Single Door Refrigerator

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AED 313
AED 681



Super General Single Door Refrigerator SGR 131

  • AED 425

Super General Single Door Refrigerator SGR 060

  • AED 470

Super General Single Door Refrigerator SGR 045

  • AED 388

Super General Single Door Refrigerator SGR 035

  • AED 325

Panasonic Single Door Refrigerator NRAF162SS

  • AED 681

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator White 65 Liter Direct Cool NRF65N4

  • AED 313

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator White 150 Liter Compact Design NRF150N

  • AED 502

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator White 110 Liter NRF110N 1

  • AED 397

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator White 110 Liter Compact Design NRF110N2W

  • AED 397

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator Silver 125 Liter Compact Design NRF125SS 1

  • AED 418

NIKAI Single Door Refrigerator Red 200 Liter With Lock and Key NRF200SR

  • AED 628

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There no debate in that the refrigerators are the most important appliances not just in the kitchen but in our homes. From the fruits that you eat in the morning to from which to make your smoothies. Not just this you do a lot more with it. Shelter to lots of things like your favorite juices, beverages and those leftovers. The function of refrigerators is more important than the looks and feels. Whether black or white, stainless steel or glass, expensive or cheap if it does not give you the basic things then is it even worth it having it in your kitchen? Unless and until you are just for the look and not the features.

Single door refrigerators or not, here are the features and functions that you should see before buying a refrigerator. It should give you enough room to store things like drinks, bottles, boxes and the daily use items. The single door refrigerators give you enough space to get all those thing in there. The wide space and adjustable shelves give total freedom. Adjust the height of compartments and you can place the most used items where you feel they are most accessible. Single door refrigerators also have freezers on top and bottom. With fresh compartment vegetables and fruits you can always have them fresh.

Single door refrigerator are energy efficient whether they are top freezer or bottom freezer. The organizer shelves are given so that you can organize your refrigerator according to your needs. Also single door refrigerators are cheap than other type of refrigerators. With less door your work of cleaning is easy because you can the whole area in one go. Here are some of the main key features and characteristics of the single door refrigerators that are available at plug n point.

·         Adjustable shelves

·         Innovative design

·         Vertical handle

·         Lock and safety

·         Adjustable temperature control

·         More wide and useable space

·         Adjustable legs that adjust the height

·         Internal light for better night view

·         High cooling system

·         Vegetable and fruit section

·         Door shelves

·         Free standing unit