Siemens Warming Drawers at best rate to keep the food fresh

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Siemens Warming Drawers Push And Pull Cool Door Length of Cable 150 CM 810 Watts BI630CNS1M

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Siemens Warming Drawers Cool Door Length of Mains Cable 150 cm Push And Pull 810 Watts BI630DNS1M

  • AED 3260

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There has nothing more satisfying than warm fresh home cooked meal after a long tiring day. But the trouble is that our daily routine is very busy. So none of us can sit together and eat right after the meal was cooked. That is the reason we rely on microwaves,food warmer oven to reheat the food. The problem with microwave heating is that the food does not remain fresh like anymore. Re-heated foods have started to become an issue for us, if you have the same issues then there is a solution. Seimens oven warming drawers is the thing that will help you keep your meal hot and fresh like for longer time. Just place the cooked food in the drawer and save it for later. Enjoy the same freshness and taste like it was cooked few minutes ago.


We should go for oven fresh, just cooked meals because they are healthier and taste a lot better than reheated ones. However, most of the people come home late after the dinner or lunchtime. Therefore, they have to eat microwave food. But no more, because Siemens oven warming drawers keeps your food fresh until you are home. Siemens warming drawers are well situated means of keeping the food hot for up to four hours. These warming drawers by Siemens come with airflow system so they can keep the food fresh, damp. Siemens best rates warmimg drawers gives you the chance of enjoying fresh food long after it was actually cooked. This will be the type of meal you would sit and enjoy. Warming drawers could prove to be very helpful at many times and occasions. Keep the items fresh until the party starts. Want a hot desert after meal, but it would get cold, no worries place it in the warming drawer after cooking. Enjoy your meal and then have the joy of hot desert afterwards. The warming drawers are totally worth it.


Siemens warming drawers have many features and functions to offer you that will help you daily. Get metal lids to many dishes, removable pans, and sections for different purposes, adjustable temperature. Multi racks help in placing more items and they are adjustable too. The auto shut off safety switch retains items from form getting over heated. Internal light turns on while operation and lets you see what is the position. Buy Siemens warming drawers from plug n point at economical rates and get fast delivery. Here are some Key Features: