Siemens Microwaves And Ovens Set in UAE

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Siemens Microwave and Oven HF24G564M

  • AED 1845

Siemens Microwave and Oven BE634LGS1M

  • AED 4240

Siemens Microwave and Oven HV541ANS0

  • AED 7610

Siemens Microwaves and Oven HB676GBS1B

  • AED 7825

Siemens Microwave and Oven HN678G4S1M

  • AED 9780

Set of Siemens microwaves and ovens buy in Dubai

The Siemens microwave and oven combination gets you flexible and exceptional while cooking and makes your cooking results amazing. These microwaves and ovens reduce your cooking time and you cook delicious and mouthwatering meals in half the time with these microwaves or may be less than halftime. These microwaves need an electric source to run. Keeping in mind that they will increase your electricity bills these are made energy efficient. Equipped with the modern tech these microwaves and ovens not only save your electricity bills and save the time to cook food but also have features like self-clean. Buy the best microwaves and ovens by Siemens at plug n point.


These microwaves and ovens can perform a  task that a microwave can do like heating, reheating etc. and that of an oven like baking and roasting etc. Therefore, to put it simply these combinations of microwaves and ovens are two in one. There are some differences between them too. These microwaves and ovens do not use an open flame. As this is the combination of microwaves and ovens, so it costs more than microwaves separately. However, if you are out there to buy a Siemens microwave and oven separately then the cost of these combined microwaves and ovens will cost less than that. The traditional microwave is large than an oven and thus needs more space to be fitted but Siemens microwaves and ovens are available in different sizes, so you could choose the one that will fit your kitchen and needs. Although they are smaller than an oven but are very large when compared to a microwave, obviously. The controls and process these microwaves give you over the settings help a lot in your daily life.


Following are the key features and functions of Siemens microwaves and ovens:

Best microwaves and ovens by Siemens are now available. Buy only at plug n point because we offer original products.