Top Mount Refrigerators Offers on Latest Models in UAE

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AED 5564


Whirlpool Top Mount Refrigerator 257 Liters Double Door WTM362RSL

  • AED 1285

West Point Top Mount Refrigerator 250 Liters No Frost WNMN-2516ER

  • AED 1121

West Point Top Mount Refrigerator 250 Liters Fresh Zone WNMN-2516ERI

  • AED 1121

Toshiba Top Mount Refrigerator 740 Liter Double Door Inverter Refrigerator LED Touch GRWG77UDGG

  • AED 0

Toshiba Top Mount Refrigerator 740 Liter Double Door Inverter Refrigerator Glass Shelves GRW77UDC

  • AED 0

Toshiba Top Mount Refrigerator 740 Liter Double Door Inverter LED Hybrid Deodorizer GRW77UDS

  • AED 2523

Toshiba Top Mount Refrigerator 500 Liter 2 Door Inverter Hybrid Bio Deodorizer GRT565(LS)

  • AED 2202

Thomson Top Mount Refrigerator 550 Liters Double Door TNF550

  • AED 1868

Thomson Top Mount Refrigerator 500 Liters Double Door TNF500

  • AED 1566

Thomson Top Mount Refrigerator 420 Liters Double Door TNF420

  • AED 0

Terim Top Mount Refrigerator 720 Liters Glass Shelves Stainless Steel Finish Mechanical Temperature Control TERR720SS

  • AED 3815

Terim Top Mount Refrigerator 600 Liters Glass Shelves Stainless Steel Finish 1630 Watts TERR600SS

  • AED 2567

Terim Top Mount Refrigerator 520 Liter Stainless Steel Interior LED Light Glass Shelves TERR520SS

  • AED 2318

Terim Top Mount Refrigerator 320 Liters Silver Mechanical Temperature Control Recces Handle Ice Maker TERR320SS

  • AED 1317

Terim Top Mount Refrigerator 300 Litres Mechanical Temperature Control Lock And Key TERR300S

  • AED 0

Super General Top Mount Refrigerators High Cooling System Lock And Key Corded SGR 175H

  • AED 0

SMEG Top Mount Refrigerator Single Door 2 Adjustable Shelves Automatic Defrostice Compartment FAB10RO

  • AED 0

Siemens Top Mount Refrigerator 507 Liters Super Cool Function Automatic Deactivation LED Interior Light KD56NVI20M

  • AED 0

Siemens Top Mount Refrigerator 401 Liters LED Interior Light Multi Airflow System Crisper Box 322 Watts kWh/yr KD46NVI20M

  • AED 0

Samsung Top Mount Refrigerators 588 Liter 5 Conversion Modes on Demand Double Doors RT81K7010WW

  • AED 0

Best Top Mount Fridge | Freezers Prices Sharjah UAE 2020

Best top mount refrigerators are the most common type of fridge with a freezer section on top and a refrigerator at the bottom. These types of refrigerators are the cheapest and energy efficient among the rest of all the refrigerator types. The small freezer compartment of top mount refrigerator covers 1/3rd of the total fridge. These traditional refrigerators and economical and budget-friendly which consume less amount of energy as compared to others. They come in a wide range from 200 liters to 520 liters, depending upon various sizes and brands. Modem top mount fridges also contain features such as water and ice dispenser in them. These refrigerators are a good choice for compact kitchens. Have a look at all the Refrigerator types and then choose the one you like most.

If you wish to go for some other types of the refrigerator this time but still wish to have the energy efficient and low price tag then you should buy these Bottom Mount Refrigerator. The bottom mount refrigerator is just like the top mount but with better design and freezer at the bottom. This type of refrigerator is you use the freezer more than the refrigerator compartment. Watch different top mount refrigerators in the latest collection that we have here for you and put your ideal in the cart. Plug n point provides all home appliances at cheapest rates in UAE. If you wish you could also check out some side by side refrigerators, they are also good and beautiful.

Pros and cons of Top Mount Refrigerators:

The first and foremost benefit of these Small Refrigerators is the cheap price. Additionally, plug n point is offering you these Latest Small Fridges at an economical cost. After the price, these also have the most usable space and overall more space available for you. Top mount fridges are also energy efficient. The latest models are expected to save up to 20 percent of your electricity bills just because of these top freezer refrigerator. If you wish to keep the fridge for a long time then it would need repair and maintenance after some years. The repair and maintenance cost of these is also cheap. Reaching items in these is also easy. However, if you still have some problem then you can adjust the shelves. The only downside of these refrigerators is a simple and dull style.