Portable Air Conditioner | portable AC Price List in UAE 2019

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AED 1813



Super General Portable Air Conditioner Rotary Compressor SGP92T

  • AED 0

Super General Portable Air Conditioner 1-5 Ton White Anti-Bacterial Air Filter 3200 Watts SGP182T3

  • AED 1813

Super General Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton White Anti-Bacterial Air Filter Dehumidifier And Fan SGP132T3

  • AED 1416

Super General 3 In 1 Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton White SGP122T

  • AED 0

Nikai Portable Air Conditioner NPAC12513

  • AED 0

Nikai Portable Air Conditioner NPAC12512A4

  • AED 1310

Portable air conditioner | Mini ac prices in Dubai

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Portable air conditioners sale in UAE:

Portable air conditioners are independent cooling systems that are best for single room cooling. They are the free-standing unit that has an installation kit or some times come with the kit already installed. Most of the portable A/C have wheels so that you can move it around and set it where you like. The portable A/C is best for smaller rooms and for student rooms, hostels and etc. These are nice and small alternative to big air conditioner units like window and split air conditioners. Most of the people think that portable air conditioners also need a window and that you must have a window in your room or where you set the portable A/C but it is not true. If you do not have a window or not want to use one for some reason than a door or any other source that will allow the portable A/C to vent the hot air outside will perfectly do the work.

Buy split air conditioners:

Cooling down is the main and major thing in summers and for those countries where it remains summer all year long the matter is more serious. The options we have for this purpose are central cooling, windows air conditioners, split air conditioners, and portable air conditioners. Obviously, nothing is perfect, and so nor the portable A/C but they sure are convenient and easy to install and operate. You can easily place or hook up a mini portable A/C whether window and split air conditioners can’t be installed. These air conditioners can be set up quickly and they have wheels so you can move it to another room when needed. One A/C cools down multiple rooms!

These mini air conditioners have the self-evaporating system that frees you from emptying the water tank or tray. But if the environment is humid then you have to empty it more frequently. Talking about humid areas you would also need a dehumidifier! So portable air conditioners also work as a dehumidifier. It pulls excess humidity from the air without cooling it. If you do not have any other options than having a split air conditioner is better than having nothing.