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Wahl Trimmer For Men Storage Stand Soft Storage Shaving Head Rechargeable Cleaning Brush 9918

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Buy Wahl electric clippers in Sharjah at best rates 2019

Wahl is also known as Wahl Clipper Corporation started its journey with the invention of the first practical electric clipper in the year 1919. To this date, its wings have been spread in every region and country there is. With more than 1500 employees and many retailers, they proudly present their innovations and products to you. Here at plug n point, we have all the items and products that you will be needing from Wahl. The founder of Wahl is Leo J. Wahl clipper, company headquarter is in Sterling in the USA.

The six big and international manufacturing plants this company is successfully selling its thousands of products in about 165 countries. The international standards and quality of these self-grooming products are well known. Efficient clippers and shavers are designed and built in such a way that they will give you ultimate comfort with the look that you want. Forget rashes, rusty machines, and battery dying too soon and taking too long to charge. In the beginning, it all started when Leo designed a vibrating massager for his uncle. And later he realized that the barber tools need to be modified. Then the first practical electric motor was in their hands.

In the year 1920, they sold more than 1000 units of their electric clippers. The goal was always to present such instruments and appliances that would be better and reliable. One year later he received patients on the company Wahl and purchased 100% of Wahl Manufacturing and renamed it to Wahl Clippers Corporation. The achievement except for the first electric clipper by Wahl made by them is the innovation of an electric razor that had the flexible razor. Rotatory clipper, shaver, and first ever battery operated clippers are all due to Wahl. They are continuously improving its previous products and thriving to make the new ones better. Buy the best shavers, clippers and all other personal grooming products from Wahl.