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Refrigerator Deals of Top Brands in UAE 2021

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AED 31499

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LG Side by Side Refrigerator 950 Liter Linear Compresssor Auto Pull Drawer GR-X33FGNGL

  • AED 31499

LG Side By Side Refrigerator 931 Liters 4-Door Child Lock GR-J33FWCHL

  • AED 14699

Hitachi side by side Refrigerators Eco Monitoring Sensor Extra Storage Space RM700AGPUK4XMIR

  • AED 11996

Samsung Free Standing Side By Side Refrigerator Door Alarm Slim Ice Maker RF85K90N2S8

  • AED 10078

LG Side by Side Refrigerator GR-X259CSBV

  • AED 6800

LG Side By Side Refrigerator 700 Liter With Water Dispenser Silver GR-X257CSAV

  • AED 6788

Hitachi side by side Refrigerators Vacuum Insulation Panel Touch Screen Controller RM700AGPUK4XDIA

  • AED 6624

Bosch Side By Side Fridge Freezer Ice and Water Dispenser KAN60A40NE

  • AED 6623

Emelcold 3 Door Showcase Refrigerator ME-T16SS

  • AED 6599

Media Plus Showcase Refrigerator 1590 Liters Chiller Free Standing Stainless Steel ME T16SS

  • AED 6350

WestPoint Best Quality 3 Door Chiller WPSN18017RT3

  • AED 5999

Hitachi Side By Side Refrigerators 720 Liter LED Digital Control Panel Quick Freezing RW720PUK1GBK

  • AED 5706

Bosch Side By Side Refrigerators 618 Liters Inox KAN56V40NE

  • AED 5575

LG Side By Side Refrigerator 614 Liters Hygiene Filter Water Dispenser GR-J257CLAV

  • AED 5564

Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator With Ice Maker RS65R5691SL/AE

  • AED 4899

Beko Side by Side Refrigerator Anti-Bacterial Door Handles Active Odour Filter 2200 Watts GNE134601X

  • AED 4829

Beko Side by Side Refrigerator 22 Cubic Feet 680 Total Volume GN168421X

  • AED 4829

Hitachi Top Mount Refrigerators Nano Titanium Filter Vegetable Compartment Tempered Glass Shelves RVG720PUK5GBK

  • AED 4789

Frigidaire Single Door Refrigerator 581 Liters Interior Light MRA21V7QS

  • AED 4449

Hitachi Side by Side Refrigerators 660 Liters Dual Fan Cooling Long Cool Keeper 1140 Watts RW660PUK3GBK

  • AED 4304

Refrigerator Brands Deals in Dubai | Fridge manufacturers in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi Sharjah 2021

There are few appliances in your house that are used more than others. Refrigerators are one of those appliances. If you have been searching for the latest discounted refrigerator to buy you would have come across the abundance of choices. Selecting the right one among all of these is a tough choice. Many things need to be considered before buying, like space, price, features, type and many other factors. The other important things to note here are; the space in your kitchen or where you will be putting the refrigerator and the usable space. Have a look at some more Home Appliances here.

The first and most recommended models are none other than the Top Freezer Refrigerators. These are the most traditional ones and offer you wide storage along with being the cheapest ones. There are separate doors for refrigerator and freezers. The vegetable and fruit storage is at the bottom. All in all these refrigerators are the choice of most people looking for space and cheap fridges. The next type is the bottom mount refrigerators. This is the inverse of top mount. The freezer is at the bottom and refrigerator door above that. Refrigerators come at your eve level and are convenient. These are said to be more energy efficient than the top loading. Freezers are used less but you have to bend when using it. You may get discounted refrigerators with deals in all over the UAE.

Side by side refrigerators is next on the list. With the fresh food compartment at one side and the freezer on the other side covering the full height of the refrigerator. These compartments are vertically divided. The style of these gives you easy access to both compartments. Because the compartments are narrow you can’t put wide dishes in it. The price is high and is not energy efficient. French door refrigerators feature two doors with the freezer at the bottom. These two doors open up to give you one non-partition space. Some of the models have space in the freezer for fruits and vegetables. Two doors need less space to open and these can easily fit in large dishes and plates in it. The price tag too high and think before you buy these.

All Refrigerator brands available at PlugnPoint. Nothing matters more than having a reliable refrigerator at home. Refrigerator simply also known as a fridge. It works on a simple mechanism of ejecting heat from inside of the refrigerator to its external environment, resulting in the low temperature inside the fridge. These refrigerators usually maintain a temperature of 3OC to 5OC providing enough cooling to store the food for future use.  This low temperature minimizes the cultivation of bacteria in the food, hence increasing the life of food.  These fridges may also contain a small ice box in them to cater the small needs of everyday life.

At PlugnPoint, you can browse through a huge variety of latest refrigerators in Dubai in various styles, capacities and cost ranges. These refrigerators contain many latest features and are energy efficient. Our modern fridges are spacious, durable and aesthetic which can fulfill the needs of your whole family. They are equipped with temperature sensors that help to maintain constant temperature automatically. Most of them are frost-free fridges which save you from the trouble of freeze burn food. They also contain built-in water dispensers and help to control humidity inside the fridge. At our online store, you can also find the refrigerators with child lock and smart touch options.

Watch different categories and find the fridge of your own choice to add functionality to your life. Order it, we ensure to deliver you the same product you asked for. PlugnPoint gives you hassle-free shopping experience at a reasonable cost.

There is no region in the whole world which has a hotter climate than UAE, and throughout the whole year, the minimum atmosphere of UAE is above 40 degrees. This is a very harsh environment to live in and in that situation, there is nothing better to invest in than getting a refrigerator on sale for yourself. The refrigerator is a must household appliance anywhere in the world but in UAE it’s a blessing. 

People usually work day shifts in UAE and when they reach home they want chilled water. A good quality refrigerator never disappoints you in such a situation. UAE has a huge electric appliance market and refrigerator is part of that market. People love buying new refrigerators for their houses. There are many markets in Dubai where you can find this home appliance at cheap rates. You can buy a refrigerator during sales in the different events when there is a huge discount on their actual price. 

Benefits of a Refrigerator

There are many different advantages of buying a refrigerator in UAE which follows.

  • You will get chilled water any time you want
  • Your food will never get spoiled
  • Different shapes and sizes available

Different kind of Refrigerators

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator for yourself, first of all, you need to know what kind of refrigerator you want. If you are living in UAE with family, you need a regular refrigerator in your kitchen but if you are living alone than there are many other kinds of refrigerator available in the UAE market that you can look up online at Plugnpoint.

  • Regular refrigerator

This is one of the most Common Types of a Refrigerator that is being used in almost every house of UAE. More than 85 percent of UAE families use this type of refrigerator as a kitchen appliance. This type of refrigerator has two compartments one is to put your food in cooling temperature so it won’t get rotten and the other one is chiller where you can freeze your meat and ice. There is a different compartment to store your vegetables and fruits.

  • Deep freezer

It is another kind of refrigerator that is mostly being used in restaurants. You can buy these refrigerators on sale in UAE at any good online store. Mostly these refrigerators are used to store meat because of their huge single compartment. It has an equal temperature on each corner of its sides so everything gets equally frozen. If you are running a restaurant and want a good deal on deep freezer refrigerators you can visit PlugnPoint. These refrigerators will also work in many milk shops to store milk and dairy products as well. 

  • Mini refrigerators

Now, these are one of the most loved and adored types of a refrigerator in the UAE. This type of refrigerator is mostly seen in the hotel rooms. They are getting popular in UAE due to their small size and durability. You can put this refrigerator anywhere in your apartment and it won’t occupy a lot of space. This refrigerator price is also very economic you can buy a good mini refrigerator in under 200 AED. You can put it anywhere in the house and if you live alone than it is a great choice for you. They are very durable and energy-efficient; you can now even get a mini-refrigerator which works on only 12V. So you can even fix it in your car and use it with your car battery.

  • Bar refrigerators

This is a great choice to have an unlimited supply of ice and chilled beverages in a bar. A bar refrigerator has an advanced chilling compartment which helps to freeze your ice in moments. It also has a rather large compartment to give you chilled beverage whenever you need. This refrigerator has a great sale price and you can buy it many different sales of UAE. As the people of the UAE like to live a royal lifestyle and many of them have a minibar in their houses. So it is a great choice for that kind of person. A bar refrigerator in UAE will give you ice and chilled beverages whenever you want during the hot weather. 

  • Smart refrigerators  

Everything is getting advanced with technology now a day. The customer wants bigger, smarter and better products. The same thing goes with refrigerators as well. Refrigerator companies are building smarter products every day. These Smart Refrigerators have High Prices but also comes with many different technological benefits as well. You can use it with your phone Bluetooth and adjust the atmosphere with remote on these refrigerators. This is a luxury product and not every person can afford it but are many events in UAE When companies put these refrigerators on sale. You can even but these refrigerators at low prices at different online stores like plugnpoint.

Here are some of the choices that you can consider whenever looking forward to buying a new refrigerator for yourself. Now, whenever you want to buy a new refrigerator keep these things in mind. 

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