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Budget friendly Mist Fans buy in Dubai,Sharjah

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AED 484


Midea Air Mist Fan 3 Fluid Dynamics Blade Design Japanese Moter 24 Watts FS4013QR

  • AED 484

Midea Mist Fans Adjustable Stand Fan With Remote Control Oscillation Function 35 Watts FS4015AR

  • AED 472

Midea Height Adjustment Stand Fan With Remote Control FS4012AR

  • AED 448

Midea Mist Fan 3 Speed Setting 12 Wind Level 55 Watts FS4015DR

  • AED 390

Midea Stand Fan 5 Blade Fan 6 Speed Setting Remote Control 50 Watts FS4010AR

  • AED 342

Midea Stand Fan Oscillation Function 4 Speed Setting 60 Watts FS407AR

  • AED 295

Midea Mist Fan With Timer Remote Control Stand Fan Infrared Ray Remote Control 55 Watts FS408PR

  • AED 236

Midea Mist Fan 16 Inch Stand Fan With 12 Speed Remote Setting 7-5 Hour Time 55 Watts FS4015FR

  • AED 232

Midea Mist Fan Stand Fan With Oscillation Tilting Angle Adjustable Wider Room Coverage FS4015F

  • AED 201

Midea Mist Fan Oscillation Function Stand Fan With Timer With Adjustable Height 55 Watts FS4011V

  • AED 165

Dannio Mist Fan FLW10C-26ST New

Best Mist Fans budget friendly in Dubai Emirates

With rising temperatures, we need appliances to cool down. There are lots of appliances that are capable of doing so. So, today you are presented with most fans. They are one of the most suitable and cheap ways to cool the temperature down. With the modern technology applied in these top quality mist, fans will not let you feel hot and exhausted. Check the table fans too. With the advancement in technology, even small appliances have become capable of great cooling. For very long time fans are being used for cooling purposes. Because they are cheap, easy to use and maintain they are very popular among people.

There are other alternatives to fans or mist fans too. You could buy an air conditioner instead. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner then the collection of air conditioners that we have will surprise and amaze you. We have all the international brands and local manufacturers to air conditioners available here. All the appliances and products are genuine and you can purchase them at cheap rates. Our team also have verified these products so you do not have to worry about anything. Just buy what you like and get them delivered to your home with plug n point home delivery service.


Advantages of mist fans

The most fans are similar to regular fans but they have some modifications. There is a wide base at the bottom where you keep the water. That is where the mist comes from! Then we come to the fan. It has a powerful motor with three power setting options. They also have a function which makes fan rotate and cover the 180-degree area. This feature is beneficial when there are lots of people and you only have one fan. The water flows with air in the form of mist giving you cool breeze of humid air. These mist fans can be used indoors and outdoors. The long cord is helpful when using outdoors. 

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