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LG Window Air Conditioner Standard Filter Adjustable Thermostat 1 Compressor 5200 Watts W18CKC

LG Window Air Conditioner 24000 BTU Cooling Capacity Rotary Compressor 6100 Watts W24CMC

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LG Window Air Conditioners Affordable Prices in UAE

LG Window Air Conditioners available browse and shop the air conditioner of your choice and dreams at plug n point. Offering all types of air conditioners, appliances, and all the products you need all under one online site. Online shopping is more convenient and hassle free now with plug n point being in the game. Due to constant rise in temperature each year, we sort of do not have much choice other than using window air conditioner. Therefore, there has been an air conditioner in our homes since early 19s'. The most common and efficient one is LG window air conditioner.


These type of LG small window air conditioner suck the hot air and pump out cool air, this is how windows air conditioners make our place cool. We are here with LG window ac unit. Stay cool, with LG window A/C. These air conditioners fit in your window and give you fresh cool breeze. Windows ac are best for small spaces. You can also go for a temporary installation if you move a lot. They are stored almost entirely out of your living place. Windows A/C produce more cooling than any other system. These days windows air conditioners are manufactures with ECO Star technology that saves energy. With easy installation and low noise, is as if it almost does not produce any noise, you should definitely buy this LG air conditioner.


Apart from the fact that these air conditioners take shortest time to be installed, and are quick solution, they are also highly affordable. In addition, you do not need any professional to help you put window A/C in place. Small window A/C units can cool up to 300 square feet area and larger ones can cool 700 square feet area.


Key features


Modern air conditioners also allow you to control them with voice. They can be turned on and off, set temperature settings with Google voice assistant or Amazon Alexa. Two, four way cooling, auto cool, LG smart think technology, phone control (you can control settings from your phone) are some of the new features. Buy LG and discover more. Filter alarm will let you know when to change and clean the filter. With auto start and enhanced timer function your air conditioner is turned on automatically when you need it to be.