Small appliances by aftron Prices in UAE. High Quality small appliances by aftron in Dubai,Sharjah, Abu dhabi, UAE

Small Appliances By Aftron

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Aftron Vaccum Cleaner

Aftron Vaccum Cleaner AFV2000N

  • AED 259

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel On/Off Switch Detachable Filter Light Indicator Durable Cordless 2200 Watts AFEK1770N

  • AED 110

Aftron 4 in 1 Hand Blender Plastic Body With Chrome Buttons Stainless Steel Blade 600 Watts AFHB9305N

  • AED 99

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel Heating Element Concealed Heating Element Portable 2200 Watts AFEK1790T

  • AED 94

Aftron Cordless Plastic Kettle 1.7 Liters Safety Lock AFPK1795N

  • AED 90

Aftron 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Finish Light Indicator 850 Watts AFT225N

  • AED 75

Aftron Sandwich Maker Energy Used Electric Hassle-Free Accessibility Durable 700 Watts AFST0201N

  • AED 70

AFTRON Electric Kettle AFPK1725N

  • AED 61
Aftron Glass Cordless Kettle

Aftron Glass Cordless Kettle AFEK2075GN

  • AED 59

Aftron Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Safety Lock Cool Touch Handle Dual Lamp Indicator 700 Watts AFST0212

  • AED 55

Aftron Hand Press Citrus Juicer 0.6 Liter Adj Filter 30 Watts AFJ9030N

  • AED 49

Aftron Plastic Kettle 1.8 Liter Whit 2000 Watts Stainless Steel AFEK1705T

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