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Personal refrigerator price in Dubai

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Gorenje Mini Refrigerator Door Bottle Container 2 Glass Shelves Corded Flexible Egg Tray RBIU6091AW

  • AED 1350

Hitachi Mini Refrigerator 180 Liters Single Door RG200AUK5GXB

  • AED 1118

Aftron Mini Refrigerator 170 Liters Material Plastic Defrost Single Door Nano Titanium Filter AFR228GF

  • AED 799

Thomson Single Door Mini Refrigerator 75 Liters Set Point TR75

  • AED 464

NIKAI Mini Refrigerator 65 Liter NRF65N5W

  • AED 463

LG Mini Refrigerator Single Door 50 Liters Built-in Freezer Compartment GL-051SQQ

  • AED 433
Nobel Single Door Mini Refrigerator

Nobel Single Door Mini Refrigerator NR130SS

  • AED 425
Aftron Refrigerator Style Freezer

Aftron Refrigerator Style Freezer on Top Adjustable Shelves Door Compartments AFR535H

  • AED 380
Geepas Single Door Refrigerator

Geepas Single Door Refrigerator GRF654WPE

  • AED 329
Elekta Best Quality Mini Refrigerator

Elekta Best Quality Mini Refrigerator EFR-55SMKR

  • AED 325

Nikai Mini Refrigerators NRF65N6

  • AED 279

Daewoo Mini Refrigerator 81 Liters Crystal LED Lighting FN-102B

Daewoo Mini Refrigerator 81 Liters Crystal LED Lighting FN-102R

Daewoo Single Door Mini Refrigerator 150 Liters Reversible Door FN-15A

Venus Single Door Mini Refrigerator 86 Liters Stainless Steel VG165C

Zanussi Mini Refrigerator Built-In 16 Liter Interior Light LED ZQA12430DA

Supra Mini Refrigerator 70 Liter Wire Shelves Flushed Metal Material Temperature Control Knob SR70CH2C

Buy small size refrigerator fridge online in Dubai UAE

Personal refrigerators are also known as small refrigerators or small fridge. As clearly you can tell by the name these refrigerators are small. These small fridge for office use are best. To buy a small fridge online you can visit plug n point and get the best prices here. Have a look at these refrigerators and choose the best for your family. Care for your loved ones along with yourself. Personal refrigerators are most used in the dorms, compact flats, offices, hotels, cars, by your bed in the room and almost wherever you want to use them.

These small refrigerators and freezers have many benefits. The first thing is the convenience that the most enjoyed thing in these refrigerators. Because of the small size, these can be moved from one place to the other one. You can take it where you want all by yourself. To get free from the hassle of the small freezer and always your freezer is full, but these top of the line freezers. Choose the best form this huge assortment. If you are looking to buy a small fridge low prices then plug n point is the best place to do that.

These small refrigerators have are small so they save your space. However, you have to take notice of how much you can store in these small portable refrigerators before buying. You should check out some of the best showcase refrigerators too. There are extra small refrigerators available too if you are planning to take it with you. They have the option of 12 volts charging that can be connected to the car’s battery.

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