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AED 35
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Irak Plastik 120 Liter Trash Bin Home Design 2 Big Wheels CK-404

  • AED 297

Irak Plastik 45 Liter Trash Bins Stella Trashcan Paddle Open Lid Home And Outside Design CK-915

  • AED 125

Irak Plastik 30 Liter Trash Bins Bella Trashcan Nr-3 Paddle Open Lid Fine Plastic CK-810

  • AED 93

Irak Plastik 19 Liter Bella Trashcan Nr-2 Home Design CK-805

  • AED 71

Irak Plastik Trash Bin 26 Liter Sempati Trashcan Nr-4 Movable Lid Use For Wastage CK-115

  • AED 59

Irak Plastik Trash Bin 18 Liter Sempati Trashcan Nr-3 Movable Lid Use For Wastage CK-110

  • AED 56

Irak Plastik 12 Liter Bella Trashcan Nr-1 Home Design CK-800

  • AED 56

Irak Plastik Trash Bins 11-25 Liter Sempati Trashcan Nr-1 Movable Lid Movable Top Lid CK-105

  • AED 43

Irak Plastik Trash Bins 5-5 Liter Sempati Trashcan Nr-1 Movable Lid Movable Top Lid CK-100

  • AED 35

Trash Bins of Best Quality Best Buy in all over the UAE

If you want to buy the best quality trash bins and have them delivered to your home, then this is the right place you have come to. Plug n point is offering you many facilities and offers to choose from. We have a huge collection and a range of best quality trash bins. Have a look at these and choose the best among them. Just check out these more items from the Bedding and Bath. You might need some of many of these things in your room and bath. Trash bins are also known as dustbins or trash cans.

You should choose a trash bin wisely and the one that goes with the theme of your room. This is an important thing because that will be in front of you all the time. When you have to use and see something all day and every day that does not suits your needs that things start to annoy you. The first things to consider is the size. See which size is better for you. Do not go for the biggest or smallest size. Nowadays there are many choices available. So, see which type and kind of trash bin you are looking for.

These Dustbins are solid and durable. Washing and cleaning are very easy. Those that have a top lid trash bin save you from looking into the bin along with keeping all the smell inside it. There are many other types too and see which one is the best fit for you. The swing top trash bin has to become popular these days. However, these are not very good for throwing the large thing in it.

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