Rice Cooker Price List Sharjah | Best Rice Cooker deals Dubai | Buy Rice Cooker Online 2021

Rice Cookers | Steamed Rice Cookers 2021

28 Products


AED 375


Geepas Best Quality Electric Rice Cooker GRC4323

  • AED 375

Geepas Electric Rice Cooker GRC4322

  • AED 299

Nikai Rice Cooker NR860

  • AED 299

Nikai Rice Cooker Keep Warm Function Strong Metal Housing Aluminum Steamer 1950 Watts NR677N

  • AED 249

Sharp Rice Cooker KSH-738

  • AED 210

Kenwood Rice Cooker RCM680

  • AED 200

Kenwood Rice Cooker RC417

  • AED 192

Saachi Rice Cooker With Steam Function NL-RC-5177

  • AED 175

Sharp Best Quality Rice Cooker KSH-128

  • AED 140

Kenwood Best Quality Rice Cooker RCM42.A0WH

  • AED 119

Panasonic Rice Cooker 1-8 Liter Aluminum Pan Steaming Plate 600 Watts SRW18G

  • AED 114

Prestige Rice Cooker PR7501

  • AED 110

Nikai Rice Cooker 1-8 Liter Capacity NR674N3

  • AED 89

Nikai Rice Cooker NR672N1

  • AED 79

Aardee Best Quality Rice Cooker ARRC1001D

  • AED 65

Nikai Rice Cooker NR701A

  • AED 59

Palson Rice and Vegetable Cooker 30472

HITACHI Rice Cooker Fully Automatic 2 Pin Round Cord RWTN127IGRRE

Panasonic Rice Cooker 1-8 Liters Aluminum Alloy SR-W18GWNA

Hitachi Rice Cooker 4-3 Liter Capacity Manual Display Knob Control Metal Material 1600 Watts RWTA43Y

Rice Cookers | Steamed Rice Cookers 2021

Best deals rice cookers available in our shop. Buy on one click today. In this modern era, we have a lot of choices to choose a product form. So is the case with best steam rice cookers. Today, we hope you will get to know which one to buy. Today plug n point is here to present you with Rice Cookers. We will deliver to your door and the products you will buy will have the most economical prices with quality.

While every brand has its own specialized cookers for you and everyone has their own benefit. You should go for the one you think is the best and fulfills your needs. We have rice steam cookers with a different price range. You could choose some products to compare and then buy. By the way, all of them are top quality and original products. Because plug n point wants you to get the best from the best, (that is we plug n point). Here is some, little information about rice cookers. Before making up your mind after reading some comment, know this.

How much the cookers are used in a day or let us say a week? The life of a cooker depends on your usage. Buying a small one might be okay for the ones with small families or personal use. Usually, there are two types of rice cookers, Induction cooker, and microcomputer cooker. The microcomputer one is controlled by, sort of a microcomputer and is a little expensive.

What type of rice cooker you want, what are your needs? Let us say your needs and daily routine does not allow you to have an Electric Cooker than you definitely not buy one. Last but not least. What kind of cooker's inner material do you prefer? With different inner materials, you get different tastes, except if you are one of those who just eats and does not care about the taste.

Well, if you go, for one thing, you might have to leave the other one. You will get what you pay for. The more expensive product is the more features it has. Rice cookers are made to bring perfection to food. it keeps the grains of your rice separate so you can enjoy every single grain. Different programmable settings allow you to cook with different styles. Different menu options are available for different foods and recipes. You will find keep warm function most useful of all. Some of these rice cookers are multipurpose too.

Rice is one of the most common foods in the whole UAE, People of this region love to eat rice with everything, so having a good rice cooker as your kitchen appliance can help you a lot in the cooking process. No doubt that it is one of the common dishes in almost every meal of UAE people, so having an electric rice cooker can help you make a perfectly cooked rice dish within a few minutes.

Rice cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances nowadays and it is relevant to our daily life routine. They come in different shapes, kinds, and designs. There are many different companies which are making rice cooker in different qualities so here are some of the things that you guys have to keep in mind while buying a rice cooker in UAE.

steam rice cookers

Quality of Rice Cooker Material

It is very important to get a good quality bowl in an electric rice cooker. It plays an important part in its cooking quality and timing. There is a different kind of bowls in different company Rice Cookers in UAE but if you want the best rice cooker for yourself you should choose the one with the steel bowl. This will allow you to utilize the induction heating mechanism for your rice cooking. This bowl will ensure that your every grain of rice will get an equal temperature and you will get evenly cooked rice. These steel bowls in an electric rice cooker are of high quality while the other is made up of aluminum foil which is very low-quality material. The aluminum bowl uses coiled electric heating which ends up burning your rice at the bottom.

  • They should be versatile

An electric rice cooker in Dubai should be versatile which means it has different modes of a different kind of rice cooking. As the people of this region like their rice in every form so the rice cooker should be able to provide variety. Rice cookers should be able to cook plain rice, brown rice, and mixed rice as well and there should be other options in it as well like steaming and slow cooking. This way you will be able to get more things done by good rice cookers like steaming your vegetables, making hot cereal and bake cake as well.

  • Size of Bowl is important

It is very important to check the size of your rice cooker in Sharjah when buying it. There are different rice cookers in UAE with different bowl sizes and you have to select the one which will fulfill your needs for rice cooking. There are different options available when it comes to the size of your bowl in a rice cooker; there are 3 cup capacity rice cooker, 5 cups, and 10 cup rice cooker as well. It is up to you how much capacity rice cooker you want as your Kitchen Appliance in the UAE. There is a different price range for each size rice cooker so the price of Rice Cooker in UAE also depends on the size of your bowl.

  • Options in the control system

Now, this is one of the important features of an electric rice cooker in the UAE. There are different temperature control modes in a good rice cooker. The one-touch system will allow you to utilize the induction heating mechanism for your rice cooking. This will ensure that your every grain of rice will get the equal temperature and you will get evenly cooked rice.

  • Price range

Last but not least, this is one of the most important features of a rice cooker in UAE that you have to keep in mind and that is the price of the rice cooker. There are many brands that are giving you better quality work in just under 200 AED. So always choose the one which is light on your pocket as well.


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