Outdoor Lantern Lights Prices in Dubai 2020

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ClikOn Flash Light 2 in 1 Ultra Beam Focus High Polish Anodizing Unbreakable PC Glass CK5055

ClikOn Rechargeable LED Emergency Lantern CK5091

ClikOn LED Bulb 12W CK512 B22

ClikOn LED Blub Warm Light High Brightness Electric Energy Used 9 Watt CK516-E27

ClikOn LED Blub High Brightness Eco-Friendly Warm White Durable 7 Watt CK515-E27

ClikOn LED Bulb Energy Serving Eco Friendly Isolated Heat Dissipation Lamp Body 20 Watts CK514 E27

ClikOn LED Bulb Uniform Light Energy Serving High Brightness Isolated Heat Dissipation Lamp Body 20 Watts CK514 B22

ClikOn LED Bulb 15W CK513 E27

ClikOn LED Bulb 15W Pin Type CK513 B22

ClikOn LED Bulb 12W CK512 E27

ClikOn LED Bulb Heat Dissipation Lamp Body Uniform Light Energy Serving 9 Watt CK511 E27

ClikOn LED Bulb Isolated Heat Dissipation Lamp Body Energy Serving Energy Rating 4 Star 9 Watt CK511-B22

ClikOn LED Blub 7 Watt Uniform Light No Flicker And Glare Eco-Friendly High Brightness CK510 E27

ClikOn LED Bulb 7 Watt High Brightness Uniform Light No Flicker And Glare CK510 B22

ClikOn 3.5 Watts Solar Panel CK5095

ClikOn 5W LED Power Torch 4500mah CK5094

ClikOn 5W LED Power Torch 4000mah CK5093

ClikOn LED Emergency Lantern CK5060

ClikOn LED Emergency Lantern CK5050

ClikOn Emergency Lantern CK2533

Battery operated lanterns buy in 2021 at cheap rates with Plugnpoint

You do not need a lantern at all times but it is safe and good to have one because it would be there when you are in need. The two types of lanterns or lights are the flashlights and rechargeable LED lights. With these, you could reach and find things in the places where the light bulbs and tubes could not reach. Check out some home appliances too.


Most of the flashlights have disposable batteries and you can buy new ones from the market easily. The batteries are very cheap but they do not have a long life while the rechargeable ones do. The battrey flashlights available here are cheap and easy to carry. You can carry them with you at any times. There are pros and cons to each type of battery the non-rechargeable ones can malfunction at lower temperatures but they are cheap. The rechargeable flashlights or batteries are expensive but they last longer and do not a malfunction.

The disposable batteries are toxic. However, everything has a life and eventually, you also have to dispose of the rechargeable batteries too. The disposable batteries have a bad reputation as they can explode and destroy the product, they can burn under high temperatures, these are more likely to be leaked and cause damage. However, if you take off these and replace them on time then they would not cause any problem.  

Emergency rechargeable lantern:

Another type of lanterns, the modern shape of lanterns are the rechargeable LED lamps. These have rechargeable Li-ion or Lithium-ion battery. These batteries are powerful and they can be recharged without taking them out. Unlike the non-rechargeable batteries, these are long-lasting. With an increase in battery life, the price also increases. These batteries can survive drastic conditions and so these rechargeable LED lamps would not leave your side no matter what. The only downside to these is that once the battery is out you have to charge it again. And when life runs out you have to change it. Otherwise, these batteries and lamps are super-efficient.