Side by Side Refrigerators

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Supra Side By Side Refrigerator 600 Liter Touch Screen Controller SR620M-SBSF

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Super General Side by Side Refrigerators SGR 896

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Siemens Side by Side Refrigerator Door Inox Easyclean Side Panels Grey Interior Light LED KA90NVI20N

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Siemens Side By Side Refrigerator 618 Liters 7 Segment Electronic Control Multi Airflow System KA56NV40NE

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Siemens Side By Side Refrigerator 604 Liters Illuminated Water And Ice Dispenser Double Door KA58NA70NE

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Siemens Side by Side Refrigerator 600 Liter Illuminated Water And Ice Dispenser LED Interior Light KA90GAI20N

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Siemens 540 Liters Side by Side Refrigerator 7 Segment Electronic Control Freezer Light KA60NA40NE

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Samsung Side By Side Refrigerator Twin Cooling Plus Multi Flow Door Handle Full Hidden RS554NRUA9M-AE

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Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Active Filter Anti-Bacteria Interior LED Light RH62K62177P

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Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator 845 Liters RF85K9062X8

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Samsung Free Standing Side By Side Refrigerator Door Alarm Slim Ice Maker RF85K90N2S8

  • AED 10078

Panasonic Side By Side Refrigerator Child Lock Mode Door Alarm Quick Ice Making Interior LED Light NRBS60MS

  • AED 2770

NIKAI Side By Side Refrigerator 800 Liters Stainless Steel Efficient Tropical Compressor NRF800SBSD

  • AED 3031

Midea Side By Side Refrigerator Vacation Mode Interior LED Light Tempered Glass Shelves HC689WENS

  • AED 2902

LG Side by Side Refrigerator 950 Liter Linear Compresssor Auto Pull Drawer GR-X33FGNGL

  • AED 31499

LG Side By Side Refrigerator 931 Liters 4-Door Child Lock GR-J33FWCHL

  • AED 14699

LG Side By Side Refrigerator 930 Liter 3 Doors Digital Multi Sensor GR-J338LSJM

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LG Side By Side Refrigerator 855 Liters Ice Dispenser Luminance Micom Door Mounted Ice Maker GR-J327CSBL

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LG Side By Side Refrigerator 720 Liter Digital Multi Sensor GR-B257SLLV

  • AED 4304

LG 708 Liters Side By Side Premium Fridge Child Lock GR-M257JGQV

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Buy Side by Side Refrigerator Online in UAE

Side by side refrigerators is the perfect combination of style, accessibility, efficiency, and convenience. Their large size and advanced features make them more costly and more energy consumption than the top and Bottom Mount Fridges. They have a stylish look and best for those who have to store a lot of leftover food. These fridges are split into two equal halves, one for the fridge and the other for the refrigerator. Buy-side by side refrigerator contain advanced features in them.  These fridges also contain exterior water and ice dispenser and you don’t need to open the fridge door get a chill class of drink. To enable more storage space, some of them may have door-in-door. Also, check out all the Types of Refrigerators and select the one that you like then buy the fridge from that category.

Side by side fridge is right for you

If you are looking for a refrigerator that has a beautiful design but it also has storage space for a family at least. Then you are at the right place and in the right section. These side by side refrigerators have the right type of design that allows you to reach every corner of the fridge. You can place the most used at the eye level or at the place that is suitable for you. There is lots of space in there to store food for a family. Other than this there are also French door Refrigerators, you should check them too. They are also good and have beautiful designs.

Benefits of these Refrigerators

These have swing open doors so even if you have less space in front it would not be difficult for you to open it. Just the presence of these in your kitchen will enhance the look, feel and beauty of the kitchen and your home. Some of the models also have an indoor water dispenser and ice dispenser. These ice dispensers make and dispense the ice when you need. This saves time and is useful when there is a party or some event. The water dispenser is also handy.