Siemens Bottom Mount Refrigerators in UAE

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Siemens 329 Litres Bottom Freezer KG36NNL30M

  • AED 2280

Siemens Bottom Freezer 505 Litres KG57NVL20M

  • AED 2500

Siemens 505 Liter Bottom Freezer KG57NPI20M

  • AED 3150

Siemens 559 Liters Bottom Freezer Refrigerator KG56NVI30M

  • AED 3260

Siemens Bottom Freezer 559 Liters KG56NAX30M

  • AED 3585

Siemens Bottom Freezer 559 Litres KG56NLB30M

  • AED 4020

Siemens Bottom Freezer 578 Litres KG76NAI30M

  • AED 4455

Siemens Bottom Freezer 682 Litres KG86NAI30M

  • AED 5000

Best Siemens Bottom Mount Refrigeratorsin Sharjah UAE

Today plug n point presents you Siemens bottom mount refrigerator. Siemens has been in the home appliance business for a long time and with the passage of time, they have gained the perfection and trust in their customer's heart. Plug n point brings you the best bottom mount refrigerators from the finest manufacturers, Siemens. These top of the line refrigerators are offered to you in the most economical price only at plug n point. Shopping with plug n point brings you many facilities like nationwide delivery and marvelous customer care service. Plug n point has your back, whether you need a fridge, refrigerator, LED TVs or any other product we have it all.


You definitely need a fridge for either storing the food you made or for the fruits and vegetables. Siemens bottom mount refrigerators cheap price are a good option for a change. You have many options here to choose from. Compare the prices and features of refrigerators you like and buy the best one form them. These bottom mount refrigeratorsin UAE have many features and functions to offer you. Here are some of them:


You must invest in a good refrigerator because the job it has to do is very hard, working continuously and constantly for the rest of its life. All of the new ones you see in the market seem good at the time but they leave you after some time. If you invest in a decent and high quality fridge and take care of it, the fridge might be with you for many years. Ever since the bottom refrigerator styles came into existence, it became more than any other. The bottom freezer design is more elegant than others are. Plug n points brings you the elegant and innovative designs of top quality, bottom mount refrigerators by Siemens at lowest prices.