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Rio Laundry Hamper 65 Liter Green Color 8003

Rio 65 Liter Laundry Hamper Beige Color 5057

Rio Laundry Hamper 30 Liter White Color 1036

Rio Laundry Hamper 38 Liter Pink Color 9002

High Quality Laundry Hampers Best Buy in UAE

To keep the dirty laundry in one place and not having the clothes placed all over the house you need to have laundry hampers at your home. If you want to have a perfect and good quality laundry basket at cheap and fewer rates then this is the perfect place where you can get one. We have many sizes and colors of laundry baskets here. Come and choose from the huge collection of the best laundry baskets. These can keep all the laundry in one place and save your home from getting full of dirty clothes.

There are many other things that you should see while we are talking about the laundry. Here check out this section and choose all the things you like here. Do not worry because you do not have to do anything except shopping here. Plug n point is now offering its services for home delivery. the simple thing that it is designed to do is so much that if it was not for the laundry hampers you will be spending lots of time finding the clothes you have to wash.

Oh, for washing your clothes you will be needing a washing machine. So, here is a collection of the best and top quality Washing Machines at plug n point. We have lots of different machines for you here. If you already have a washing machine then check out these Dryers too. The advantage that you will have of these is the shape and the design. These latest baskets and laundry hampers are manufactured from the quality and best materials.

You can choose the color and shapes to match your laundry room or bathroom. These baskets are made and designed to hold the heaviest loads of laundry. However, this is a plastic basket so do not try to carry yourself in it. The laundry baskets offered here are the freestanding type.

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