Travel Shavers with Latest Models Buy in Emirates 2021, Best Portable Electric Razor

Latest Model Electric Travel Shavers 2021 in Dubai

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Panasonic 5-Blade Self-Cleaning Shaver, Plugnpoint

Panasonic 5-Blade Self-Cleaning Shaver ESLV9Q

  • AED 1469

Panasonic Shaver Lithium-Ion Battery ES-LV6N

  • AED 1344

Panasonic Shaver Blade Angle 30 Degree ES-LT4N

  • AED 1082
Panasonic Multi-Flex 3D Head Shaver, Plugnpoint

Panasonic Multi-Flex 3D Head Shaver ESLT4N

  • AED 839

Panasonic Shaver For Men Adjustable Pivot Action Head Shaving Sensor Cordless Integral Trimmer ES-ST25

  • AED 482

Braun Shaver For Men Wet and Dry Cordless Swivel Head WF2S

  • AED 448

Panasonic Shaver ER-GB75

  • AED 428
Panasonic Electric Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver ESST25

  • AED 366

Panasonic Shaver For Men Washable Blade and Foil Inner Blade System Triple-Blade ES-RT30

  • AED 309

Braun Wet & Dry Shaver 3040s

  • AED 296

Braun Shaver For Men 5 Min Quick Charge Free Control Float Shaving System Face Comfortable And Clean Shaven BR-150

  • AED 233

Braun Foil Shaver For Men Rechargeable Series 3 Wet and Dry 310S

  • AED 231
Braun Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Braun Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver 310BT

  • AED 225

Panasonic Shaver For Men 3-Blade Cutting System Rechargeable Shaver Floating Triple Head ESRT30

  • AED 217

Panasonic Shaver For Men 12 Cutting Length 1 Speed Setting ER2051

  • AED 205

Panasonic Shaver For Men Electric Floating Double Head Shaver And Trimmer For Men Pop-Up Trimmer ES4033

  • AED 203

Panasonic Body Shaver Two In One Wet and Dry for Men ES2265

  • AED 198

Panasonic Shaver For Men 12 Cutting Length Easy Adjustment 12 Cutting Lengths 8 Hours Rechargeable ER2031

  • AED 185

Philips Shaver For Men Body Groom Shaver Foil With Two Pre-Trimmers Water Proof BG2024

  • AED 169

Philips Shaver For Men Anti Slip Coating Rechargeable Battery Ergonomic Grip Max Power 2 Watt AT610

  • AED 168

Panasonic Shaver For Men Wet And Dry Smooth Clean Shave Charging Indicator Slide-Up Trimmer ESSA40K

  • AED 165

Panasonic Shaver ESSA40

  • AED 156

Moser Shaver For Men Rechargeable One Trimming Head Protective Lid And Soft Touch Case 3615-0052

  • AED 89

Panasonic Shaver Floating Blade ES3831

  • AED 72

Braun Shaver For Men Washable Rechargeable Trim To 4 length LED Charging Indicator CRUZER-5 Body

Geepas Shaver GSR110N

Hitachi Personal Care of Men's Shaver Washable BMS1000

Mr Plus Shaver for Men 3 Blade Water Proof Wet and Dry MR-SH6016

Mr Plus Water Proof 3D Double Individual Floating Reciprocating Shaver MR-SH6015

Philips Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with Dual Blades Rechargeable Ergonomically Designed AT890

Philips Beard Trimmer Waterproof Shaver Dual Sided Trimmer Foldable Stand QS6161/32

Panasonic Blade Shaver Motor Speed 1400 cpm ES-LV9N

Panasonic Shaver For Men Flexible Pivoting Head Adjustable Trimming Foil System ES-RT47

Panasonic Shaver For Men Ultra Thin ARC Foil System Wet And Dry Motor Speed 10,000 RPM ES-RT37

Panasonic Shaver For Men 3-Blade Cutting System Wet And Dry LED Light Indicator Linear Motor ES-GA20

Panasonic Electric Razor ES-SL41-S

Travel Shavers with Latest Models Buy in Emirates 2021

Latest electric travel shavers are the electric shavers. There are two types of shaver electric and manual shavers. Here you can find all the best travel shavers and buy travel shavers at cheap rates and get them delivered to your home. With our fast home delivery service, you will get all the Items that you ordered at your door in no time. Also, have a look at these Trimmers. These are used to trim and give shape to your hair. The electric razors are better at shaving and this way is faster.

You do not get any cuts. The hair is removed faster. Because of the way they cut the hair you do not have to go over the same place again and again because there is still some hair left. The cut is clean precise and smooth within no time. These are named travel shavers because of the fact they can be used while you are traveling. Because they are battery operated travel shavers you can charge them and get them in the bag. Because of the lightweight, they are very easy to carry and do shave with.

The battery of these travel shavers lasts for several shaves in the single complete charge. They can be used anywhere. The latest electric razors do not need special care just when you an make sure that all the hair form these are removed. Many of the shavers and latest models offer you to use them even in water. Meaning you can shave while you are taking a bath. Go check out these Hair Clippers too.

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