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Mini Refrigerators 2021 at lowes in all over the UAE

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AED 1350


Gorenje Mini Refrigerator Door Bottle Container 2 Glass Shelves Corded Flexible Egg Tray RBIU6091AW

  • AED 1350

Hitachi Mini Refrigerator 180 Liters Single Door RG200AUK5GXB

  • AED 1118

Aftron Mini Refrigerator 170 Liters Material Plastic Defrost Single Door Nano Titanium Filter AFR228GF

  • AED 799

Thomson Single Door Mini Refrigerator 75 Liters Set Point TR75

  • AED 464

NIKAI Mini Refrigerator 65 Liter NRF65N5W

  • AED 463

LG Mini Refrigerator Single Door 50 Liters Built-in Freezer Compartment GL-051SQQ

  • AED 433

Nobel Single Door Mini Refrigerator NR130SS

  • AED 425

Aftron Refrigerator Style Freezer on Top Adjustable Shelves Door Compartments AFR535H

  • AED 380

Geepas Single Door Refrigerator GRF654WPE

  • AED 329

Elekta Best Quality Mini Refrigerator EFR-55SMKR

  • AED 325

Nikai Mini Refrigerators NRF65N6

  • AED 279

Daewoo Mini Refrigerator 81 Liters Crystal LED Lighting FN-102R

Zanussi Mini Refrigerator Built-In 16 Liter Interior Light LED ZQA12430DA

Supra Mini Refrigerator 70 Liter Wire Shelves Flushed Metal Material Temperature Control Knob SR70CH2C

Venus Single Door Mini Refrigerator 86 Liters Stainless Steel VG165C

Daewoo Single Door Mini Refrigerator 150 Liters Reversible Door FN-15A

Daewoo Mini Refrigerator 81 Liters Crystal LED Lighting FN-102B

Mini Refrigerators 2021 at lowes in all over the UAE

Personal mini refrigerator lowest prices at plug n point in all over UAE. Mini refrigerators are also known as compact or room fridges, that add convince to your life. These refrigerators are ideal to keep in the room to have easy access to food and drink. Though they are not much energy efficient and temperature constant than those of Regular Refrigerators, however, they add usefulness to your lives. You can store quickly consumed items in them, such as fruits, beverages, and snacks. They are available in various capacities and may have a small freezer portion in them.

These mini fridges are for personal or room usage. Keep these by your bed and have chilled water whenever you need or want it. These can’t store lots of items but they are enough for one person. Mostly students or people living in hostels use these a lot. Browse through the category and shop your ideal mini refrigerator from Top Brands, such as LG, Samsung, Super General and etc. The mini fridge has all the features of the standard refrigerator but the size is small. These also have adjustable shelves, door shelve, and the temperature control too. Some larger models also have a freezer section at the top.

Features of a Mini Refrigerator

You can adjust the temperature as you desire and require. They are easy to clean and maintain. As there is not much to worry about these will not give you any trouble for years. These are also light and portable. This is because if you have to move out you can do it yourself and with no problem. The quality of material used in these is super fine and string. Plug n point is offering you these mini fridges at the cheap and affordable cost.

Anyone who lived in a hot region like UAE knows the importance of a good mini-fridge in his/her life. These small fridges are still used commonly in different common rooms, hotel rooms, office lobbies and even studio apartments of UAE. This is a great choice for those single people who don’t want to pay a lot for a fridge but need one. These small size fridges are perfect for these kinds of people because they are cheap to buy and fulfil all your needs.

Why you need a mini-fridge in your life

Small Refrigerators are perfect for small studio apartments and offices in the UAE. There are many mini-refrigerators who also have a compartment to store additional food, so you can also store some food along with soda cans or cold water. They are also come handy when you decide to go on an outing with your family. These portable mini-fridges are specially designed to keep your beverages cold, but you cannot use them to maintain proper temperature on meat and vegetables. 

What is the right size mini fridge for you?

The portable mini fridge is mostly bought just because of their small size. This is a big requirement for those who want to buy one for themselves. The main thing that you should keep in your mind when buying a mini-fridge in Dubai is will it be able to cool your beverage and also fit in the available space in your apartment. If you compare a mini-fridge to a regular fridge than of course regular one will be a better choice but these small refrigerators also do the work.

Some important factor that you should know before buying a mini-fridge in the UAE

There are different important variables that you should keep in mind while shopping for a Mini-Fridge in UAE, here are some of them.

  • Always keep a check on its prize, you need a cheap mini fridge to save money.
  • Is it have a solid wire rack and can bear the hot weather of the UAE without short-circuiting. 
  • Is it's interiorly adjustable so you can easily make more room
  • Is it easy to clean when needed?
  • Does it have a special compartment for your sodas, water bottles and other beverages that you like to drink? 
  • Always check before buying a mini size refrigerator that how much noise does it make. You don’t need one which makes too much noise. 
  • How much energy efficient is it?
  • Does it require any empty space around it to dissipate extra heat?

mini fridge for sale

List of the best mini fridge for sale in UAE, Dubai

There are multiple famous brands in the UAE, which you can purchase for yourself from any local market. There are many sales throughout the year where you can find a mini fridge for sale in UAE, you can get a good deal. You can get a cheap small fridge for sale in UAE just under 2000 AED in these sales. You can choose the product of your choice which fulfils all of your basic needs through proper research and can pick up the perfect Small Room Fridge for sale on a fair price. 

There are multiple companies which are providing UAE hotels mini fridge for decades and along with the time they have improved the technology of their mini-refrigerators so they can fulfill all your needs. Here is the list of all top mini-fridge in UAE, Dubai 

  • Dandy DAR017A2BDD

This model from dandy is being used as a beverage cooler and one of the most used Small Fridges in SharjahThis mini fridge model by dandy has more food to store your fresh food, and maintain a constant temperature all over the corners. Dandy is a Canadian company which is dealing in Mini fridge from the last 70 years and from last 20 years they are providing one of the best room fridges in UAE. 

It is an energy-efficient appliance, with eco-friendly refrigerant. This means it filters the air around it. It has a fast cooling system than any other mini-fridge in the market and you can manage your heating setting through a high-quality thermostat. This means that you don’t have to worry about the temperature control on this fridge. There is just one flaw in this design by dandy that it doesn’t have a dedicated freezer compartment but if you want you can change the setting manually and freeze your food. 

This small fridge for the room is just 1.7 cubic meter in space and have a two-wire rack which is adjustable. This can also be used as a minibar refrigerator because it can hold 2-liter soda in it. Its exterior is very impressive when compared to other mini-fridge, it has a stylish black finish with a scratch-free surface. It has 2 reversible doors and a flat back.

Features on Dandy DAR017A2BDD

 Smaller in size, just around 1.7 cubic meter

 Have a powerful compressor

Manual freezing settings

 2 wire racks

 Soda can dispenser built-in

 Reversible doors

 Energy star efficient

Just 40 pounds in weight

  • Haier Refrigerator + Freezer Mini HC40SG42SB 

If you have a space in which you cannot adjust a regular fridge but can adjust a little smaller fridge than that, then this is a product for you. This small fridge has both refrigerator and freezer compartments separately. It covers the area of 4 cubic feet and almost 1.5 times bigger than other small size refrigerators in the market. It is not as compact refrigerator as other mini fridge but it also has more space to store your food as well.

This model of Haier comes with three shelves which are adjustable and easy to has a freezer compartment on the top just like a regular fridge where you can freeze your meat or other eatables. It has some large door spaces in which you can even adjust 2-liter soda bottles or a milk gallon if needed. It also has a six-pack soda container and a shelf in which you can store your wine and water bottle and a special compartment for small jars. 

It has a relatively quiet compressor, with a manual thermostat. Its freezer is also very efficient and freezes your food very quickly. It also has some other sizes available in the market but this one is the most efficient than any of them. It comes in three different colors stainless, white and black. 


A relatively bigger size to store more things. 4.0 cubic feet.

Relatively quiet compressor.

It has 3 removable glass shelves which make it very easy to clean

A huge space to store your beverages

Energy efficient

Weight 53 pounds

Reversible doors.


LG has acquired 2nd position on this list because of their good quality products just after Samsung in this list of best Consumer electronic brands of Dubai. LG is a South Korean electronics product brand which is popular all over the globe. A decade ago LG was no1. When it comes to best and cheap home appliances. Some of the most popular products of this brand in Dubai are its refrigerators. This refrigerator of LG is known for its impeccable quality and service. 

This is a two-way door refrigerator and can store almost 6 L, its freezer has anion coating that helps to purify the air which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. It is also having another model which is in the size of a bar fridge. So if you are looking for a great Mini bar fridge on Sale then you can look for this product.

This fridge has door alarms so you will be notified when someone will open your fridge door. It has a separate knob to control the temperature of both fridge and freezer. 


Separate knob to control the temperature

Capacity to store almost 6L

Bar model

A two-way door refrigerator

Efficient LED

Power saving

Door alarm system

  • Black + Decker BCRK25B

Black + Decker BCRK25B has the exterior of stainless steel with exotic French doors and a large capacity to store your food. This is an energy star qualified appliance which will allow you to keep your food fresh in safe temperature all the time. The refrigerator comes with an app so you can operate your refrigerator from your phone. You can also control your fridge by the command of your voice. It has 2.5 cubic feet of area and lots of storage space. It has a single door and which shelve can store a gallon of milk in it. It is one of the best small fridges for the room in UAE that you can find. It has an adjustable thermostat from temperature 0 to 10. A quiet compressor and six-pack can dispenser. 

You can activate the ice maker or adjust the air filter of your fridge through that app. It has an extra-large dispenser area so you can have clean water to drink all the time. You can get this mini fridge for sale in UAE comes in a different color in different online sale website throughout the year. This fridge is an ideal match if you are running a bar as well because you will get an unlimited supply of ice through this. You can get it even cheaper from those sales in UAE which only deals mini bar fridge for sale.


Smart app to control

Cool tech technology

French door

Stainless steel exterior

Active ice maker

Energy efficient

2.5 cubic feet in size

Adjustable thermostat from 1 to 10 degree.

Reversible single door.

  • SPT RF-244SS Compact

SPT has three different sizes in this model, it ranges from 4.4 cubic feet to 1.6 cubic feet. The price of these models doesn’t warry on the size of the product because 3.5 cubic feet version is the latest one so it is a little bit costlier. This is a perfect room fridge in UAE because it also has a large compartment for the refrigerator. It also has a small freezer which is only good to freeze snacks and ice-cream. It also has two wire racks like all other models by this company and has a huge compartment in the door which can hold 2 L soda bottle. 

It has a little noisier compressor because they are still using old technology, it’s a bit noisy but more reliable and efficient than other Small Refrigerators in Dubai. You also have to clear 7-inch area around the fridge so excess heat can pass through. 


Available in three different sizes

A relatively noisier compressor 

2 Wire racks to hold wires of this mini bar fridge

Door shelf for 2L bottles

2 reversible doors for both refrigerator and freezer.

Weight 38 pounds

Energy efficient.

  • New Air AB-1200 126-can (the beverage cooler)

If you are one of that person who just wants a mini-fridge to keep your drinks, sodas, and water cool, then this is a model for you. Its name is designed according to its capacity to store beverage can in it. It has the capacity to store 126 soda cans in it. It is one of the small fridges you can buy in Dubai with 5 shelves which are made of aluminum and are removable. It has a very quiet compressor.

By the help of its twin cooling system, this fridge keeps your food fresh for a long time and tend to store around 450L. It also tends to cool each compartment separately and according to the need, this will help you keep the smell of freezer separated by fridge which will help you to retain the original flavor of food. Its power cool system will give you instant cool water to drink.


3.4 Cubic feet area

5 aluminium chrome removable shelf

Quiet compressor

No freezer

Hold almost 126 cans

Total weight of 63 pounds

2 reversible doors for both refrigerator and freezer.

Weight 38 pounds

Energy efficient.

  • Kenmore MINI smart 75043

Last but not least it is one of the major product of Kenmore in their smart fridge series which is being sold on a small fridge in Sharjah sale at a fair price. This fridge ensures that an event temperature is distributed in all the corner of the fridge. It has a climatic function which specially designed to keep your fruit and vegetable’s fresh for a long time. This product of Hitachi is totally stabilizer free and its Eco thermos sensor keeps the check on the overall temperature. If there is a slight change in the temperature it will detect it. So it will be a perfect fridge for sale at a fair price for you. so if you want a great smart mini fridge for sale, in the UAE you can consider this.

It is also having another model which is in the size of a bar fridge. So if you are looking for a great bar fridge on sale then you can look for this product. This refrigerator is built with one of the sturdy material that is being used to build in fridge and refrigerators now a day. The focus of this fridge is to focus on keeping the temperature precise and it also has innovative filtration technology which will keep your food fresh for a longer time.


Innovative filtration technology

Comes in the eco thermos

Sturdy material

Exotic looks

Energy efficient

You can control it with Kenmore app


Great for multitasking

So here is the list of one of the cheapest and durable mini fridge that you can find on sale in UAE. These room size refrigerators are perfect for your homes as well as your offices. They are also come handy when you decide to go on an outing with your family. These portable mini-fridges are specially designed to keep your beverages cold, but you cannot use them to maintain proper temperature on meat and vegetables.

As people like everything compact and in small sizes now a day’s mini-refrigerators are getting lots of attention in the Dubai market. Mini refrigerators in Dubai is a must needed a Home Appliance for each room of the house. In this hot weather of Dubai, you need to hydrate your body regularly with cold beverages and mini-refrigerators are the best home appliance for that purpose.

Just because of their compact size these refrigerators have many useful advantages and can be used in many different places. Right now these small refrigerators are being used in many different places in Dubai like



Small flats




Sports rooms

Gym rooms

Due to their small size, these mini-refrigerators can be adjusted every single room of the house. There are different advantages of having a mini-fridge at home which follows.

Small and convenient

Being small and convenient is a big advantage of this small fridge in Dubai. As we know that most of the population in Dubai are workers and they live in dorms or small apartments. So it is very easy to relocate a mini-fridge instead of a normal fridge. Due to their small size, they have very little weight and even one person can relocate it from one part of the flat to another. Due to its small size, you can even fit it on your shelf. 

Space-saving appliance

Whenever you get a regular refrigerator for yourself they consume a lot of space in your kitchen. You have to rearrange your whole kitchen to make room for a single home appliance. With this compact size Small Fridge in Dubai, you won’t have to go through all that struggle. They are not bulky and heavy in weight. They save lots of space in your apartment and you can put other kitchen appliances at that place. They also come in handy when you want to go on a tour and need a small cooling appliance with you. 

Saves your money

Getting yourself a regular refrigerator in Dubai can cost you lots of money. But these mini size refrigerators are very cheap home appliances. They don’t cost a lot and still provide you with similar benefits that you will get from a regular size refrigerator. You can get a good small fridge in Dubai under 200 AED. There are many online stores in UAE which also deliver these mini-refrigerators in your house as well like Plugnpoint

They are very handy

Because of their compact size refrigerators, mini size can be used anywhere you desire. You can put it in your office or your game room and get perfectly cooled beverage every single time. You can even put your food in to so you can eat it later. If you have a minibar in your house, in that case, a mini refrigerator is the ideal home appliance for you. These refrigerators will keep your beers cool every time. 

Backup for your refrigerators.

Most people get a mini-fridge in Dubai as an extra home appliance. Usually, they get it to make their kitchen and room look better. But if you have dysfunction with your regular refrigerator it can easily work as a great backup for you. You can put your important food items so they won’t get spoiled. 

Saves energy

Unlike a regular refrigerator mini-refrigerators, you won't consume a lot of energy and give you a huge bill at the end of the month. These mini refrigerators of Dubai are energy star efficient and work on 12 Volt. So you will save a lot of money on your electric bill.

So here are the advantages you will get if you get a mini-refrigerator in Dubai for yourself. You can get them from different online stores like plugnpoint which will also give you the service of home delivery.  

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