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Best Nikai Vacuum Cleaners online in Dubai, UAE

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Nikai Canister Vacuum Cleaner NVC2302

  • AED 109

NIKAI Convenient Canister Vacuum Cleaner 1600W NVC950T

  • AED 175

Nikai Vacuum Cleaner NVC9260A1

  • AED 219

Nikai Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner NVC211T

  • AED 175

Buy Nikai Vacuum Cleaners at the Best Price in UAE

Cleanliness is the thing that differentiates humans from animals. We have to clean our homes clothes and everything around us. Cleaning the house is a very tiring task and it becomes a headache when one person has to do it all. The old methods of cleaning prove to be the icing on the cake. With so much to clean it would take you too much time and require too much of your effort to clean. However, you do not have to worry about that anymore because plug n point is here for you. We bring to you Nikai vacuum cleaners that will help you and make cleaning easy and quick. The good thing about is that you can get these vacuum cleaner by Nikai at most economical prices online and get them delivered very fast to your home. Do not worry because all the products at plug n point are totally genuine and original. We want you to buy the best and original because we care for our customers.


Buying a best vacuum cleaner for carpet these days is a tough choice to make because of so many brands around and all of them are offering so many features. But be careful for what you are buying. You can trust us because we sell only quality products. These vacuums will take dirt out of every corner of your house. All of the shapes and models of Nikai Vacuum Cleaners are available here. The first type is the hand vacuum. They are powerful but not enough. This type of vacuums is more suitable for small areas and for car cleaning. It is designed to clean the spaces other vacuums cannot reach like space under car seats etc. In addition to being lightweight, they can be operated with one hand.


The other type is upright vacuum cleaners. They are most powerful Nikai Vacuum Cleaners and are perfect for every type of carpeting and floors. They are powerful enough they you can clean your sofas and curtains. Then there are canister vacuum cleaners. They are powerful too. These are suited for every task because of the long neck, pipe and various attachments you can clean every corner. Because of the powerful motor and dust storage they are little heavy.


Recently we came to know about stick vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have a detachable neck. You can hold it in one hand but they are not as lightweight as hand held cleaner. They are most expensive comparing power but they have many features.

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