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Super General Microwave And Oven Grill Microwave Oven Touch Control Cooking Time 1000 Watts SGMM9262G

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Super General Microwave And Oven 23 Liter Multi Cooking Stage Touch Control Grill Function 1000 Watts SGMM926

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Who does not love food and who does not eat food? Time and time passed and microwaves and ovens became necessity of every home. In these modern days everyone is so busy, people don't have time; even to cook. This where microwaves and ovens come in. Or, should I say, this is where super general microwaves and ovens come in.


Super general is a leading name in house hold appliances especially kitchen electronics. When it comes to quality and price you can always rely on super general. With Plug and Point you can buy genuine and 100% original super general products like microwaves and ovens.


Super general is multinational brand satisfying millions and millions of customers globally with its miscellaneous range of electronic appliances. As super general says "quality is not always expensive" and our products offer "value for money".


So, do you have a grill, a microwave, and an oven, for different purposes? Are you still living in the ancient times? Most of the people are. But you don't have to, not anymore because super general microwaves are here.


This all purpose microwave oven could do all and super general is here to provide you that. Instead of buying short living separate electronics buy super general and make your life easier. And for the ones who are buying cheap brands, you aren't doing justice to yourself.


Super general is the tippy top brand in the electronics market. It is the top dog of this game. Super general provides you the oven with which you can bake, grill, toast, heat, and reheat. Ooh yeah you can clean these easily. These microwaves and ovens do not contaminate food and it is perfectly secure to eat foods that are cooked in Super general.


Super general provides you with all the top notch features and functionalities:



·         CAPACITY OF up to 17 Liters.

·         AUTO IGNITION.

·         FULL SAFETY.



·         THERMOSTAT.



Come shop with us, the finest microwaves and ovens with comfort where you don't have to worry about anything