • AED 99

Nikai Blender NB4900A

  • AED 99
Panasonic 1 Speed Blender

Panasonic 1 Speed Blender MX-EX1001WTZ

  • AED 99
Sharp 2 Slice Best Quality Toaster

Sharp 2 Slice Best Quality Toaster KZ-T41-S

  • AED 99

Black and Decker Electric Kettle 1-7 Liter Concealed Coil Boil Dry Protection 200 Watts JC450-B5

  • AED 99

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel Heating Element Concealed Heating Element Portable 2200 Watts AFEK1790T

  • AED 94

Geepas Juicer Durable Play Button Base Non Slip 2 Press Cone Attachments 25 Watts GCJ5383

  • AED 90

Aftron Cordless Plastic Kettle 1.7 Liters Safety Lock AFPK1795N

  • AED 90

Kenwood Citrus Juicer 1 Liter Two Way Rotation JE290

  • AED 89

Touchmate Toaster TMTS200

  • AED 86

Nikai Kettle 1-7 Liter White Cordless Stainless Steel Bottom With Hidden Heating Element 1600 Watts NK520

  • AED 81
Nutribullet Rapid Egg Cooker

Nutribullet Rapid Egg Cooker NC-EC360

  • AED 79

Nikai Kettle On/Off Switch with Light Indicator Boil Dry Protection Cord Storage 2000W NK662N

  • AED 79

Aftron 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Finish Light Indicator 850 Watts AFT225N

  • AED 75
Geepas Double Layer Electric Kettle

Geepas Double Layer Electric Kettle GK38012

  • AED 75

Elekta Blender 1-5 Liter With 1 Grinder 2 Speed PC Jar And Cups Low Noise Design Non-Breakable 350 Watts EFBG 1581

  • AED 70
Elekta 1.5 Litres Plastic Jar Blender with 1 Grinder

Elekta 1.5 Litres Plastic Jar Blender with 1 Grinder EFBG-1581

  • AED 70

Aftron Sandwich Maker Energy Used Electric Hassle-Free Accessibility Durable 700 Watts AFST0201N

  • AED 70

Nikai Blender NB2511A SERIES 1

  • AED 69
Nikai Best Quality Kettle

Nikai Best Quality Kettle NK820T1

  • AED 69
Nobel Stove Single Burner

Nobel Stove Single Burner NGT-1001

  • AED 65
Nikai Glass Pot Kettle

Nikai Glass Pot Kettle NK303G

  • AED 65

AFTRON Electric Kettle AFPK1725N

  • AED 61

Nikai Blender NB1717T2

  • AED 59

Nikai Electric Kettle 1 Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Automatic / Manual Switch Off Indicator Light 1000 Watts NK1030S

  • AED 59

Aftron Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Safety Lock Cool Touch Handle Dual Lamp Indicator 700 Watts AFST0212

  • AED 55

Aftron Hand Press Citrus Juicer 0.6 Liter Adj Filter 30 Watts AFJ9030N

  • AED 49
Nikai Slice Toaster

Nikai Slice Toaster NBT540

  • AED 49

Nikai Kettle 1-7 Liters Stainless Steel Matt Finishing Boil Dry Protection Auto Shut Off 2200 Watts NK420A

  • AED 49
Geepas Electric Kettle

Geepas Electric Kettle GK5466

  • AED 35
Sanford Electric Kettle

Sanford Electric Kettle SF3343EK

  • AED 29

ClikOn Chappati Maker 10 Inch Non Stick Coated Heating Plates Variable Temperature Control CK2431

ClikOn Arabic Chappati Maker Multi Cooking Function Hot Free Handle Adjustable Temperature Control Knob CK2418

ClikOn Chappati Maker Size 8 Inch Non-Stick Coated Heating Plates CK2430

Beko Built In Hob Extendable Cooking Zone Easy Installation Clips Smooth Surface HIC64402E

Gorenje Hob G340UX

Gorenje Built In Hobs Wok Triple Burner Safety Function Knob Control Auto Ignition GTW951UB

Gorenje Hob 4 Cooking Zones Sensor Touch Control Residual Heat Indicator ECT620AC

Ariston Hob Auto Ignition Full Safety 5 Radiant Highlight Cooking Surfaces Residual Heat Indicator 400 Watts NRP950DOB

Ariston Hob Electric Hob Without Plug 2 Rapid Electric Plates Number of Electric Cooking Zones 2 DK02IX

Ariston Bulit in Hob 4 Gas Burners Powerful Burner 1 Triple Ring Burner 2 Cast Iron Grids PC640TX

Elba Hob 230-050X

Elba Hob E30-050 X

Silver Line Built In Hob Flame Failure Device Under Knob Auto-Ignition Durable 3000 Watts CS5217

Silver Line Hob Table Gas Stove Cast Iron Pan Supports And Burner Caps 4 Gas Burner AS5276

Silver Line Hob Table Gas Stove Front Mechanical Control Cast Iron Grill Auto Ignition CS5223

Silver Line Hob Automatic Switch-off For Spillage On Control-Panel Child Lock System CS5261

Palson Electric Hob 30990

Palson Electric Hob 30991

Siemens Cooker 66 Liter Drawer For Kitchen Utensils Full Glass Inner Door 4 Ceramic Hobs Cooker 9950 Watts HA744530M

Siemens Hob Two-Ring Cooking Zones Child Safety Lock Power Management Function ET975FKB1Q

Zanussi Hob 4 Gas Built In Hob Stainless Steel Flame Failure Safety Device On Each Burner ZGG66424XA

Siemens Hob 1 Dual Zone 17 Power Levels Electronic Display Wipe Protection Function ET651NF17Q

Zanussi Hob Wide New Flat Design 2 Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel Flame Failure Safety Device 4000 Watts ZGG35214XA

Siemens Hob High Speed Ceramic Glass Energy Efficiency Display Child Proof Lock 11100 Watts EX975LXC1E

Siemens Hob Touch Slider Control Extremely Heat-Resistant Digital Display Shut-Off Function 7400 Watts EX675FXC1E

Zanussi Hob Electric Ceramic Glass 15 Power Level Digital Display Key Lock Function 7000 Watts ZEV8646XBA

Zanussi Hob Built In Electric Ceramic Glass Digital Display Automatic Fast Heating Up Key Lock Function Full Safety ZEV6642FBV

Siemens Hob Heat-Resistant And Easy To Clean Gas Cooking Dishwasher Proof 2000 Watts ER3A6BD70M

Zanussi Hob Built In Induction Digital Display Residual Heating Indicator Child Safety 7400 Watts ZEL6640XBA

Siemens Hob Cylindrical Knobs Modular Dishwasher Cast Iron Pan Support Full Flame Safety 7400 Watts EC645PB80Q

SMEG Hob Touch Control Induction Hob Main On/Off Switch Pan Detection Rapid Level Selection 7200 Watts SI5641B

SMEG Hob 4 Burner Gas Built In Hob Stainless Steel 60 cm Rotary Knob Control 8500 Watts PGF64-4

SMEG Hob 90 CM Electric Black Glass Induction Hob Digital Display Child Safety 9100 Watts SE395ETB

SMEG Hob 30 cm Touch Control Black Ceramic With Angled Edge Glass Quick Start Function SE332EB

SMEG Hob 60 CM Built In 4 Gas Hob Cream With Safety Valve Cream Knobs Antique 9300 Watts SR764PO

SMEG Hob 90 CM Electric Ceramic Glass Induction Hob 6 Induction Cook Zones 10800 Watts SIM693WLDR

SMEG Hob 60 CM Electric Black Ceramic Glass Induction Hob Automatic Pan Recognition 7400 Watts SIM662WLDR

SMEG Hob 90 CM Built In 4 Gas Hob Flat Design With Black Glass Stainless Steel 13100 Watts PV695LCNR

SMEG Hobs Cooker 5 Burners Storage Compartment 6 Functions SX91VLCSA

Bosch Hob Fast Heating to Gentle Simmering Auto Ignition Design to Stay Clean PRS9A6D70M

Bosch Ceramic Radiant Hob 4 Fame Design Touch Control Electronic Display Quick Start Function PKF645B17M

Bosch Built-in Hob 2 Ceramic Glass Hob PKF375N14E

Hitachi Gas Tables Top Plate Stainless Steel Pan Support Enamel (4 legs) Burner Head Brass mph21

ClikOn Table Gas Stove 2 Burner Full Stainless Steel Auto Ignition Durable Gas Type LPG CK4256-SD

ClikOn Gas Stove 3 Burner With Safety Device Pressure Durable 2800 Pa CK4254-SD

ClikOn Gas Stove 2 Burner Full Stainless Steel Auto Ignition CK2144-SD

ClikOn Gas Stove Double Burner With Brass Rotary Auto Ignition CK2141-GB

ClikOn Single Burner Gas Stove Full Stainless Steel Auto Ignition CK2140-SD

Bosch Dish Washer Fully Integrated Hygiene Plus Option SMV46MX00M

Bosch Built In Dish Washer 5 Cleaning Temperatures Integrated Zeolite Drying SMI69N75EU

Bosch Built In Dish Washer Servo Lock TFT Display Inside Glass Protection Technology SMI88TS02E

Black & Decker Juice Extractor CJ650

Black and Decker Juicer Stainless Steel Blade 700 Watts PRJE700B5

Bosch Juicer 1.2 Liter Capacity Stainless Steel 700 Watts MES3000GB

Electrolux Juicer 4 Cup Stainless Steel Blades 800 Watts ESF2000AR

Kenwood Jucier APEX System Dishwasher Safe Parts Full Safety Interlock Durable 1500 Watts JE850

Kenwood Juice Extractor JE730

Crownline Citrus Juicer 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel 85 Watts CJ-207

Palson Juice Extractor 1 Liter Jug Capacity Double Cone Sieve With Adjustable 40 Watts 30541

Palson Juicer Stainless Steel Body And Sieve Ultramodern,Ergonomic Design 400 Watts 30825

Palson Juicer 2 Liter Pulp Collection Container Ultra Modern Ergonomic Design Stainless Steel Body And Sieve 800 Watts 30826

Palson Juicer High Performance Can Be Fully Dismantled Juice Dispenser Durable 85 Watts 30499

SMEG Juicer Red 1 M Cord Length Stainless Steel Strainer Automatic On/Off 70 Watts CJF01RDUK

Smeg 150W Juice Extractor Two Extraction Funnel Rotation Per Minutes SJF01RDUK

Panasonic Juicer 1.5 Liter Wide Tube Electric Energy Extractor Silver 270 Watts MJ-DJ01

Nikai Juice Extractor Removable Transparent Filter Basket Stainless Steel Micro Mesh 800 Watts NJ8600N1

Hitachi Citrus Juicer 600 ml 2 Juice Cones Easy to Clean HJC40P

Hitachi Citrus and Extractor Juicer SS Anti Drip Spout HJE900P

Braun Spin Juice Extractor J500

Braun Juice Extractor Ergonomic Design Smooth Performance Pulp Container MP80

Braun Juicer Material Plastic Compact Design Four-Way Automatic Safety Switch Off J300

Braun Juice Extractor CJ3050

Braun Citrus Juicer Anti Drip System Direct Flow Into The Glass Simple Operation CJ3000

Bosch Juicer MES4000GB

Black And Decker Juice Extractor 2 Liter 450 Watts Stainless Steel Sieve For Durability And Hygiene JE65

Philips Viva Collection Juicer 1-5 Liter 500 Watts HR1836

ClikOn Juice Extractor 1-2 Liters Puip Container Hygienic Stinless Steel Filter And Housing 600 Watts CK2292

ClikOn Citrus Juicer Transparent Lid and Cup Squeezes 6 Oranges in 60 Seconds 90 Watts CK2258

ClikOn Juicer and Blender 4 In 1 Pulse Control 2 Speed 800 Watts CK2274

ClikOn Fresh Fruit Extractor 1.1 Liters Juice Cup 800 Watts CK2254

ClikOn Juicers and Blender 4 in 1 Automatic Overload Cut Off Stainless Steel Filter And Cutting Blades CK2150-N

Kodama Blender 1-5 Glass Blender Jar Small Glass Dry Mincer Sharp Blade 400 Watts KBM-5080G

Black & Decker Blender Whipping Cream Pureeing And Emulsifying Blades For Blending SB3200-B5

Kenwood Hand Blender HB680

Aardee Blender Tamper With Thermometer Auto-Clean Stainless Steel 6 Slice Blade 1680W ARMFPB 1680 THOR

Braun Multiquick 1 Hand Blenders MR120

Kenwood Blender With Mill Grinder Mill Attachment Stainless Steel Blades Durable 350 Watts BL335

Kenwood Blender Smoothie Maker Ice Crush Two Speeds Plus Pulse Cord Storage 300 Watts SBO56

Moulinex Blender 1.5 Liter Stainless Steel 3 Programs 450 Watts LM242027

Philips Blender 1-5 Liter Pro Blend 4 Star Blade Multiple Speeds Mixing And Blending 400 Watts HR-2102

Palson Jar Blender 1.5 Liters Locking Device Turbo 1250 Watt 30986

Palson Blender 1-5 Liter Acapulco Glass Jug Turbo Security Blocking Device Knob Control 850 Watts 30564

Palson Blender Bahamas

Palson Blender Bahamas 1.5 Liter 2 Speed Plus 500 Watts 30527

Palson Copacabana Jug Blender with Turbo Function 30528

Smeg Blender 1.5 Liters

Smeg Blender 1.5 Liters Safety Lock Pulse Function 800 Watts BLF01RDUK

Panasonic Blender 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Blender Transparent Jar Blender And Mixture MXGX1521

Panasonic Blender 1 Liter Stainless Steel Blades Dry Grinding MX GX1061

Kenwood Smoothie Maker and Blender Dishwasher Safe Parts Ice Crushing Function 500 Watts Silver SB266

Panasonic Blender 1-5 Liter SS 2 in 1 Blending & Grinding MXGX1571

Black and Decker Glass Blender Glass Blender Jar Crushes Ice Cubes For Smoothies BX600G

Philips Jug Blender Hr2102

Panasonic Hand Blender MX-GS1WTZ

Bosch Juice Blender MMBM1P6RGB

Bosch Blender 5 Speed Settings Knob Control BPA Free Plastic Jug Detachable Stainless Steel Knife MMB33P5BGB

Bosch Hand Blender MSM64120GB

Kenwood Blender 1 Liter Stainless Steel Blades Dishwasher Safe Parts 2 Variable Speed Settings BL237

Panasonic Blender 1800 ML Stainless Steel Blades Container Material Molded Glass MX-J18G

Braun Jug Blender JB5050

Panasonic Blender 1000 ML Double Safety Lock Circuit Breaker Durable And Corded 400 Watts MX-GX1061

ClikOn Blender 3 In 1 Jar 1.5 Liter 2 Speed Shock Proof 550 Watts CK2291

ClikOn Blender 16 Liter 2 In 1 Jar Copper Motor Automatic Overload Cut Off Overheat Protection 400 Watts CK2289

ClikOn Blender 2 In 1 Jar 1-5 Liter 2 Speed Option Shock-Proof ABS Body Long Lasting Rust Proof Design 550 Watts CK2288

ClikOn Blender Copper Motor Jar Automatic Automatic Over Load Cut-Off Shock Resistant PP Plastic 300 Watts CK2284

ClikOn Power Indian Blender 3 In 1 Copper Motor 550 Watts CK2251

ClikOn Galaxy Indian Blender 3 In 1 Copper Motor 750 Watts CK2160

ClikOn Indian Blender Cruze 3 In 1 Copper Motor Vacuum Rubber For Stable Operation 600 Watts CK2159

ClikOn Blender 3 In 1 Stainless Steel Button Control Mincer Attachment Safety Cut Off 300 Watts CK2155

ClikOn Blender 3 In 1 Stainless Steel Button Control Variable Speed Control With Illuminated Display 600 Watts CK2154

ClikOn Multi Function Blender Automatic Over Load Cut Off Over Heat Protection 350 Watts CK2152

Magic Bullet Blenders With The Speed of a Bullet MBR1712M

Palson Food Processor 12 in 1 30588

Siemens Coffee Machine 2-4 Liter Child Proof Lock Illumination For Keys Hot Water 4 Grades 1600 Watts CT636LES1

SMEG Coffee Machine Stainless Steel Adjustable Coffee Grinder Lack of Water Signal 1350 Watts CMS6451X

SMEG Coffee Machine Metal Steam Lever Steel Cup holder Plastic Painted Housing 1350 Watts ECF01RDUK

Smeg Built-in Auto Coffee Maker 3 Temperature Setting 1350 Watts CMS8451P

Smeg Coffee Machine Touch Control Pre-heat Infuser Function Steam Dispenser CMS4601NR

Nikai Coffee Maker 1-25 Liter NCM1210

Kenwood 2-1 Liter Food Processor Stainless Steel Blade UA32ES5600-FP

Elekta Mixer Grinder Heavy Duty Copper Motor EMG-1535

Panasonic Super Mixer Grinder SS Blades MX-AC400WUA

Panasonic Grinder With 3 Poly-Carbonate Jars MX-AC300WUA

Black And Decker Coffee Maker Water Level Indicator Splash Free Operation DCM80-B5

Black and Decker Food Processor FX710-B5

Kenwood Food Processors FP691

Black and Decker Food Processors Pulse Function Kneading Blade Safety Interlocks on Bowl And Lid FX400-B5

Braun Food Processors Knob Control Food Processor Dual Control System Variable Speed Versatility FP 5160

Bosch Food Processors MCM68861GB

Black and Decker Food Processor Stand Mixers Safety Lock System Non Slip Feet SM250-B5

Philips Food Processor Viva Collection Mini Chopper Separate Blender Non-Slip Feet 750 Watts HR7761

ClikOn Supreme Mixer Grinder Power Full Copper Motor 750 Watts CK2298

ClikOn Solid Grinder Stainless Steel Blades 3 In Exclusively Designed Blades For Different Applications 1600 Watts CK2297

ClikOn Grinder Whizz Copper Motor Main Unit Micro Base Switch Enveloping Jar 750 Watts CK2286

ClikOn Food Processor 1-2 Liters 10 In 1 Stainless Steel Blade Durable Chopper Jar Multi-Functional Doughing 400 Watts CK2252

Black and Decker Toaster 2 Slice Auto Shut Off 800 Watts ET122-B5

Bosch Integrated Toaster Automatic Bread Centering TAT3A014GB

Optima Toaster 4 Slice Crumb Tray Metal Auto Pop Up 1300 Watts CT1600

Palson Toaster Breadcrumb Tray And Cord Tidy Immediate Stop Button Durable 1000 Watts 30410

Palson Toaster Capacity 1 Slice Defrost And Cancel Function Cool Touch Casing 900 Watts 30479

Euron Toaster 2 Slice Capacity 1-7 Speed Brown Control Variable Temperature Options EUMFT

Palson Milan Toasters 30505

Smeg Toaster with 2 Slice Capacity 6 Browning Levels TSF01RDUK

Hitachi Toaster Stainless Steel Reheating Function Defrost Reheat And Cancel Button 730 Watts HTOE20

Kenwood Compact 2 Slice Toaster Removable Crumb Tray Hi-Rise Bread Lift Illuminated Defrost TTM320

Hitachi Twin Pop Up Toaster Re-Heat and Cancel Buttons HTOE10

Bosch 2 Slice Toaster Large Surface Heating Element TAT3A017GB

ClikOn Bread Toaster 2 Slice 7 Setting Timer Defrost Function CK2408

Akai Microwave Oven 25 Liter With Grill Power Free Standing Touch Control 800 Watts MWMA825DMW

Black And Decker Microwave Oven 32 Liter Stainless Steel Cavity Digital Display 1000 Watts MZ32PCSSIB5

Black And Decker Microwave Oven 20 Liter 5 Power Levels Knob Control Durable 700 Watts MY2000PB5

Daewoo Microwave Oven 42 Litre KOC154K

Daewoo 20L Microwave Oven KOR6LOB

Daewoo 20L Microwave Oven KQG6L4B

Ariston Microwave Oven With Grill 8 Automatic Function 1200 Watts MWA2221X

Daewoo Microwave Oven 50 Liter Digital Display 1000 Watts KOR189Z

Elekta Microwave Oven 20 Liter Compact 1100 Watts EMO221

Panasonic Microwave And Oven Auto Cook 8 Menu Touch Panel User Friendly Design 800 Watts NN-ST34HM

Panasonic Microwave & Oven Touch Pad Operation Turbo Defrost 9 Auto Cooking Menu 800 Watts NNST342WK

Samsung Microwave And Oven 20 Liter Ceramic Enamel Touch Control Auto Program 800 Watts ME733K

Samsung Microwave And Oven Interior Lighting During Cooking Microwave With Grill 800 Watts MG23F301EAW

Samsung Microwave And Oven Grill Auto Cook Sound Option Turntable On/Off 900 Watts MC28H5015AW

Sanyo Microwave and Oven 36 Liter Grill 1000-1100 Watts EMG8586V

Super General Microwave And Oven 23 Liter Multi Cooking Stage Touch Control Grill Function 1000 Watts SGMM926

Siemens Microwave And Oven Residual Heat Indicator Bar Handle Electronic Clock Control Panel Lock HB676GBS1B

Siemens Microwave And Oven Oven Interior Light With Two Lamps 1 Level Telescopic Shelf 3000 Watts HV541ANS0

Zanussi Built In Microwave Oven 26 Liter With Grill ZBG26542XA

Siemens Microwave And Oven Start Button Automatic Switch Off Door Lock Electronical 800 Watts HN678G4S1M

Siemens Microwave And Oven LED Light Full Glass Inner Door Touch Control 900 Watts BE634LGS1M

Siemens Microwave And Oven 25 Liter Large Viewing Window Left-Hand Hinged LED 1450 Watts HF24G564M

LG Microwave and Oven Auto Defrost Type MH7040SS

LG Microwave and Oven MS3042GM

Bosch Built-in Microwave and Oven Comfortable Operation HMT84G654M

Bosch Microwave Oven Defrost Setting With Auto Pilot HMT75G451B

Samsung 34 Liters Microwave Oven Grill 10 Power Levels Grill Function Auto Cook MG34F602MAT

Hitachi Microwave Oven 23 Liter 6 Auto Menu HMRD2311

Hitachi Microwave Oven 20 Liter Solo Digital Panel Blacks HMRD2011

Hitachi Microwave Oven 20 Liter Solo Mechanical Control HMRM2001

Samsung Microwave Oven 40 Liters Glass Mirror Ceramic Enemal Inside Touch Display MS405MADXBB

Black And Decker Microwave And Oven 35 Liter Convection Function Thermostat Controlled 1500 Watts TRO55-B5

Black and Decker Microwave and Oven Free Standing 700 Watts Material Metal MZ2010P-B5

ClikOn Microwave Oven 20 Liters Safety Multi Power Level CK4317

Nikai Microwaves and Oven 30 Liters NMO3010M

Nikai Electric Oven 38 Ltr 1500 Watts NT3820R

Palson Grill Plate Smooth Non Stick And Adjustable Thermostat Grease Collection Tray 2000 Watts 30456

Palson Electric Grill Plate 30576

Palson Electric Grill Plate 30950

ClikOn Grill Toaster With Oil Tray SS Cover With Stainless Steel Top Cover Non Stick Coated Baking Plate 750 Watts CK2410

ClikOn Contact Grill Non-Stick Stainless Steel 2100 Watts CK2406

ClikOn Contact Grill With Oil Pan Non-Stick Smoke Free 1500 Watts CK2405

Siemens Cooker 71 Liters Gas Oven With 2 Cooking Functions Minute Minder Oven Interior Light HU233510M

Midea Gas Cooker HME62006-FFD

Siemens Cooker 71 Liter Child Proof Lock Oven Interior Light Full Glass Inner Door Knob Control HA422510M

SMEG Induction Cooker 5 Burners Electric Grill Range Hood Included C9CIMX9

SMEG Cooker 115 Liters LCD Display With Timer Automatic Switching On And Off 3200 Watts CPF9GMR

SMEG Cooker 90x60 CM Gas Hob Vapor Clean Fan Assisted Button Large Grill 3200 Watts CPF9GMWH

Midea Cooker Removable Door Multi Rack Support Knob Control Oven Light Convention Heat And Fan VS66C14ST

Page Test

ClikOn Double Steam Cooker 4 Separate Compartments CK4356

Ferre Mixed Cooker Limit Thermostat 3 Function Mechanical Timer F5S22E3-WB

Aftron Plastic Kettle 1.8 Liter Whit 2000 Watts Stainless Steel AFEK1705T

Aardee Kettle Electric Food Grade Ceramic Material Overheat Protection Manual Display Knob Control ARKT1225S

Black & Decker Kettle Easy of Storage Auto Switch On/Off Swivel Base Button Control JC400B5

Braun Kettle Cordless Washable Limestone Scale Filter Easy Handling And Cleaning Cord Storage 2200 Watts WK300

Russell Hobbs Travel Kettle 14178

ClikOn Electric Kettle 1500W CK2108 SK

Sencor Electric Kettle 1.8 Liter 2000 watts Triple Safety SWK 1817TQ

Crownline Kettle Cordless Electric 1.7 Liter 2000 Watts HHB-002

Elekta Cordless Kettle 1-7 Liter Cordless Plastic Kettle Indicators With Lights Over Heat Protection EKT2727

Mr Light Electric Kettle MR 2618

Mr Light Electric Kettle MR 2718D

Hitachi Cordless Electric Kettle HEK E50

Kenwood Travel Kettle 0.5 Liter Dual Water Window 650 Watts JKP250

Kenwood Plastic Electric Kettle 1.6 Kettle 3000 Watts Removable Filter JKP280

Kenwood Electric Kettle 1.6 Liter 360 Degree Base 3000 Watts JKP210

Optima Kettle Concealed Jug Electric Kettle Stainless Still Body Energy Used Electric 2400 Watts CK2400

Optima Kettle Concealed Over Heating Protection Removable Mesh Filter Electric Kettle 2400 Watts CK2700

Smeg Electric Kettle Limescale Filter Stainless Steel Ball Lever 3000 Watts KLF11RDUK

Braun Kettle WK500

Philips Electric Kettle Easy Spout Filling Automatic Shut-Off Boil-Dry Protection HD4665

Bosch 1-7 L Kettle 2600 W Triple Safety Reduces Energy TWK6A034GB

Panasonic Electric Kettle NC-GK1WTZ

Black And Decker Kettle 1 Liter Concealed Hating Element Anti-Scale Washable Filter JC120-B5

ClikOn Stainless Steel Kettle 18 Liters Stainless Steel 1500 Watts CK5125

ClikOn Double Wall Electric Kettle 17 Liters Stainless Steel CK5123

ClikOn Kettle 1-8 Liters Electric With Cool Body Stainless Steel Boil Dry Protection CK5122

ClikOn 1-8 Liters Kettle Electric With Boil Dry Protection Heat Resistant Handle 1500 Watts CK5121-N

ClikOn Electric Kettle With Boil Dry Protection Auto Shut-Off Anti-Slip Feet Design 1850 Watts CK5120

ClikOn Kettle 4-2 Liters Electric Auto Switch Off Over Heat Protection Water Level Scale 2200 Watts CK5105

ClikOn Kettles 1-8 Liters Electric Double Protection Concealed Heating By Stainless Steel Plate 1500 Watts CK2108

ClikOn Kettles 1-8 Liters Electric Stainless Steel Automatic Switch-Off At Boiling 1800 Watts CK2101

Black And Decker Sandwich Maker Lid Lock Temperature Indicator Cut And Seal Plates 750 Watts TS2000

Black And Decker Sandwich Maker Indicator And Ready To Cook Light Durable 1200 Watts TS4080B5

Black And Decker Sandwich Maker Overheat Protection For Added Safety Indicator Light 600 Watts TS1000-B5

Crown Line Sandwich Maker Two Pilot Lights Portable Non-Stick Coating Durable 800 Watts Plate CL-116

Kenwood Sandwich Maker Non Stick Plates Triangle Sandwich Plates Non Stick Plates700 Watts White SM640

Nikai Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Non-Stick Plates Cool Touch 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster 700 Watts NST522T

Palson Sandwich Maker 4 Slots Grilling Indicator Lights Non-Stick Surface Durable 1000 Watts 30504

Palson Sandwich Maker Indicator Light 2 Slots For Sandwiches Material Plastic 750 Watts 30501

Hitachi 700 Watt Sandwich Maker Non-stick Plate Light Indicator Function Easy Open Handle HS-7020

Hitachi Sandwich Maker Non-stick Plate Light Indicator Light Indicator Function SWK8263A

Black and Decker Sandwich Maker TS2060

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Grill 900 Watts Non-Stick CK2428

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Grill Non-Stick Grill White Cool Touch Handle CK2427

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 4 Slice Grill Non-Stick Indicator Light Automatic Temperature Control CK2426

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Non-Stick Locking Clip Cool Texture Handle Automatic Heat Control CK2425

ClikOn Samosa Maker 24 Samosas in 24 Minutes Non-stick Coated Stand Upright For Compact Storage CK2411

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 4 Slice 1200 Watts Non-Stick Safety CK2409

ClikOn Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Non-Stick 700 Watts Compact CK2403

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 65 Gallons 3 Taps NW-65000

Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 338 Liters 5 Taps Stainless Steel Body Versatility And Efficiency NW-15009

Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 420 Liters 5 Taps Chilled Water Coil Low Water Level NW-25000

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are those which you use in the kitchen. So, if you are preparing your kitchen or upgrading it then this is the place where you can buy all the required items and buy them at cheap rates. Choose wisely and buy the best appliances for your kitchen form plug n point. The integrated dishwasher and freestanding dishwashers are a type of kitchen appliance. There are two types of kitchen appliance. The integrated ones and the freestanding or non-integrated ones. As of now, we are dividing the appliances into two.

If you move a lot, change houses then integrated home appliances are not made for you. In case you have some integrated appliances in your kitchen and you are moving you have to leave them behind. As the name tells us they are installed below our counter under the cabinets or drawers. These appliances are installed permanently so it is a bit harder to upgrade them. The installation is proposed to be done by the professional ones. Integrated appliances can be small too. Fridge, refrigerators, and freezers are a part of a kitchen appliance.

These appliances are more expensive also repair and maintenance of these is also expensive as compared to others. But on the other hand, they also enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The integrated appliance does not require any floor space. The other type of appliance is freestanding ones. They are small as compared to their integrated counterparts. As these are freestanding so either they require space on the floor or your counter. Sometimes moving these might be hectic for you. If you have a small home and space in your kitchen is already congested then these appliances are not for you. 

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