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AED 115



Aftron Press Stand Temperature Control Digital Steam Press Best In Quality Easy To Move 1600 Watts AFDSPSTAND2500

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Cloth press stand online Sharjah UAE

Cloth press stand online started and began to become popular in recent years. The concept was of press stands was introduced because people had back problems while using regular tables. You might have thought of using a regular and ordinary table for ironing clothes. You had all the reasons to think so. Why not use the study table or some other that you already have in your home? The reason is back problems. Press tables, which are also known as iron stands or ironing tables. These tables for iron come with adjustable height. You can lower or lesser the height of press stand as you wish. Visit our online store and press stand buy online


This way you can iron all the laundry comfortably. Later after they were popular a sheet was added to the table in order to make clothes absorb more heat and use less energy. The clothes do not burn but get ironed out quickly. Ironing is a pain, but if you have a press stand the process gets easier and less tiring. Why you should buy one? Here are some of the main key features and functions of the press stands are available at plug n point.


The cloth and sheet that covers the stand is premium material that does not let the cloth slip while you are ironing. As the sheet is made and designed to absorb heat and let clothes get ironed quickly you do not need to spray water. The table will not transfer odors of one cloth onto other. Also, you won’t get any iron smell from your clothes either. The table is wide enough to press sleeves. The design is more practical and of course you can adjust the height, which is the main thing. Press stands are lightweight and you can easily carry them around as many of them are also foldable.


You can have built in stand. Like if you want a press stand that is built in in a drawer or cupboard. The press stand available here are sturdy and solid built that you will have a premium experience. Most of the stands are freestanding, meaning you can move it when you want. Press stands for cloths have drawbacks too. The legs rust easily if your place has a high humidity. It is not very save so you should store in a closet or store room and away from children. The surface area is not very big for ironing curtains and alike things. The cloth that covers the face of stand is not removable so you can’t wash it. If you want your back problems gone or not start in the first place then you should buy a home appliances, from plug n point!