Nikai Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Stainless Steel NWD-1508C
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  • High Efficiency Compressor Cooling
  • Low Noise Design
  • Big Capacity Refrigerator/Cabinet
  • Unique Paper Cup Storage
  • ROHS Raw Materials
  • Energy Star
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank (SS304)
  • Food Grade Plastic Taps
  • Food Grade Silicone Tube
  • Hot, Cold & Normal Water
  • Anti Spill System
  • Childlock

Who does not drink water? And who does not like cold water in hot days? A chilled glass of water is like a blessing in disguise. But the problem is that opening the fridge and then opening the water bottle, pouring it in glass and then drinking it seems like a lifelong task. To make your life easier and faster plug n point brings you Nikai water dispenser. This water dispenser by Nikai has a high efficiency compressor cooling system that instantly cools the water. So now you do not have to wait for the water bottle to be chilled.

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Nikai Top Load Water Dispenser Free Standing Stainless Steel NWD-1508C


Brand Nikai
Color Red
Type Water Dispenser
Tab 2
Buttons Hot, Cold & Normal
Capacity Big
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Design Low Noise
Material ROHS Raw
Child Lock Yes
Plastic Taps Food Grade
Compressor Cooling Yes
Food Grade  Silicone Tube



High Efficiency Compressor



Free Standing


System Anti Spill
Cushion Foot
Power Supply Voltage 220-240V; 50 Hz