Best table fan with awesome specifications Dubai Sharjah UAE 2021

Table Fans | Pedestal Fan Designs and Prices in UAE

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AED 427


Panasonic Desk Fan 3 Speed Easy Angle Adjustment F-400T

  • AED 427

Geepas Rechargeable Fan GF989

  • AED 275

Crownline Table Fan 3 Number of Speed 45 Watts Circulate Ample Air TF-216

  • AED 186

Midea Table Fan 4 Wind Speed Built-in Safety Switch 40 Watts KYT3015A

  • AED 152

Sonashi Rechargeable Fan 12" SRF612N

  • AED 149

Crown Line Table Fan Tilt And Oscillate Function Stable Round Base Stainless Steel FT30MC

  • AED 136

Nikai Table Fan Rotating Grill High Performance Copper Motor 60 min Timer NF755N1

  • AED 110

Nikai Table Fan 3 Speed Low-Medium-High Table Fan Wide Angle Horizontal Oscillation 65 Watts NTF1638

  • AED 107

Nikai Tablet Fans NTF1638T1

  • AED 99

Nikai Table Fan Speed Control 3 Min Timer 60 Whisper Quiet Durable Durable Self-Lubricating Motor NF755N

  • AED 94

Geepas Table Fan Auto Over Charge Protection AC/DC Dual Power 40 Watts GF9418

Elekta Rechargeable Desk Fan With Night Light 3 Speed ERF-D821

ClikOn Mini Table Fan With LED Lights Power Charging Indicator Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery CK2217

ClikOn Rechargeable Mini Table Fan Smooth Wave Air Flow Charging Indicator Light CK2216

Best table fan with awesome specifications Dubai Sharjah UAE 2021

Almost everyone has fanned at their home but then sometimes you want a personal one. The hot weather and dryness sometimes feel like the fan is not working. In that case, you would need a table fan that you can place near you and enjoy the air gently touching your face. The table fans are for personal use. They are for the time when you are sitting on the table and studying or working so you place a table fan near you so that you can work and be relaxed. If you are looking to buy some fans for either your home, office or some other use you should have a look at our fan collection. Here are some ceiling fans for you.


Benefits of table fans:

These table fans are lightweight, easy to carry where you want to place them, simple to operate and also they are cheap. Plug n point is offering you these standing fans at an incredibly low rate. Get the benefit of this offer and just buy the table fans you like. The table fans at plug n point give you an equal distribution of air. Also, have a glaze at the best air coolers that we have. They also have a rotation function with which you can cover more area. Set the speed of airflow according to your needs. Work as long as you want and forget the summer heat.

These are budget friendly fans. However, there is another option too which you can use for killing the heat. If you would like cold air and low temperature in your room while summers are at its peak. Then it is time for you to buy an air conditioner. The air conditioners are a good alternative for fans and they provide you with cool air. At the same time, there would be a significant rise in your electricity bills. The air conditioners consume a lot more electricity as compared to the fans especially table budget friendly fans

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