Super General water dispensers & water cooler machine for home prices in UAE

Super General Water Dispensers Prices in Dubai 2021

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Super General Bottom Loading Water Dispenser SGL2020BM

  • AED 599

Super General 2 Taps Hot and Cold Water Dispenser SGL2171K

  • AED 599

Super General Water Dispenser SGL1131

  • AED 315

Super General Water Dispensers Prices in Dubai 2021

Super general water dispensers are the machines that provide you clean and fresh water. Having clean drinking water is a basic necessity and essential for everyone. Water dispensers for home are both useful and beneficial for every workplace and schools, colleges. Installing a water cooler by Super General is making sure of clean water availability all the times. If you want to install one in a school or college etc. buy these water coolers, these are a better option. Some water dispensers are connected with the water supply like water coolers and they filter the water while carrying it to the tap. Other hor & cold water dispensers require a bottle to be fit on the top. From the bottle, the water is then filtered and set according to the temperature.

Check out these water dispensers too. The control to set the temperature of water you want is available at the back of the dispenser. There are different water taps. You can have hot, cold and normal water all at the same time from just one bottle. The chilled water will break down and fulfill your thirst and hot water is enough to make tea and coffee. These super general water dispensers are free standing units that fulfill all your needs. You can have them at low rates here at plug n point.

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