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Rinnai Gas Stove RTL-35K

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Rinnai Gas Stove RI-4RSP

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Hitachi Gas Tables mph21

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Gas Stove Prices in Emirates

Gas Stove Prices fluctuates in Dubai in different times but Stoves available to us these days in the market are of many different types and kinds. Similarly if you are about to buy, or are thinking of buying a new stove then there is a high chance that you will also came to known the latest models, different types and tons of features in kitchen stoves. So to help you choose and decide there are all the types and sorts of stoves available at here at plug n point. Plug n point brings you all the top models and genuine products from original makers. Genuine products offered here are at low and suitable prices. We also deliver all across the country i.e. UAE. You just have to purchase your favorites from plug n point and we will deliver it to your home via our fast delivery. Do not worry because we deliver the products safe and with no defect.


The basic two types of stoves are gas stove and electric stoves. While both have their benefits and drawbacks. There is no winner in this condition because the daily routine and your cooking habits determine what kind of stove you want and will prove to be the best for you. Below we are going to discuss and deliberate some of the pros and cons of each type of stove. You can read that and decide for yourself what kind of stove will prove to be the best and long lasting for you.


Gas Stoves burn flame and with the help of this flame you cook food. Turning the gas stove gives you constant flame. The knobs at the front can be turned in order to adjust the flame. The gas stoves usually work on natural gas which is cheaper than electricity. Top end models can stop the gas if there is no flame, safety. Because of the flame the utensil or container that food is in gets hot quickly. Thus gas stoves cook faster. Gas stoves are also cheap to buy and operate. As there are advantages there are cons too. If you do not have a gas line installed then it will cost you a lot to get a gas stove working. Some of the lower end models left the burner on if flame couldn’t burn.


Electric stoves have a flat top which is easier to clean and serves as an additional shelve when not in use. They are easy to operate and use. They are more stylish and add beauty and class to your kitchen. If you have a kitchen that is designed for electric stoves then it is beneficial for you. As it operates on electricity, so if there is a power shortage then there is nothing. Backup generators for home cannot even handle the draw. The glass top gets scratchy and dirty easily. If you drop something heavy it might also break. Electricity is more expensive than gas, so it might cost you more.