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Samsung Washer and Dryer WD70K5410OW

  • AED 2728

Samsung Washer WD70K5410OS

  • AED 3117

Samsung 17/9 Kg Front Washer Dryer Add Wash WD17J9810KP-GU

  • AED 7453

Best Washing Machine with Dryer Emirates UAE

Best Washing Machine with Dryer is a good option for your homeBuy the washer dryer you have always wanted, at plug n point. We have great collection of Samsung washer dryers here. At plug n point products are offered at lowest prices and you get them delivered at your doorstep via our speed delivery services. We are always available for you and our support team is always at disposal for your help. We are here for you, in the hour of your need.


What is a washer dryer? If you could not get it after seeing the products at our website, we will tell you a bit about it. A Best Washing Machine with Dryer is a combination of washing machine and a dryer. They are usually the same in size as a washing machine. It can perform both the functions, well enough like washing machine and dryer, however it does it in one. Samsung washer dryer are designed to handle different types of cloth and fabrics. Buying Samsung washer dryer will save up space for you. If you have a small space where you have to put, or where you are thinking to put the washing machine and dryer, washer dryer is the choice for you.


You have to keep in mind what kind of washer you are here to buy. Some factors that you might want to consider while buying; Is price factor important to you? Then you first want to look at the price of the product. Then you should check the energy ratings. By energy ratings, we mean that the amount of energy it consumes while running. You do not want to buy a cheap product because it costs less but in the long run it costs you by consuming more energy.


The other thing is to know the capacity. If you have, large families then buy the one with large washing capacity. It will be better for you. Another thing people tend to ignore is the SPIN SPEED. If you want, your work to be done within minutes spin speed would matter a lot. Before you buy a washer dryer you might want to know how it works and does it supports your needs. Here is a little about it. Mostly these machines are vent less so they use condensation to dry. The obvious one is a filter, to catch the fur.


Apart from the comms these do have tons of useful features like, timer, end buzzer, water indicator and inlet point, strong body and beautiful design are not to be left out.