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Media Plus Chiller 1020 Liters 2 Door Display Frost Free ME D10SS

Media Plus 670 Liters Chiller Frost Free Double Door FC LS112 AH

Media Plus Showcase Refrigerator 1590 Liters Chiller Free Standing Stainless Steel ME T16SS

  • AED 6755

Media Plus micro Wave Freezers | Cooking ranges in Dubai 2021


Midea Plus also is known as Midea group is a leading brand of technology and consumer appliance all around the globe. The things that Midea Plus excels in are robotics, industrial automation system, and smart supply chain. The company was founded in 1968 in the city of Guangdong in China. And as of now more than 200 subsidiaries and branches of this company are spread over the global podium covering more than 60 overseas branches and 12 business units. Along with all this, they are also a major shareholder of KUKA.

KUKA is an automation company that provides and manufactures solutions for factorial automation. The company is also offering home and kitchen electrical goods online like refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, air purifiers, cooking range, microwaves and ovens, washing machines, washer dryers and lots of other appliances too. They are offering a diverse range of appliance with different variations and sizes. You can find all that you want here at plug n point. Plug n point is the place where all the appliances and items are completely verified and are offered at low and economical cost.

You can make your purchase with us and get the benefit of the deals and discounts that we are offering. All the kitchen & gas appliances, laundry appliances, home and little electronics by Midea plus are available here for you. Their motive is to create value for their customers. With this principle, the company has been successful in making some great product and gaining success. They believe in nonstop advancement and innovation in tools as well as in their products and services. Midea plus appliances will make your life easier and comfortable.

The company was stable and the expectation from the development was good too, this was from 2015 and onwards. Later they were also granted with the credit ratings by three international rating agencies. The agencies are names as follows: Standard & Poor, Fitch, and Moody. One year later Midea Plus was also listed in the Global 500 and ranked at the 450 positions, in terms of revenue. RMB 124.96 million was the calculated revenue of the company for the year of 2017. The profit that they made from this was of RMB 11.5 billion. With thousands of customers spread all over the world and 130,000 employees, Midea is one of the biggest names in the market these days.

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