Panasonic Split Air Conditioners

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Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor Catechin Filter AC CS-UC18RKF5 CUUC18RKF5

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Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC Random Auto Restart Super Quiet Operation CS-PC36JKF5 CUPC36JKF5

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Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC Bluefin Condensor CS-UC24RKF5 CUUC24RKF5

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Panasonic Split Air Conditioners CUK24PKF5 CS-K24PKF5

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Panasonic Split AC CS-K18PKF5 CUK18PKF5

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Panasonic Split Air Conditioner 2 Ton Powerful And Durable Protection Against Rust 2400 Watts CSPC24TKF

  • AED 2680

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC Powerful Cooling Nanoe Air Purification System CS-C18TKF-2

  • AED 2693

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC Powerful Cooling Large Diameter Fan CSC24TKF-2

  • AED 3148

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC 2.5 Ton CS-PV30TKF5

  • AED 4198

Panasonic Split Air Conditioners | Inverter Air Conditioner UAE

Ever since the invention of air conditioners, they have been popular and for some people it became necessity. These hot summer days compel us to buy air conditioners. Air conditioners are been in our homes since the 70s' but with the passage of time it became more and more in demand and these days there are way too many air conditioners to choose from. Are any of these new systems any better than the old ones? Are they giving something new or do they save budget? Do the new companies provide and fulfill what they say? We do not know any other but; Panasonic has been here for a very long time. Panasonic is the company that has build its confidence and trust in people by doing what they say. Caring for your customers and keeping the promises made to them is the way to make your customers loyal to yourself. Panasonic knew this technique and walked on this path. This is one of the reason it is one of the top most company selling home appliances; across the world.


Split air conditioning systems are far more reliable and easy than the traditional ones. Split air conditioners consist of two units, one outdoor and one indoor unit. It only requires a small hole in your wall, or from where you want to take it through, to connect the outdoor unit. As the name suggests the indoor unit is placed indoors, it is usually hung to a wall with hooks and brackets. In addition, the outdoor unit is placed outdoors; it can be hanged to a wall or placed on the roof or ground. Washable, removable, and replaceable filters make the Split air conditioners easy to maintain and repair. Do not have to worry, as the outdoor unit does not require cleaning. It is always good to clean it after some time as it easy clean design.


These Panasonic split air conditioners are not large like the traditional ones. In addition, they do not make noise, so that, you can have a sound sleep. The energy efficient feature saves electricity and keeps you cool during hot summer days. No ducting is required for these Panasonic split air conditioners. They blend in with you interior decorations. Reliable, efficient, and economical Panasonic air conditioners are the best for your daily and personal use. Plug n point brings you the best there is in lowest prices with fast delivery all across the country. Just place your order at plug n point and the next thing you know, it arrived at your doorstep.