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Super Asia Bracket Fans Revolving Grill Air Cooling Noiseless LB14

Super Asia Bracket Fans Pure Cooper Wire 24 Inch Super Asia Mega

Super Asia Ceiling Fan SAVER 56

Super Asia Box Fan Exhaust Fan 12 Inch 300 mm Best Air Throw Plastic Permanent Lubricated EF-12

Super Asia Bracket Fan 18 Inch Noiseless Pure Copper Fans 3 Speed Button Best Air Throw Wire

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Super Asia Fans

Super Asia has all the fan types that you need, whether it be for your home, office, or another place. The best fan collection and we are offering you that best collection at cheap rates. Super Asia fans are the ones that will get the air to every corner of your room. Different types of fans are available there that you can choose from. Here is a little information about them.


Types and advantages of fans

First of all, we have ceiling fans. They are one of the most commonly used. As the name tells they hang off from the ceiling. These can move clockwise or anticlockwise and give cool and hot air. The most advanced ceiling fans also have a remote control system. They are easy to install and cheap. Tower fans have blades inside the body and thus are safe. They have different designs and colors. You can place these on a table or on the floor as you like. They are thin, lightweight, easily portable, and really low noise operant. However, they are not the most powerful and cleaning them is hard.

Table fans are for individual or personal use. These use very less electricity and are the cheapest ones. As they are also lightweight so carrying them around is easy, but the noise is loud on these. Box fans are fixed in the wall while the purpose is the same. They let fresh air in your room, but also the bad air and do not take up room space. They are also safe to use and easy to clean. There plenty of other fans that you can choose from plug n point. 

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