Nikai Side By Side Refrigerators at sears in UAE

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NIKAI Side By Side Refrigerator 800 Liters Stainless Steel NRF800SBSD

  • AED 2623

Nikai Side By Side Refrigerators buy in all over the Dubai

Nikai side by side refrigerators are perfect for every home. These elegant designed refrigerators are available at plug n point on low prices and discounted prices. If you were in search for the refrigerators that could store all of your leftovers and cooked items you have to browse our collection of side by side refrigerators. Also check out this collection of side by side refrigerators by some of the popular brands. If you are out there in the market to buy a new fridge. This side by side refrigerator lets you put the items you use the most in your reach and at your eye level. Nikai side by side refrigerators do not need too much space in your home.

Because of the smaller footprint you can store it in a smaller space.  See out collection of all the side by side refrigerators. The freezer compartment is big enough so that you can store all the important stuff that needs to be frozen. One down side if you may call it, is that there is not enough space to store larger utensils or platters. It depends on your usage if you freeze and refrigerate too much of large things then this is not for you. Most of the side by side refrigerators offer you the option of indoor water dispenser. If you are not a big fan of side by side and French door than you can have the traditional top mount refrigerators.