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Irak Plastik 4-75 Liter Salad Spinner 2 Lid Open Home Design Fine Plastic Net Line And Small Hole SG-230

  • AED 50

Irak Plastik 10 Liter Basin With Strainer Home Design Neat Vision Water Hole on Bottom BD-320

  • AED 35

Irak Plastik 4.2 Liter Round Set With Strainer Home Design SG-240

  • AED 32

Irak Plastik Chopping Board With Strainer Home Design TP-170

  • AED 31

Irak Plastik Pretty Multi Purpose Strainer Home Design SG-260

  • AED 28

Irak Plastik 3 Pieces Funnel Set Workshops and Home Design HU-335

  • AED 27

Salad Spinners and Strainers with Good Grip Buy Online

Best salad spinner and strainers are offered to you here at plug n point. These are also known as the salad tossed. Basically, this is a Kitchen Tool that is used to remove the access water from salads and other greens. When you have washed them fresh and then made the salad out of it. There is always excess water and removing that is important because otherwise, it ruins the taste. The strategy is to use the centrifugal force to get the water out of it. Buy the best salad spinner and strainers just with

This way the leaves and greens are separated from water. Usually, this quality of plastic. There are two parts to the tool. The outer bowl and inner bowl. You keep the salad in the inner one and the outer one if for the excess water. Using and cleaning this is very easy and there is no complication in it. Before this, there were other techniques to remove the water.

While you are looking for this you might need some bowl and trays to eat and present this in. So, check out these Bowls and Trays. Here at plug n point, you have Great Products to choose from. We are also offering now home delivery service with which you do not have to wait for much longer for the items you ordered. Plug n point is delivering in every corner of UAE.

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