Rechargeable fans price list in Emirates

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AED 236
AED 367



Geepas Rechargeable Fan Gf9955

  • AED 236

Crown Line Rechargeable RMF-172

  • AED 367

Crown line Rechargeable Fan RF-139

  • AED 236

Eveready rechargeable fan buy online in UAE

Buy chargeable electric fans in Dubai  at best prices. Global warming has affected the earth badly. Each year records a higher temperature than its preceding years. The rapid hike of temperature becomes unbearable and man rush to have some best cooling appliance to beat the severity of the weather. The situation becomes worse, when you find no electricity to run your fan, cooler or AC instantly. To save you from such situation, PlugnPoint offers a broad assortment of cheap rechargeable fans at the best price in UAE.

These fans are available in all sizes to cater your needs. You can buy rechargeable table fan, rechargeable tower fan and other numerous other rechargeable fans based upon your requirements. All these fans are lightweight and portable. You can easily move them from one room to another or even carry them on trips. They have numerous control functions and a good battery life. You can buy rechargeable fans having integrated led lights to face the emergency light problems.

Browse through the shelf and choose your ideal rechargeable fan. We ensure to provide all products at the finest price with quick home delivery service.