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Water Coolers | Water Cooler Dispenser Prices 2021

Browse our online store for water coolers, We have different types of coolers available like room water cooler, office water cooler at economical water cooler prices in Sharjah Abu Dhabi

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AED 2550


Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 338 Liters 5 Taps Stainless Steel Body Versatility And Efficiency NW-15009

  • AED 2550

Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 100 Gallons 5 Taps Safety Locks Out Control NW-10008

  • AED 1850

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 85 Gallons 4 Taps NW-850007

  • AED 1650

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 65 Gallons 3 Taps NW65000

  • AED 1300

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 65 Gallons 3 Taps NW-65000

  • AED 1190

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 45 Gallons 3 Taps NW-45005

  • AED 1100

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 35 Gallons 2 Taps NW-35004

  • AED 1050

Kodama Stainless Steel Water Cooler 25 Gallons 2 Taps NW-25002

  • AED 975

Kodama Water Cooler Stainless Steel 420 Liters 5 Taps Chilled Water Coil Low Water Level NW-25000

Water Coolers | Water Cooler Dispenser Prices 2021

Water coolers are the conventional way of cooling water in large and huge capacity. These water coolers operate at low noise. There are lots of models and items to choose from here. Just come to plug n point and have a look at these top of the line water coolers. These water coolers dispensers are the best and offered to you at low and economical prices. Come to plug n point if you are looking for cheap and reliable shopping. All the items here are offered at low rates and are completely verified.

Water Coolers and other Home Appliances:

Have a look at some more Home Appliances here. Set your home and get all the items at your house. Appliances might not be necessary for you but these sure make your home glow and enhance its beauty. The water is important and these dispenser water coolers are a good choice for the place that has lots of users. Mostly these water coolers are used in schools, colleges and other like places. The cooling system in these is efficient and it can reach low levels of temperature.

Cooling water this way and drinking from these water coolers is hygienic. Of course, you have to maintain these and clean after time to time. Cleanliness is very important. You can easily carry them from one place to the other. Obviously not as easy as the water dispensers. As these are operated on electricity, so, just make sure that there is an electric power source nearby. If you are not sure and want to have more options then you can have a look at these Water Dispensers too.

Water Cooler Dispenser

Benefits of having Water Coolers:

Water Cooler Dubai is compulsory for room and offices, Add functionality to your life by buying your favorite office water cooler at PlugnPoint. We offer a vast collection of room water bottle dispenser from various brands. They are available in a different capacity, size, and style. Whether you are looking for your kitchen, dining room, or garden, just browse through the shelf and buy your ideal water cooler at less price.

New water bottle coolers are the same in functionality as water dispenser with the difference of the bottle and direct water supply. Where water dispensers use bottled water to chill the water, their water coolers save the extra cost of purchasing water bottles. They use a direct water connection to satisfy your need for cold water. At PlugnPoint you can explore water coolers with the varying number of taps. Some may have one tap, while others may contain, two, three five or more taps. These water taps may also provide hot and ambient water based on your selected product. Browse through the category and check different water coolers. Must read their specification and add that to your cart which meets your requirements. PlugnPoint is an online retail store, which provides easy access to home appliances across the UAE.


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