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Panasonic Air Curtain 1200 mm 4 Feet Distance FY-14ELN

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Panasonic Curtain 90 cm Air 3 Feet Distance FY-14ESN

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Panasonic air curtains for home & commercial latest design UAE

Plug n point now has Panasonic air curtains available for online purchases. Buy the best Air Curtains by Panasonic. Plug n point got you the huge collection of air curtains with the wide price range. The best air curtains are offered at economical prices and with our fast delivery services, we deliver it to you at your doorstep.


The air curtain is an invention of Theophilus Van Kannel. He got rights for his idea in 1904 and the final model was developed and set up in 1916 in some building. For those who do not know what an air curtain is, here is a little detail about what it is. In very simple words, air curtain is a device that blows are at a speed, which forms an invisible curtain of air.


Now, what does this domestic air curtain Panasonic do? Why do we need and why do people buy air curtains? The air curtain system does lots of things. For example, the air stream blown from top to bottom helps in keeping the outside's hot and dusty air out of the building. Generally, it is placed after the door. Humans can easily pass through the barrier formed but the air cannot. In addition, it protects the surroundings by keeping pollutants out.


The insulation air provides not only helps to maintain indoors temperature but also is a reason for efficiency in energy. These are generally used where doors have to open or gets opened quite often. It is one of the most wanted home appliances for everyone. However, this is a free world and you can place it wherever you want. Different sizes and models are available that are suitable from a small gap too wide doors. For better and optimum performance you should plan to place the air curtains while construction.


Just the performance will not do, looks are important too. Panasonic combines performance with stylish and sleek looks. Therefore, you get beauty that performs. domestic air curtain Panasonic is easy to maintain and install. Different models offer different control options like sensor, standard, and remote series.


Remote controlled series is the simplest of all. Highly resilient built quality that lasts for long. Uniform and strong air curtain are formed due to ABS technology that operates at low noise. Add your favorite one to cart before it gets sold.