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Bosch Built -in Oven Full Glass Inner Door Electronic Clock Baking Sensor Stainless-Steel Fan HBG656RS1M

  • AED 8589

Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG656BS1M

  • AED 7147

Bosch Microwave and Oven CMG633BS1M

  • AED 6354

Bosch Built-in Oven HBG655BS1M

  • AED 5740

Bosch Built-in Microwave and Oven Automatic Programming Perfect Grilling Results illuminated Rotary Ring BEL634GS1M

  • AED 4526

Gorenje Built-In Ovens BOG922E00FX

  • AED 3799

Gorenje Electric Oven 105 Liters Motorized Turn Spit BOG923E10X

  • AED 3599

Gorenje Built In Oven Single 2900 Watts Motorized Turn Spit BO935E10X-SA

  • AED 3499

Elekta Vitro Ceramic Electric Oven With Digital Timer EEO-964VC

  • AED 3349

Baumatic Electric Oven BMEO96E9-2

  • AED 3299

Gorenje Electric Oven Built In Motorized Turn Spit BOG922E10X

  • AED 3200

Ariston Built-In Oven 1 Grid,1 Tray Stainless Steel Air Flow Cooling Fan Durable MHG21 (IX)

  • AED 3049

Baumatic 125 Liters Electric Oven BMEO9ET

  • AED 2999

Baumatic Gas Oven BMEO96G3-2

  • AED 2999

Silver Line Electric Oven 75 Liter Digital Display 9 Programs SLV901

  • AED 2996

Baumatic Best Quailty Electric Oven BMEO96E9

  • AED 2900

Teka Built In Gas Oven HSB740G (111040002)

  • AED 2875

Panasonic Microwave Oven 42 Liter 1 Touch Sensor NN-CD997S

  • AED 2823

Baumatic Gas Oven With Electric Grill BMEO96G4

  • AED 2800

Gorenje Built In Electric Oven BO758A30XG

  • AED 2475

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Kitchens make the house home and there is not home without a kitchen in it. Whether you live in a small home or have a mansion you need to eat. So, for that, you need to cook. Microwaves and ovens are an important part of home and kitchen appliances that you can’t deny. Here at plug n point, we have lots of microwaves and different styles of ovens. You can browse this section and have a look at the latest models of microwaves and ovens. If you are setting your home then check out these home appliances.


The difference in Microwaves and Ovens

Microwaves and ovens are different. The working of microwaves simple they use microwaves that heat up the food. These cause the food molecules to vibrate at a high rate and that causes the food to get warm. The vibration caused to form the thermal energy and the nutrients in its break. Microwaves are also used to cook food based on this process. Microwaves cooking is faster and you get the food prepared in a short time. There are many ways you can cook food on it. Steam, roast, and many other tasks can be done with these microwaves. They are convenient to use, easy, and time-saving. Check out these hobs too.

Oven cooking is different than microwaves. Ovens use gas or electricity as fuel. Food in these is cooked by the heat. Heat is either produced by direct flames of fire or from the hot grills that are heated up by electricity. Ovens have two types of’ gas ovens and electric ovens. The gas oven offers you food that is better in quality and taste and cooking on these is a little bit fast. The flames can be adjusted by knobs that are provided at the front. Gas ovens sometimes have two separate portions and different settings for the oven. The inner cavity of ovens is stainless steel. On the other hand, electric ovens are easy to use and add style to your cooking and kitchens. At the same time, they are also expensive and you can’t cook if there is a power shortage.


Microwaves ovens and advantages

Microwave ovens are much more than an accessory; they have become a necessity for every household. Microwave ovens add functionality to your kitchen. They perform various functions at a good speed. They can reheat, defrost, cook and bake food for you in a very little time. Microwave special offers available at PlugnPoint for their customers.

Many of the electronic manufacturing companies produce a vast range of microwaves and ovens for their customer base, making their kitchen tasks easier. To make your online shopping simple, “PlugnPoint”   is providing you a huge assortment of microwaves and ovens from the biggest brands; some of them are Samsung, Kenwood, LG, Siemens, and Super General. See a big variety of ovens on our online shopping portal and choose the one that suits your needs most. It is very tricky to do microwave online shopping in the UAE.

“PlugnPoint” has an extensive line of microwave ovens in a variety of shape, style, capacity, and color. Whether you are looking for a standard new microwave oven, convection microwave, built-in microwave, OTG oven, combi-steamers, above the range or countertop oven, we sell all.  Check out the latest models of microwaves and ovens equipped with advanced technology. These appliances are designed efficiently to meet your kitchen all requirements regarding heating, cooking, defrosting and grilling. Browse through both categories and find the perfect unit which goes well with your expectations. We have a microwave convection oven at Plug n Point assure you to provide top quality products to add functionality to your lives.


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