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Personal Care By Panasonic

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Panasonic 5-Blade Self-Cleaning Shaver, Plugnpoint

Panasonic 5-Blade Self-Cleaning Shaver ESLV9Q

  • AED 1469

Panasonic Shaver Lithium-Ion Battery ES-LV6N

  • AED 1344

Panasonic Shaver Blade Angle 30 Degree ES-LT4N

  • AED 1082

Panasonic Hair Clipper 50 min Operating Time ER-GP80

  • AED 859
Panasonic Multi-Flex 3D Head Shaver, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Multi-Flex 3D Head Shaver ESLT4N

  • AED 839

Panasonic Epilator For Women 7 in 1 Epilator Tweezer System 2 Speed With Soft 1100 Watts ESED94

  • AED 681
Panasonic Hair Clipper And Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Clipper And Trimmer ERGP80

  • AED 660

Panasonic Men's Trimmer ER-GD60

  • AED 623
Panasonic Rechargeable Epilator, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Rechargeable Epilator ESEL8A

  • AED 524

Panasonic Shaver For Men Adjustable Pivot Action Head Shaving Sensor Cordless Integral Trimmer ES-ST25

  • AED 482
Panasonic I Shaper 3 In 1 Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic I Shaper 3 In 1 Trimmer ERGD60

  • AED 471
Panasonic Nanoe Hair Straightener, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Straightener EHHS99

  • AED 471

Panasonic Hair Clipper For Men Quick Charging Time Light And Easy To Handle ER-PA10

  • AED 466

Panasonic Trimmer 3 Way Shaving Trimmer ER-GD40

  • AED 466
Panasonic Rechargeable Shaver And Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Rechargeable Shaver And Trimmer ESST25+ERGK60

  • AED 459

Panasonic Shaver ER-GB75

  • AED 428
Panasonic Long Beard Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Long Beard Trimmer ERGB96

  • AED 419
Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer EHNA65

  • AED 419
Panasonic Electric Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver ESST25

  • AED 366
Panasonic Best Quality I Shaped Men Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Best Quality I Shaped Men Trimmer ERGD40

  • AED 345
Panasonic Epilator, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Epilator ESEL3A

  • AED 345

Panasonic Shaver For Men Washable Blade and Foil Inner Blade System Triple-Blade ES-RT30

  • AED 309
Panasonic Best Quality Hair Straightener, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Best Quality Hair Straightener EHHV70

  • AED 299

Panasonic Bread Trimmer ER-GB42

  • AED 296

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Body Grooming Shaves Gently Rechargeable Shaves Gently ER-GK60

  • AED 296
Panasonic Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Dryer EHNE84

  • AED 261

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Stainless Steel Blades Washable Head Ideal For Men ER-GY10

  • AED 256

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Charging Stand Beard And Body Hair Trimmer Wet / Dry ER-2405

  • AED 249

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Wide Blade Trimmer Washable Floating Cutter Thinning Function ER-217S

  • AED 230

Panasonic Trimmer's Stainless Steel Blades ER-GB40

  • AED 225

Panasonic Epilator For Women Cordless Pink Epilator 3 in 1 For Extra Close Epilation ESEU20

  • AED 219

Panasonic Hair Straightener 15 Sec Heat Up 3 Temperature 55 Watts EH-HV20

  • AED 217

Panasonic Shaver For Men 3-Blade Cutting System Rechargeable Shaver Floating Triple Head ESRT30

  • AED 217

Panasonic Hair Styler Slim Design Blow Brush Anti Static Panel Adjustable Roller Brush EH-KA31

  • AED 217

Panasonic Hair Straightener 5 Temperature Settings Auto Switch Off EHHS41

  • AED 209
Panasonic Men’s Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Men’s Trimmer ER2405

  • AED 209
Panasonic V Shaped Trimmer For Men, Plugnpoint

Panasonic V Shaped Trimmer For Men ERGK60

  • AED 209
Panasonic Dry And Wet Hair Trimmer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Dry And Wet Hair Trimmer ERGB42

  • AED 209

Panasonic Shaver For Men 12 Cutting Length 1 Speed Setting ER2051

  • AED 205

Panasonic Shaver For Men Electric Floating Double Head Shaver And Trimmer For Men Pop-Up Trimmer ES4033

  • AED 203

Panasonic Beard Trimmer for Men Stainless Steel Blade Washable ER217

  • AED 199

Panasonic 8 in 1 Hair Styler EHKA81

  • AED 199

Panasonic Body Shaver Two In One Wet and Dry for Men ES2265

  • AED 198

Panasonic Hair Styler Blow Nozzle Fast Drying Modes Enjoy Multiple Hair Style Blow Brush 1000 Watts EH-KE30

  • AED 192

Panasonic Shaver For Men 12 Cutting Length Easy Adjustment 12 Cutting Lengths 8 Hours Rechargeable ER2031

  • AED 185
Panasonic Trimmer 6 In 1 For Men, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Trimmer 6 In 1 For Men ERGY10

  • AED 170

Panasonic Shaver For Men Wet And Dry Smooth Clean Shave Charging Indicator Slide-Up Trimmer ESSA40K

  • AED 165
Panasonic Best Quality Hair Dryer

Panasonic Best Quality Hair Dryer EHNE64K

  • AED 165

Panasonic Hair Dryer 2 Speed 3 Temperature 2500 Watts EHNE83

  • AED 160

Panasonic 350 Watts Hair Styler Roller Brush 3 Number of Settings 350 Watts EHKE46

  • AED 159

Panasonic Hair Dryer 2000 Watts EH-ND63

  • AED 157

Panasonic Shaver ESSA40

  • AED 156
Panasonic Ceramic Hair Straightener

Panasonic Ceramic Hair Straightener EH-HV21K

  • AED 149
Panasonic Hair Straightener And Curler, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Straightener And Curler EHHV20

  • AED 146

Panasonic Trimmer For Men’s Ergonomic Design Rechargeable Front Disk Dial High Cutting Blade ER206

  • AED 139
Panasonic Hair Straightener, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV21-K685

  • AED 139

Panasonic Hair Styler Corded Blow Brush For Straightening Rotary Power Cord EHKE16

  • AED 135
Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE65-K685

  • AED 135

Panasonic Hair Straightener 210 Degree Ceramic Heating EHHV10K

  • AED 125
Panasonic Fast Dryer Pink Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Fast Dryer Pink Hair Dryer EH-ND64-P685

  • AED 125
Panasonic Hair Straightener, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Straightener EHHV10P

  • AED 125

Panasonic Trimmer ER-GN30

  • AED 120
Panasonic Hair Styler, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Styler EHKA31

  • AED 120

Panasonic Hair Style 4 in 1 Quick Blow Drying 4 Attachment 2 Speed Settings Electric Energy Used EHKA42

  • AED 115

Panasonic Trimmer ER115KP

  • AED 99

Panasonic Hair Trimmer ER240

  • AED 83

Panasonic Hair Styler 3 Heat Speed Ceramic Coating 650 Watts EHKA11

  • AED 80

Panasonic Shaver Floating Blade ES3831

  • AED 72
Panasonic Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Dryer EHND21

  • AED 72

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Nose Ear And Hair Trimmer Wet And Dry Stainless Steel Blades ERGN30

  • AED 68
Panasonic Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Hair Dryer EHND12

  • AED 65
Panasonic Best Quality Hair Dryer, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Best Quality Hair Dryer EH5287A

  • AED 63
Panasonic Nose And Hair Trimmer, plugnpoint

Panasonic Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer ER115

  • AED 51

Panasonic Hair Dryer 1 External Ion Outlet Cold Shot Mesh Filter 3 Air Flow Settings 2000 Watts EH NE64 K

Panasonic 2 in 1 Hair Styler 2 Way Styling Versatility 650 Watts EHKA22

Panasonic Hair Dryer Healthy Blow Turbo Function Fast 3 Speed Selection Design Compact 1000 Watts EH ND12

Panasonic Epilator 5-in-1 48 Tweezers ESED70

Panasonic Epilator for Women 24 Wide Efficient Tweezers ESWU31

Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator ESEU10

Panasonic Blade Shaver Motor Speed 1400 cpm ES-LV9N

Panasonic Hair Dryer 2000 Watts EHNE71

Panasonic Hair Dryer Heat Protection EHNE72

Panasonic Shaver For Men Flexible Pivoting Head Adjustable Trimming Foil System ES-RT47

Panasonic Shaver For Men Ultra Thin ARC Foil System Wet And Dry Motor Speed 10,000 RPM ES-RT37

Panasonic Shaver For Men 3-Blade Cutting System Wet And Dry LED Light Indicator Linear Motor ES-GA20

Panasonic Corded Hair Dryer EHNE72

Panasonic Trimmer For Men Interchangeable Heads Height Adjustable Control ER1511

Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-5572

Panasonic Beard/Hair Trimmer ER2031K

Panasonic Hair Straigtner Ceramic Coated Plates Multi Styling System Individual Temperature Selection EH-HW58

Panasonic Electric Razor ES-SL41-S

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