LG Washer Dryers

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LG 420 Watts Front Load Washing Machine F10C3QDP2

  • AED 1238

LG Front Load 6 Kg Washer and 4 Kg Dryer Digital Display F2J6NMP8S

  • AED 2309

LG Washer Dryer RC8066CF

  • AED 2414

LG 8 Kg Washer and 5 Kg Dryer Automatic Washing Machine F4J6TMP0W

  • AED 2886

LG Washer Dryer RC9066A3F

  • AED 2897

LG 8 Kg Wash and 5 Kg Dry 1400 RPM With LED Touch Control F4J6TMP8S

  • AED 2991

LG Washer Dryers RC9066C3F

  • AED 3096

LG 8 Kg Wash and 5 Kg Dry 1400 RPM Stone Silver F4J7THP8S

  • AED 3149

LG Washer Dryers F4J8HP2SD

  • AED 5399

LG Twin Wash 12 Kg and 7 Kg Dryer FH4G1JCH6N and F8K5XNK4

  • AED 6299

LG Washer and Dryer Wi-Fi Drum 23 Kg 13 Wash Cycles F0K1CHK2T2F70

  • AED 8050

LG Twin Wash 18 Kg and 10 Kg Dryer F0K2CHK2T2 and F70E1UDNK12

  • AED 8714

LG Twin Washer 20 Kg and 11 Kg Dryer F0K1CHK2T2 and F70E1UDNK12

  • AED 9449

LG Twin Washer 19 Kg and 12 Kg Dryer FH0C9CDHK72 and F70E1UDNK12

  • AED 11024

LG Signature Washer 14 Kg and 7 Kg Dryer FH6G1BAP22 and FH8G5XDNK3

  • AED 15749

LG Washer Dryer Combo in Dubai Sharjah UAE

LG Washer Dryer Combo is a best washing solution for you. With the increasing number of germs, we have to save ourselves from it. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your family neat and clean. Cleaning and washing clothes is necessary to have a clean and healthy body and mind. Now cleaning and washing your clothes has made easy for you by LG. LG introduces to you its washer dryers. These are the best washer dryers; that do washing and cleaning for you. Buy the best washer dryer and throw away the problems cheap washer and dryers give you.


Keep your clothes fresh and clean with these LG best clothes washer. Clean and fresh clothes will give you fresh look and make you feel healthy. LG has different products that have special specifications, choose the one that has the specs that you like and that fit your needs the most. Like if you have a small family or live alone, you can have a smaller sized washer dryer for less laundry. LG energy efficient washer and dryer is the solution for your space issues. These powerful and compact designed machines can be a better solution if you cannot have a side-by-side washer and dryer. LG manufactured these best washer dryers keeping in mind your house space and busy lifestyle issues. From many of the functions these washer dryers have, here are some of them:


LG washer dryers make your clothes fresh and softer and removes odor. Plug n point is here to offer you the best washer dryer there are. These are genuine products from the original manufacturers. Plug n point wants you to buy the best and quality products. So, we offer the best products at most economical price range for you. You can also avail amazing deals and discounts that plug n point has. Get your order delivered at your doorstep with plug n point.