Mobile TV Carts

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Kodama Video Wall Cart KTVC-1346FW

  • AED 1600

Kodama Mobile Tv Cart KTVC-2146FW

  • AED 705

Mobile TV Carts

Save the cost of buying multiple TVs by purchasing a mobile TV stand at PlugnPoint. We bring a huge collection of carts which makes your large screens easily portable. By buying a single TV cart, you can cut off the budget to shop many expensive LCDs, LEDs or OLEDs. They allow to roll your displays from your bedroom to sitting room without any difficulty.

Besides containing essential features such as height adjustment and locks; most of them also contain tilting feature. They also contain drawers, cabinets and cord storage which save you from the mess of cables and tools. Watch extensive range of mobile TV carts and shop your ideal with PlugnPoint. We aim to provide quality products to our customers to win their confidence. PlugnPoint is known for providing quality products to its customers at reasonable rate.