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Siemens Digital Display Washer and Dryer WD15G460GC

  • AED 3260

Siemens Automatic Washer and Dryer WD15G46SGC

  • AED 3480

Siemens Washer Dryers WK14D320GB

  • AED 6520

Siemens Washer Dryers buy online at best rate

Siemens washer dryers are here to give you ultimate washing relieve. These appliances are the combination of washing machine and dryers set. You do not have to take out clothes form one machine and put it into the other. You can also save lots of space by getting rid of you two machines that are one for washing and other one for drying. If you already had one of these and are looking to buy a new one you should also consider our section of more washer dryers. Siemen washer and dryer will help you a lot in washing and getting all the dirty laundry clean. With the help of these Siemens top washer dryers you just have to put clothes in the machine and forget them. Later on come back, when you have time, and get your clothes.

The sad part is that these washer dryers cannot iron and hang your clothes in your wardrobe. Have a look at our front load washers. However they sure do plenty. To get the advantage of two in one home appliance choose our best washer dryers. These appliance combine the front loading washing machine and a condenser dryer. Normally combination of these or washer’s dryers have all those features that separate washer and dryers have. The foot print is not large either and they save you space of one appliance too. It is a win for you anyways. If you are just looking to buy  a dryer check out these new dryer collection.