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Washer Dryers Combo Sale 2021

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AED 7149


White Westinghouse Washer Dryer 15 Kg Front Load MKTG15GNAWB

  • AED 7149

Mabe Washing Machine with Dryer MCL1540EE

  • AED 5800

LG Front Load Washer & Dryer 20 kg/12 kg F20L2CRV2E2

  • AED 5775

Bosch Washer and Dryers 8 Kg Washer 5 Kg Dryer Capacity Front Load Type WVG3046SGC

  • AED 5116

Bosch 8 Kg Automatic Washer 5 Kg Dryer Front Load With Digital Display Adjustable Spin Speed WVG30460GC

  • AED 4526

LG Front Load Washer And Dryer F4V5RGP2T

  • AED 3899

LG Washer Dryers 8 Kg Wash and 5 Kg Dry Washing Machine 1400 RPM Stone Silver F4J7THP8S

  • AED 3149

LG Washer Dryer Digital Display Full Tank Indicator Anti-Crease Program RC9066C3F

  • AED 3096

LG Washer Dryers 8 Kg Wash and 5 Kg Dry 1400 RPM With LED Touch Control F4J6TMP8S

  • AED 2991

Samsung Washer and Dryer Front Load Washer Dryer Digital Inverter Motor Bubble Technology WD70K5410OW

  • AED 2955

LG Washer Dryer Touch LED Display Inverter Technology Two-way Tumbling RC9066A3F

  • AED 2897

LG 8kg Washer And 5kg Dryer FH4G6TDG6

  • AED 2799

Panasonic 10KG Washer And 7KG Dryer NA-S107M2WAE

  • AED 2599

Bosch Washer Dryer WTE84106GC

  • AED 2497

LG Washer Dryer Inverter Compressor Water Tank Sterilisation Sensor Dry RC8066CF

  • AED 2414

Samsung Washer And Dryer WD80J5410AS

  • AED 2399

LG Front Load 6 Kg Washer and 4 Kg Dryer Digital Display F2J6NMP8S

  • AED 2309

Panasonic Fully Automatic Washer and Dryer Washer Capacity 8 kg Dryer Capacity 4 kg NAS085M1

  • AED 2199

Vestel Washer And Dryer D914GDS

  • AED 1899

Samsung 7 kg Washer & 5kg Dryer WD70J5410AW

  • AED 1899

Washer Dryers Combo Sale 2021

Stackable Washing machine with dryer available at our shop in UAE. While shopping for laundry appliances, the first thing to consider is whether you need to buy a separate washing machine and dryer or a Combination of Washer and Dryer. The dryer machine combo contains both washing machine and a dryer in a single body/cabinet. They are usually sized same as the washing machine and offers a full range of functions which the stand alone washer and dryer contains. These are complex machines which cost higher, but not significantly more than the combined cost of separate dryer and washer. This combined machine saves the space, time and effort. It relaxes you by minimizing the manual interference, i.e., you don’t have to separately put wet clothes in a dryer to squeeze the water. Plugnpoint have cluster best stackable washer dryer of all brands just at one place.

We offer deals and discount on all Appliances in all over the UAE.

Washer Dryers Combo


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