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TCL Split AC Rotary Compressor Intelligent Defrost TAC-18CS/KAP-ID

TCL Split AC Intelligent Defrost Fiberglass Filter TAC-18CS/KAP-OD

TCL Split AC Golden Fin Remote Control TAC-24CS-KAP-OD

TCL Split Ac Intelligent Defrost TAC-24CS-JCP-ID




TCL Split Air Conditioner 1-5 Ton Air Cool Electric Energy Used Independent De-Humidification TAC18CS/KA-OD

TCL Split Air Conditioner Golden Fin Filter Type Anti Dust Filter Copper Pipe Durable TAC-24CS-KAP-ID

TCL Split Air Conditioner 10-Hour Automatic Power Off Auto Restart With Remote TAC24CSAJCTB-OD



TCL Split AC Fiber Glass Filter LED Display TAC-12CSA/JCTB-ID

TCL Split AC 4 Air Flow Intelligent Defrost TAC-24CS-JCP-OD

Aircon by TCL | TCL air conditioners online sale in Dubai

TCL is a Chinese company and is really good at home appliances plus electronics. This Chinese multinational company headquarters is in Huizhou China. The most popular products of TCL include TVs, mini air conditioners, washing machines, along with many others. The company is rising because of the performance and reliability of their appliances. If you want to get an air conditioner then have a look at these TCL air conditioners you will be impressed. Here at plug n point, we have different types and sizes of refrigerators. All the products here are available at the best rates and are verified by our team.


Types and benefits of TCL ACs:

The first one we will discuss here is the free-standing air conditioners. They are free standing but have an outdoor unit and connect to it just like the split room air conditioners do. These do not need to be fixed at walls so you can make them stand where you like. The portability is really good this way. Then we have the split air conditioners. They are energy efficient and have to be fixed on a wall or something. You can let them sit on a table but the safe way is to fix a wall. They connect to the outdoor unit through pipes and for that, you need to have holes in the wall. The installation and uninstallation require professionals.

The simplest ones to install and uninstall are the window air conditioners. They do not have a separate outdoor and indoor unit. You can install them yourself too. The only disadvantage of these is that they are not energy efficient and will consume more electricity. But at the same time, they are also capable of cooling the room faster. The portable room ac are also very useful and they are meant for you if you do not want to make holes or even open the window for installation. The portable air conditioner will lie on the floor giving you the cool air. You just have to make sure the back of these portable air conditioners is faced outwards. The biggest benefits of these are you can take them from one room to the other if cooling is required there.

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