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AED 256


Bosch Compact Toaster 2 Slice With Frozen Bread Setting TAT6A913GB

  • AED 256

Bosch Compact Two Slice Toaster Integrated Warming Rack TAT6A114GB

  • AED 230

Bosch Compact Toaster 2 Slice With Thermostat Timer Defrost And Crisp Function TAT6101GB

  • AED 191

Black And Decker Toasters MBF70-B5

  • AED 129

Touchmate Toaster TMTS200

  • AED 86

Aftron 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Finish Light Indicator 850 Watts AFT225N

  • AED 75

Nikai Slice Toaster NBT540

  • AED 49

Hitachi Toaster Stainless Steel Reheating Function Defrost Reheat And Cancel Button 730 Watts HTOE20

  • AED 0

Hitachi Twin Pop Up Toaster Re-Heat and Cancel Buttons HTOE10

  • AED 0

Bosch Integrated Toaster Automatic Bread Centering TAT3A014GB

  • AED 0

Bosch 2 Slice Toaster Large Surface Heating Element TAT3A017GB

  • AED 0

Kenwood Compact 2 Slice Toaster Removable Crumb Tray Hi-Rise Bread Lift Illuminated Defrost TTM320

  • AED 0

Euron Toaster 2 Slice Capacity 1-7 Speed Brown Control Variable Temperature Options EUMFT

  • AED 0

Smeg Toaster with 2 Slice Capacity 6 Browning Levels TSF01RDUK

  • AED 0

Black and Decker Toaster 2 Slice Auto Shut Off 800 Watts ET122-B5

  • AED 0

ClikOn Bread Toaster 2 Slice 7 Setting Timer Defrost Function CK2408

  • AED 0

Palson Milan Toasters 30505

  • AED 0

Palson Toaster Breadcrumb Tray And Cord Tidy Immediate Stop Button Durable 1000 Watts 30410

  • AED 0

Palson Toaster Capacity 1 Slice Defrost And Cancel Function Cool Touch Casing 900 Watts 30479

  • AED 0

Optima Toaster 4 Slice Crumb Tray Metal Auto Pop Up 1300 Watts CT1600

  • AED 0

Best Quality Bread Toasters Cheap Toasters online Dubai UAE

Having a toaster gives you the opportunity to enjoy your breakfast with the best toasts. These toasters are best for all those who love to have quick breakfast and for those too who like toasts early in the morning. The basic and popular model is the two slice toaster. These were popular and still many us these. However, the latest models of toasters are the four slice toasters. They are new in the market and you can have a look at them here. Before you go further have a look at these Home Appliances too.

The best collection of home appliances and all the appliances that you would need are available here at low and the best possible rates. These toasters at plug n point feature auto shut off feature, selector and other features. These are very lightweight and portable. The built material is solid and built to last. Removing the toasts from these is also easy and the crumb tray is easy to clean and manage. Many of the models are cool to touch and have thick walls. These are designed to give you the best and fast toasts so that you can enjoy and be there on time.

Cheap and Good Toasters

The stylish looks and each to clean features will make you fall in love with these. Do not forget the durability and time that these will save you. Want to have a sandwich maker too? Check out the best Sandwich Makers that you can find. These are available at best and cheap rates here. Buy these and all other items that you like before they are out of stock. Bread toasters are the best item for your breakfast. When it comes to easiness and relaxation, toaster goes hand in hand with The Kettle. Plug n Point presents you with an exclusive collection of highly efficient toasters to minimize your kitchen load. Buy Electric Toaster at best possible prices available in Sharjah UAE.

Have no time to stand in front of the stove to make something to eat but feeling hungry enough to die? Plugin a Bread toaster, pick up bread and put it into the toaster. Complete your other works side by side, the slices will come out as soon as they would be toasted. Satisfy your hunger effortlessly. You can also reheat the leftover food, prepare yummy snacks like tortilla chips, bacon sandwich and garlic bread in our toaster. Cheap Toasters online can be found easily at our website and can buy by a single click.

You can watch High Quality Toasters of renowned brands like Russell Hobbs, Bosch, Black & Decker, Saachi, Sanford, Morphy Richards, Philips, Electrolux, Kenwood, Crownline and many more. Each toaster has different capacity and lies in different price ranges. Irrespective of the variation in style, capacity, and cost all the toasters are produced to give maximum output with the energy efficiencyRead More