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Supra Showcase Chiller Glass Display Single Door SCH450H

  • AED 1573

Supra Showcase Chiller Glass Display Single Door SCH380H

  • AED 1363

Midea Showcase Refrigerator HS411S

  • AED 1574

Midea Showcase Refrigerator HS281S

  • AED 1364

Mini Showcase Refrigerator for Sale in Emirates

Mini Showcase Refrigerator for Sale in all over UAE and SharjahShowcase Refrigerator improves your way of storage not just food but other items. There are different types of showcase refrigerators one with single door and the other with two doors. Instant access to chilled drinks and beverages, chocolates and candies, smoothies and much more. Always have best chilled items with showcase refrigerators. They are called mini showcase refrigerator for the reason that the door is transparent glass door. So you can showcase the items in the refrigerator. Another benefit of this feature is that you can shoes and locate the items you want to get out before opening the door. This way less time is wasted in locating the items and hence less cooling is lost, which results in energy efficiency.

Mini Showcase refrigerators are available at plug n point at the price you want. Go through the section for these refrigerators or the one you want and choose the one that you feel is the best fit for yourself. You can decide one to buy among the ones you have chosen based on price and features of each one. If you feel the prices high you can always avail the deals and discounts that plug n point has to offer. We are offering the most genuine products. Form the genuine manufacturers. Now, plug n point is also offering home delivery service. Get your items delivered to your home without any inconvenience and worries.

If you were looking for a showcase refrigerator then your search for it is over now because you are here at plug n point. Here you can get all the different sizes, kinds and brands of showcase refrigerators. These refrigerators are suitable for commercial use like for shops, malls, and bars. They give you quick and easy access to chilled beverages. These refrigerators will enhance the look and feel of your surroundings. These are not very heavy thus it makes them portable and easy to move from one place to another. Here are available lots of types and you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Showcase refrigerators can also be placed where you like just make sure that there is an energy source nearby. The built in refrigerators can be placed in cabinets. Almost all of the latest designed models consist of stainless steel or alloy steel. The construction material and design of these refrigerators make them last long and durable. Here are some of the key features:

  • Transparent glass door
  • Internal light
  • Multiple adjustable shelves
  • Efficient
  • Single door
  • Thermostat control
  • Caster wheels
  • Powerful compressor
  • Bright light
  • High storage capacity

The choice in the end is yours to make. You should choose carefully and buy only genuine products. Invest in an appliance that will benefit you in the long run. All of these and many more qualities are in these showcase refrigerators. So, go for it.