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Latest Mops and Brooms Collection in UAE 2021

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AED 26
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Irak Plastik 20 Liter Flexy Magic Cleaning Set Home Design TE-120

  • AED 97

Irak Plastik Map And Broom Flour And Clean Surface Penguin Dustpan With Broom Long Stick TE-330

  • AED 47

Irak Plastik Double Color Auto Brush 2 Probs Stick and Water TE-410

  • AED 37

Irak Plastik Auto Nylon Brush Long Rectangle Round Shape TE-400

  • AED 35

Irak Plastik Crystal Carpet Brush For Home Design BA-620

  • AED 34

Irak Plastik Hanimeli Dustpan with Broom For Home Design TE-355

  • AED 33

Irak Plastik Carpet Brush Red Rectangle Round Shape TE-430

  • AED 33

Irak Plastik Floor Cleaner 40 cm For Home Design TC-200

  • AED 32

Irak Plastik Melodi Dish Brush Home Design Wash Deeply BA-640

  • AED 27

Irak Plastik Dish Brush Home Design Wash Deeply BA-600

  • AED 27

Irak Plastik Metal Handle Long Joint Stick with Brush TE-200

  • AED 27

Irak Plastik Sempati Dish Brush Home Design BA-625

  • AED 26

Mops and Brooms Buy the Latest Collection 2021

Plug n point is the place where you can Buy the Best Mops and Brooms for cleaning. Who does not love a clean and tidy home? Cleanliness and tidiness are what make a house home. We are humans and we should behave like one. Even animals clean the place with their tail before sitting there. So, why not us. A mop is a fine tool with a long handle that is used to clean the floors. The mops were meant to be used dry and not wet it.

However, people, these days wet the mop. So, you can clean with these the way you want whether it be wet or dry. While you are here you should have look at our best and huge range of other categories that is Bedding and Bath. In this section, you can find all the things and tools that you might want or be looking for. This is a place to find all the required items for your bedroom and bath use.

The brooms are manufactured and designed in a way that they clean up all the dust and residues. The latest mops are usually designed from a microfiber cloth. This is because it catches and takes the particles and dust with it. Latest mops can be washed and used again. So, is the case with these brooms? You can wash them and dry to use again. You can clean under the bed, shelves, on the counter, and all other places where you want to remove the dust form. 

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