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Nikai Juice Extractor Removable Transparent Filter Basket Stainless Steel Micro Mesh 800 Watts NJ8600N1

Nikai Juicer NJ9600

  • AED 169

Nikai Juicer NJ3900T

  • AED 149

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Nikai juicers would be your source of daily vitamins and essential nutrients. Buy the top quality juicers at plug n point and only at the best prices. Juicing is one of the finest ways to get all essential and required nutrients that are important for ourselves that we do not have time to take. Now if you were looking for an appliance that could take out juice from fruits and vegetables. You are at the right place. If you did not like Nikai juicers you can have a look at these top quality juicers. These days everyone is so much busy and we do not have time so it is best and quick to dink juice instead of eating all those fruits and vegetables.

Nikai juicers gives you in the form of refreshing juice and you intake more fruits and vegetable. So instead of try to eat bunch of things you get the same nutrients and vitamins in nice way. Eating lots of stuff is not possible if you are getting late so juice is a refreshing and quick answer. The real joy of juice is with some food, so buy these amazing microwaves and ovens. Start your day with juices and make the perfect one for yourself with juicers Nikai. These juicers are easy to clean the parts except machine are dishwasher safe. If you already have a juicer you might want to check out our collection of Nikai kettles.

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