LG Gas Cooker

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LG Gas Cooker 53 Liter 4 Burners Auto Ignition With Oven Flame Failure Device 30 Watts LF68V00S

  • AED 2099

LG Gas Cooker Safe Touch Catalytic Cleaning Full Safety Closed Door Cleaning 95 Watts LF98V00S

  • AED 3149

LG Gas Cooker Dual Heating Removable Door Glass Catalytic Cleaning Rotisserie Power Convection LF98V05S

  • AED 3674

LG Big Gas Cooker Online Dubai | LG Cheap Gas Cooker in Sharjah UAE

Big Gas Cooker Online only at Plugnpoint for you. A stove is the main thing to be in the kitchen. They help you perform the daily main tasks. Whether is it to prepare food or to get the party feast ready they can do it all. These days in the market there are many types of cookers available. It gets different and the choice you make, the cooker you buy depends on your daily life routine and your decision completely. However, other than gas, cookers have been started to more in demand since their invention but the best and traditional way to cook is still on a gas cooker.


One of the main things to keep in mind while going to purchase a cooker is the budget. Gas cookers are not as expensive as other types of cookers. The stainless steel body of gas cookers makes them very easy to clean. Auto ignition features does not require any matchstick and hence eliminates the danger of gas leak. When you turn the knob on fire automatically, start burning, so you do not need to burn up the stove with a lighter or matchstick. Upright gas nozzles directly hit the container and heats up quickly than any other type of burners. As the gas cooker takes gas an input and burns the fire with gas, it gives you the benefit of cooking your favorite meal even if the power is out. With quick heating, you do not have to worry about your food overcooking. Gas is not expensive as electricity so having a gas cooker saves you money when you buy it and when you use it. Gas cookers do not leave one portion uncooked, they provide even boil, to food like eggs etc.


These are key features of gas cookers:


The triple blaze burners help you cook accordingly. For big utensils there are big burners which provide more heat and cooks big amount of food quickly. While on the other hand if you want to cook small amount of food there are small burner for you. In addition to this, you can still cook on multiple burners at the same time. Flame Failure Device ensures that gas is stopped if the flame is not burning. This feature is very helpful as it makes sure that you are free of any kitchen incidents. The durable body withholds heavy weights.