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Irak Plastik 3-2 Liter Trendy Mixer Pitcher Big Home Design SU-255

  • AED 49

Irak Plastik 2-2 Liter Trendy Mixer Pitcher Home Design SU-195

  • AED 44

Irak Plastik 2-5 Liter Double Colored Buket Pitcher Home Design SU-250

  • AED 40

Irak Plastik 3-2 Liter Trendy Mixer Pitcher Big Home Design Fine Plastic Safe For Food Storage SU-190

  • AED 39

Irak Plastik 1-75 Liter Damla Measuring Cup Nr-3 Home Design HU-120

  • AED 33

Irak Plastik Damla Measuring Cup Nr-2 Home Design HU-115

  • AED 31

Irak Plastik Damla Measuring Cup Nr-1 Home Design HU-110

  • AED 28

Latest Pitcher and Cups Sets Best Buy in Dubai

These pitcher and cups that you see at plug n point are the best and are available for you at cheap rates. The pitcher is a container that has a spout for pouring. Another name that we all know the pitcher with is a jug. The other thing that is offered here is cups. For shopping of the best and top quality pitcher and cups set, you come to plug n point and have the best deals and offers here. These serving latest pitchers and cups are just the best.

They are good for classrooms, home, and any other occasion that you want them to use it at. While you are buying Kitchen Appliances and other things. Here are the best Bowl and Trays that you might like. We have thousands of pitchers and cups for you here. Choose the best and those you like the most from the latest pitchers and cups collection. Many of these pitchers have mixers in them too. It happens with many juices and other drinks that the pulp is settled down at the bottom while the liquid is floating.

To solve this problem we have many pitchers and jugs. Check out these more tools and utensils of Kitchen and Dining. Here we have the best jugs, pitchers, bowls and all other things that you need in the kitchen. Put whatever you want and like to in these and enjoy these high-quality utensils.

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