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Nikai Air Cooler 15 Litre Long Distance Remote Control Side Water Filling NAC1048N1

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To buy the best portable nikai air coolers you should come to plug n point because we have all the models and designs here. Today plug n point offers you to choose the best room air cooler from the huge and latest collection of air coolers we have by Nikai. These portable air coolers are the best because you will get air in every corner of the room once you have it in. All the products we are offering are totally original and genuine from the true manufacturers. We want you to buy the best only because we care for you. And because we care we bring you the best and authentic air coolers only. Get all the items you like added to your cart and get the order delivered fast to your doorstep. With our fast delivery service, you don't have to wait for days to receive your order. Browse and select the best products based on their price and features.


There are many types of cheap protable air coolers that are being sold in the market these days. When you are out there, you will see many models, sizes, shapes and types of cooler. First of all a personal cooler is the smaller version of, you can say room air cooler, it is for your personal use. Like if you want a coolers by your side while you study or work. It is small and compact easy to carry and place. Because it is small, cleaning it is also very easy.


Evaporative Coolers are also known as swamp coolers. They make the air that passes them, cool by passing it over the water. This process makes the air cooler by evaporation and thus the room gets cool. These types of coolers add humidity to the room while they are cooling it. It is very beneficial to have this type of cooler if you live in an area, which is less humid. Swamp coolers are very cheap to buy, install and maintain. The most recent models use very less energy and save your bills.


Last but not the least, portable room coolers, these are more advanced shape of swamp coolers. They are smaller, powerful with solid built plastic bodies. It is easy to set them up in a room. Reading features of these types of coolers you can now decide which one to buy. Shop from plug n point and be happy.