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AED 899


Rinnai Gas Stove RI-4RSP

  • AED 899

Rinnai Best Quality Double Burner Gas Stove RI-2RSP

  • AED 649

Double Ring Burner Gas Stove RT-711SS

  • AED 480

Rinnai Two Burners Table Top Gas Stove RV-A271Y(EB)

  • AED 365

Rinnai Gas Stove 2 Burner RV-E274HW(S)

  • AED 360

Rinnai Gas Stove RTL-35K

  • AED 350

Rinnai 2 Brass Burner Gas Stove RC-721SV-SB

  • AED 265

Rinnai 2 Burner Gas Stove RV-375(S)N

  • AED 245

Nikai Gas Stove NG9093GSF

  • AED 219

Hitachi 3 Burners Gas Stove MPH310RI

  • AED 210

Nikai Stove NG9092GSF

  • AED 199

Aftron Table Gas Stove 2 Burners AFGT2141FSDN

  • AED 199

Hitachi Gas Burner MPH210RI

  • AED 160

Aftron 2 Burner Gas Stove AFGT2040FSDN

  • AED 159

Mr. Light 2 Burner Piano Gas Stove MRGB2550-2GS

  • AED 149

Super General Gas Burner SGB212FFD

  • AED 149

Aardee 3 Burner Gas ARGS3T

  • AED 145

Super General 2 Burner Gas Stove SGB02SS

  • AED 139

Saachi Best Quality Gas Stove NL-GAS-5223

  • AED 129

Geepas Tempered Glass Double Burner GK5602

  • AED 129

2021 Gas Stove Prices in Sharjah | Electric Stoves Prices in Emirates 2021

The need for a stove in a home is obvious. If you do not have cookers or hob then this is the thing you have to buy. Eating is something that we all have to do. Food and water are the basic needs of the human body. To fulfill you are eating or food needs these Stoves are presented to you here at plug n point at the best possible rates. Plug n point offers you the most versatile and latest items at the cheapest rates. We are also providing home delivery service. With this, you can get your orders to your home in every corner of the UAE.

Have a look at some more Home Appliances and buy all the items that you need. Since all the items are cheap and most of these are on sale and discounts you should get all the required items before they go out of stock. Coming to the stoves. These stoves cook perfectly and give equally distributed heat to the cookware. For instant and quick cooking, some stove also has a high and quick burner that gives more heat so that you can cook in an instant. If you want more options and choices then visit this section of Cookers. Here you can choose all from more items and verities. 

These cookers have the following qualities. Quick cooking with even heat. The gas stoves are the professional way of cooking, as you often see these stoves on cooking shows. Cleaning these is easy, stoves are cheap and they are low maintenance. The bad sides of these are that they are not safe. If you have an allergy from gas these are not for you. Gas stove prices fluctuates in Dubai at different times but Stoves available to us these days in the market are of many different types and kinds. Similarly, if you are about to buy, or are thinking of buying a new stove then there is a high chance that you will also come to know the latest models, different types and tons of features in Kitchen Stoves. So to help you choose and decide there are all the types and sorts of stoves available at here at plug n point. Plug n point brings you all the top models and genuine products from original makers. Genuine products offered here are at low and suitable prices. We also deliver all across the country i.e. UAE. You just have to purchase your favorites from plug n point and we will deliver it to your home via our fast delivery. Do not worry because we deliver the products safe and with no defect.

Types of Stoves and benefits:

The basic two types of stoves are the gas stove and electric stoves. While both have their benefits and drawbacks. There is no winner in this condition because the daily routine and your cooking habits determine what kind of stove you want and will prove to be the best for you. Below we are going to discuss and deliberate some of the pros and cons of each type of stove. You can read that and decide for yourself what kind of stove will prove to be the best and long lasting for you. Gas stoves burn flame and with the help of this flame, you cook food. Turning the gas stove gives you a constant flame. The knobs at the front can be turned in order to adjust the flame. The gas stoves usually work on natural gas which is cheaper than electricity. Top end models can stop the gas if there is no flame, safety. Because of the flame the utensil or container that food is it gets hot quickly. Thus gas stoves cook faster. Gas stoves are also cheap to buy and operate. As there are advantages there are cons too. If you do not have a gas line installed then it will cost you a lot to get a gas stove working. Some of the lower end models left the burner on if flame couldn’t burn.

Electric stoves have a flat top which is easier to clean and serves as an additional shelve when not in use. They are easy to operate and use. They are more stylish and add beauty and class to your kitchen. If you have a kitchen that is designed for electric stoves then it is beneficial for you. As it operates on electricity, so if there is a power shortage then there is nothing. Backup generators for home cannot even handle the draw. The glass top gets scratchy and dirty easily. If you drop something heavy it might also break. Electricity is more expensive than gas, so it might cost you more.

People are using stoves to cook their food from ages and they have been a very essential part of the human living style. From the last 2 decades, the stove market is dominated by a particular type of stove and gas stoves. If we just talk about the gas stove market in UAE, it is not shocking that it is more than 30 million. This region is blessed with natural gas minerals and that’s why gas is very cheap there. Gas stoves in UAE occupy almost 98 percent market.

In the beginning gas stoves in UAE were very heavy, bulky and big, but with time, these models turned into smooth, exotic and refined gas stoves. All these new models of gas stoves are designed to make people's lives easier and it is one of the most important kitchen appliances in the UAE. If you are thinking about getting a new gas stove in UAE than there are some of the factors that you guys have to keep in mind. 

gas stoves online

  • Number of burners on your gas stoves

Normally a gas burner that is being used in every house of UAE comes with two burners, but now as these stoves are being used in many restaurants by the professional chefs. So, they need more gas burners in their stove to work faster. So the first thing that you have to think while buying a gas stove in UAE is how many burners you want for yourself. Usually, the brand that is mostly being used in UAE is 4 gas burner Hitachi gas stoves. This brand has more than 20 types of gas stoves and you can choose them according to your preference. Hitachi has a different style of gas stoves with a different number of gas burners. So, go to plugnpoint and get one for yourself. 

  • Size of your gas burners in a stove

Usually, people don’t know the importance of the gas burner size in a gas stove but they should. The size of a gas burner allows you to maintain the heat of flames on your stove. A gas burner size can tell you which dish you want to put on small burners and which one on the big. If you are cooking rice you can cook it on a small burner but if you are frying something than you need more heat and the big burner is the choice for you. A good gas stove in UAE comes with more than one size stove. Hitachi 3 burner gas stoves in UAE is the most famous one because it comes 3 different burner size.

  • Does it have the option of Automatic ignition?

This is one of the best and newest additions to gas stove technology in the last 2 decades. Gas stove in UAE was usually started in the past by lighter or a matchbox but now you don’t need any of them. There is a built-in burner installed in every new Hitachi gas stove in Dubai. This is done by an automatic mechanism where a burner is triggered over by just rotating nod of the stove. You just need to rotate the dialer on your UAE gas stove and you will get initial flames. 

  • Format of the gas stove

There are two types of formats available in the market one is the simple desk stove and the other one is hob top. A standard simple desk stove is small and can be moved from one place to another easily. On the other hand, hobbs tops are the kind which you have to install in your kitchen. This helps you to maintain discipline in your kitchen. Hitachi gas stoves come in both styles and it is up to you what kind you prefer more for yourself. Standard desk Hitachi gas stoves prices in UAE are way less than hobs tops, so choose wisely. 

  • Quality of build material

The quality of a build material in a gas stove matters a lot. You are dealing with high flames so it is very important that your gas stoves can bear all that heat and nothing melts down. Usually, Gas stoves by Hitachi are made up of stainless steel and glass. Both of these materials are very heat resistant and easier to clean. So get the one with the best quality material and save yourself from any disaster. 

  • Get one with ISI certification

This is a mark of quality on a gas stove. Whenever buying a stove in UAE insist on getting the one which has an ISI certification on it. UAE is a very hot region so a low-quality gas stove will never bear that much temperature. Most of Hitachi gas stoves in UAE comes with ISI certification. So you can get the Best Quality Gas Stove at a Low Price. Most of the gas stoves in UAE are made locally and they don’t have a security certificate. So don’t save money instead of that choose the safety of your family.

gas stove price

Types of Gas Burners

It is not an understatement that gas burners are a major part of everyone's life in UAE. No matter you need to cook a small snack or a party dinner you need a gas stove in your kitchen. Always keep on hunting that which kind of gas hobs are best for you. Gas stoves have different types and all of them have different specifications which makes your food better in taste. So, generally, there are three kinds of gas stoves are available in the UAE market and they are as follows. 

  • Standing Pilot

This is a type of gas stoves used in UAE for those restaurants where there are constant burning flames are needed. This type of gas stoves has the simplest working criteria and being used everywhere. This cooking stove has a larger gas consumption capacity than any other type of gas stoves in UAE

  • Benefits of Standing pilot

They are one of the simple gas burners that you can use

It produces better flames.

Used everywhere in the world

It can be used in the long run because the built material is quite good.

You can use it to heat your house in December. 

Electronic Ignition This is another type of gas burner which have an automatic ignitor underneath. This is one of the best and newest additions to gas stove technology in the last 2 decades. Gas stove in UAE was usually started in the past by lighter or a matchbox but now you don’t need any of them. There is a built-in burner installed in every new Hitachi gas stove in Dubai. This is done by an automatic mechanism where a burner is triggered over by just rotating nod of the stove. You just need to rotate the dialer on your UAE gas stove and you will get initial flames. 

  • Benefits of the electric ignitor

You don’t need a lighter or matchbox to ignite the fire

You don’t have to maintain them as much; they have a maintenance-free feature.

This is the feature of gas stoves.

More energy savings and efficiency. 

Sealed Burner

This is a gas burner that uses the mechanism of the fused cooktop. This stove catches all spills that occur during cooking and very difficult to clean. But still, they are easy to maintain. 

  • Benefits of the Sealed burner

Sealed burners are very cheap to buy and you can get them anywhere. 

There is almost 60 percent of sealed burner gas stoves that have low maintenance than another stove. 

So, here is the gas stove type that you are going to buy in one of the markets. Usually, gas stoves in UAE are purchased through many online stores like plugnpointPlugnpoint is one of the Best Home Appliance stores in UAE where you can buy gas stoves at a cheap price

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